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The Nowhere Stone

by Steve Kaide

Lucas Haskin’s upbringing was anything but normal. Raised in a secluded valley with only his father for company, he was unable to experience the outside world. For 16 years, the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains were the only home he’d ever known. Lucas didn’t understand why they were hidden away, but he trusted that his father was keeping them safe. It was a happy, albeit lonely, life.

Until everything changed. Lucas was torn from his sheltered life and thrust into a dangerous world, far different from that which he expected. A mysterious artifact known as the Nowhere Stone seems to defy the laws of nature, and a powerful corporation called SentiCorp seeks to unlock its power.

Lucas has finally been introduced to humanity, and it’s every bit as terrifying as he thought it would be.

H. G. Wells: The Complete Novels – The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Island of Doctor Moreau, When The Sleeper Wakes, A Modern Utopia and much moreâ?¦

by H. G. Wells

Herbert George “H. G.” Wells (1866 – 1946) was an English writer.
He was prolific in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, social commentary, and textbooks and rules for war games. Wells is now best remembered for his science fiction novels and is called a “father of science fiction”, along with Jules Verne and Hugo Gernsback. His most notable science fiction works include The Time Machine (1895), The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896), The Invisible Man (1897), and The War of the Worlds (1898). He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in
Literature four times.

Here you will find all his novels in the chronological order of their original publication.

– The Time Machine
– The Wonderful Visit
– The Island of Doctor Moreau
– The Wheels of Chance
– The Invisible Man
– The War of the Worlds
– Love and Mr Lewisham
– The First Men in the Moon
– The Sea Lady
– The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth
– Kipps
– A Modern Utopia
– In the Days of the Comet
– The War in the Air
– Tono-Bungay
– Ann Veronica
– The History of Mr. Polly
– The Sleeper Awakes
– The New Machiavelli
– Marriage
– The Passionate Friends
– The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman
– The World Set Free
– Bealby: A Holiday
– Boon
– The Research Magnificent
– Mr. Britling Sees It Through
– The Soul of a Bishop
– Joan and Peter: The Story of an Education
– The Undying Fire
– The Secret Places of the Heart
– Men Like Gods
– The Dream
– Christina Alberta’s Father
– The World of William Clissold
– Meanwhile
– Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
– The Autocracy of Mr. Parham
– The Bulpington of Blup
– The Shape of Things to Come
– The Croquet Player
– Brynhild
– Star Begotten
– The Camford Visitation
– Apropos of Dolores
– The Brothers
– The Holy Terror
– Babes in the Darkling Wood
– You Can’t Be Too Careful

Miracle Saga Volume 0: Part 1

by Sergiu Lazin

Miracle Saga – more fiction than science, follows the evolution of humanity through ages of technology bordering on the realm of legend and mythology.
With immortality within their grasp through the transference of the human spirit in digital form, with the ability to create new intelligent life nearly achieved and with the power to harness and channel the energy that binds all matter together, mankind is on the threshold of becoming a new universal force of creation.
But the Universe, a perfect agent of equilibrium sets its own wheels in motion through The Celestial Orb, a rogue planet on a wide orbit destined to cross paths with mankind’s home-world.
With the promise of eternity on one side and the threat of extinction on the other, this is the story of mankind’s greatest leap, told through the perspective of those destined to make the final push.

Eon Song, deaf-mute Royal Princess and future heir to an empire that spans half the globe has her life scheduled from birth to beatification. And yet, in between the control and coordination of her every action and every thought, she will have her own journey, shrouded in secrecy and silence, a journey that will take her through the many layers of her sumptuous sovereign existence, to the ugly, truthful core of her reality. To hear the final cry of her dying world. To become the voice of salvation for her people.

Jarad and Ardan Levitan, brothers raised off the grid in a tiny village surrounded by forest know nothing about their lives. Trapped in a daily routine of chores, education and physical training, a looping bubble too small for their ambitions, with a secretive father and a mother they don’t remember, the only things that intrigue the siblings are the three mysterious towers at the edge of the forest. Once the oldest brother disappears without explanation, the bubble bursts and both their lives are thrust in upward spirals through which they will discover worlds beyond imagination and uncover the truth about their exile.

As the two worlds gravitate closer to one another, so the fates of these individuals become inter-connected and each one of them, individually and combined will play their part in deciding the direction of mankind’s greatest leap.
Will they vanish or ascend?

Election 2064: Book One

by Scott McDermott

America, what will we become?

Winner of the 2017 IndieReader Discovery Award for best Science Fiction Novel and a Readers’ Favorite Book Award recipient.

“History doesn’t repeat itself. It outdoes itself.”
– Acton Granger, 54th President of the United States

Nearly five decades from now, America is finding its legs again after years of bitter conflict. Civ-2, as the Second Civil War came to be known, turned the nation’s cities into battlefields and took millions of lives. Early in the 2060 campaign, Reformation League candidate Acton Granger made an unprecedented concession – he would forego a running mate and offer the vice presidency to his chief rival, whomever that may become. It was a gesture of unity that rocketed Granger to victory. Still stinging from defeat, the Conservative League’s Elijah Schroeder chose to swallow his pride and accept Granger’s offer, alienating his own supporters and political allies in the process.

Now two years into their fragile partnership, the 2064 campaign looms, and Elijah learns his selection was more complicated than the call for healing he and the country were led to believe. He must decide whether to continue toiling as a false symbol of harmony, or turn against the man who is now his boss and leader of the free world.

Meanwhile, other national figures emerge with their own designs on the election, from the Freedom League’s rebellious darling Shelby Monroe to the Progressive League’s technology mogul Ben Allen, who could become the country’s first gay president.

As each contender charts their strategies and the barnstorming begins, a terrorist attack – orchestrated by a new, horrifying weapon – rocks the nation and turns all of their campaigns upside-down.

That is, all of them but one.

This is the first volume in the Election 2064 series.

hypnoSnatch (Xeno Relations Book 2)

by Trisha McNary

Is it love, or is it alien abduction? Things keep getting weirder when young human Antaska travels in outer space with an alien and her psychic cat. Mischievous but evil part-reptile humanoids team up with Antaska’s nemesis, a genetically enhanced fitness instructor, to take revenge on her to the ends of the universe. Her unexpected alien abduction spoils their plans. The first chapters of Alien Pets and Bonded in Space are included in this version.
Alien Pets – One million years in the future, Antaska and her psychic cat are adopted as pets by a gigantic alien. Traveling in outer space, she becomes telepathic in a world where that’s dangerous, and she gets into a love triangle that’s even more dangerous. Her cat tries to tell Antaska what she’s doing wrong, but will she listen?
Bonded in Space – Strange things happen when a crazy alien can’t get you out of his mind. Just out of space school, Pweet can’t wait to take off from Earth. But she runs into problems with the giant aliens who take Earthlings into space. Marroo the slave hunter wants to forget about Antaska. So he comes up with the perfect plan. He’ll kidnap another Earth female, experience her love, and then move on. But it’s not working out like he expected. Now he’s got feisty, high-maintenance Pweet on his hands. Antaska wants to forget about Marroo too, but can she? Two more psychic cats show up to adopt humanoids and read their minds when they feel like it.

INVADERS La invasión ha comenzado (Spanish Edition)

by Francisco Angulo de Lafuente

Quería escribir una novela al estilo de las fantásticas historias que aparecían en esas antiguas revistas americanas para frikis: Amazing Stories, Science Fiction, Infinity, etc… Una novela sin pretensiones, con el único fin de entretener y por supuesto con la idea de divertirme durante el proceso de creación. Con la que está cayendo y con todos los medios ocupados hablándonos de la crisis, he pensado que con algo nos tendremos que divertir, al menos por ahora leer y escribir es gratis…


Si es usted una de esas personas que lee un libro una vez al año esperando que le cambie la vida: No lea este libro, para eso está la Biblia, el Corán o los Mantras Budistas.

Si su vecino ya ha sido abducido por los extraterrestres y busca en esta novela una guía práctica para luchar contra ellos: Deje de ver Cuarto Milenio.

Si piensa que Belén Esteban es la líder de una raza alienígena que planea apoderarse de la tierra: ¡Está usted en lo cierto! Durante años ha utilizado los medios televisivos para lobotomizar a los espectadores, anulando su voluntad…

Si su psiquiatra le suministra un sinfín de pastillas y le autoriza el uso de marihuana para tratar la depresión: ¡Ese no es su psiquiatra, es el camello de la esquina!

Esta novela no está basada en hechos reales.
No crea ni una palabra de lo que lea a continuación.

The Fermi Paradox

by Brandon Overall

“The Fermi Paradox” is a standalone story set in the same universe as Brandon Overall’s first book, “Superhuman Nature”. The story takes place after events of the first book, but follows the tale of a completely new cast of characters. Reading the first book is not necessary in order to fully enjoy this one!

Alan Turner is an experienced combat veteran of the Second Korean War. He wants only to spend his remaining days secluded in an Alaskan cabin, far away from reminders of his past. His peace and quiet come to an end when the planet is struck by an electromagnetic pulse and an alien spaceship is knocked out of the sky not far from his home.

Alan races to the crash site to investigate and stumbles across the first known alien lifeform, marking humanity’s first contact with alien life. However, he’s not the only one interested in this downed ship.

A covert government organization known only as the Administration also rushes to investigate the site of the crash. They have been tracking the activity of this alien race across thousands of years of human history. They are driven to understand the intentions of these uninvited visitors and, if necessary, eliminate the threat.

Alan quickly discovers that even though this stranded alien pilot has remarkable abilities, it can’t accomplish its mission without Alan’s help. Alan is forced to make an important decision: does he turn over this extraterrestrial lifeform to the Administration, or risk his own life to protect it?

As events unfold, the true nature of this alien race comes to light, and the truth that is revealed is more terrible than anyone could have imagined. A horrifying fate awaits the human race, and their only chance of survival hinges on whether or not they are willing to trust the words of this mysterious alien.

Adam 0532

by Nick Frampton

In the future of the Heights the greatest sign of wealth is showing you can buy a man; bring him to his knees day after day and still have him return for more.

Adam is caught between worlds, a daily migrant between the overcrowded poverty of the Zone and the wide tree-lined streets of the Heights where he works.
To the Fairwater’s he is just another labourer, indistinguishable and disposable. But to Adam the memory of Ella Fairwater is the one thing he’s holding on to in the hope that she’ll remember a man who wasn’t always for sale.

Adam 0532 is a dystopian short story of around 9000 words and includes a sample of the fantasy novel The River.

Contains strong language.

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