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Mountain Man Skills: Proven Lessons of Hunting, Woodworking and Trapping

by Edward Bowman

Mountain Man Skills:

Proven Lessons of Hunting, Woodworking and Trapping

The mountains are a magical kind of place and can bring out the true wild man in all of us. This book, along with teaching fundamentals of survival, focusses on three main areas of mountain man expertiseâ??hunting, woodworking, and trapping. Here you will learn how you can hunt and fish, build complex structures with your bare hands, and lay out ingenious traps. These are well thought out and proven lessons taken straight from the mountains. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get this book so you can hone those mountain man skills!

In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Hunt animals
  • Forage for food
  • Forage for food
  • Make traps
  • And more!

Mushroom Foraging: Easy And Effective Lessons How to Forage Edible Mushrooms

by Baldric Greer

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Mushroom Foraging: Easy And Effective Lessons How to Forage Edible Mushrooms

Fall is here again, and one of the most fun activities you can do this time of year is head out to the hills and gather edible mushrooms.

There are so many recipes available to cook up these delicious little gems, and few things are better than a dish created with wild caught mushroom species. But, you have to be careful. For as many delicious mushrooms as there are out there, there are also poisonous ones that you have to be careful of.

I want you to have fun with your mushroom foraging, and I want you to rest assured knowing the mushrooms you gather are safe and able to be used. That is why I have put together this book, showing you all of the tips and trick of the trade so you can get out there and enjoy your own mushroom foraging with your friends and family.

You don’t have to have prior experience, and you don’t have to know a lot about foraging or how to find the best mushroom places, all you have to do is be ready to get out there and have some fun and use the tips you find in this book, and you are set!

So if you’re ready to indulge in the wonderful wild world of mushroom foraging, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started!

  • Learn the tips and tricks you need to forage for all kinds of edible mushrooms
  • Learn how to find the edible mushrooms and identify the poisonous varieties
  • Have fun while you look in prime mushroom country
  • Discover places you never knew had mushrooms
  • And more!

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Survival Projects: Basic Needs, Getting Food, Self Protection: (Survival Guide, Survival Gear)

by Greg Rogers

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Survival Projects: Basic Needs, Getting Food, Self Protection

Welcome to Projects for Survival, a DIY book designed to help you assess what you need to take care of immediately. This book is about recognizing the situation that you are in, distinguishing what you want from what you need, and the find the tools around you to get what you need.

In the first chapter, we will cover how to assess your situation properly such as:

  • Should you seek out water or try to deal with an infected wound?
  • Is seeking out food more important than seeking out shelter?
  • Should you always protect yourself and are there situations where not protecting yourself can lead to greater forms of protection for yourself?

The next few chapters go over the most basic to the advanced ways of filtering water and achieving fire. Additionally, we go over the types of meats you should avoid or hunt and how to tell when they are cooked. Inside of these we also talk about the likelihood of parasitic infection given a certain course of action. Since you need food and water, the most prominent threat you will have is having to deal with the things you can’t see rather than the things you can. In a survival situation, this becomes more of an issue than ever when in a city environment where a disaster has just happened.

Finally, in the last chapter we will go over several methods of protecting yourself. In this section, we’ll cover:

  • The primary weapons that you can make regardless of the materials that you use.
  • Creating more experimental weapons on the go, such as using an exploding car.
  • Some scenarios where being without a weapon can be a good thing.

This book does much more than just provide you with some projects you can do. It focuses on what you will need to survive and gives you the advice that might just save your life.

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Rewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your Mindset

by Keshav Sharma

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Have you ever wished to TRANSFORM your life and be the one you always wanted to be?
Have you ever wondered how to LEAD YOURSELF through challenges, pain and misery of life?
Have you ever struggled with Managing your Time?

Do you know IT’S POSSIBLE to Rewire Yourself for Massive Success?

Here’s your CHANCE to discover how you can do so.

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“This book is a user MANUAL for SUCCESS as it not only talks about the facts which we think we all know usually, but it provides you the aid, the BLUEPRINT of how to eradicate the limiting patterns and REWIRE the thought process of yours in order to have success or I must quote it as MASSIVE SUCCESS!!!”
~Manish Dwivedi, Life Transformation Catalyst | Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of “Are You Willing To Succeed? Yes or Yes!”

“Simple but SUPER POWERFUL. One of the easiest yet EFFECTIVE Self-Help Book”
~Pratham Wadhwa, Mediocrity Crusher | Success Strategist | Keynote Speaker | Business Coach

“Rewire for Massive Success is an excellent effort by the author, simply written, engaging, anecdotal and THOUGHT PROVOKING to remind us that it is about keep moving, keep learning and keep achieving.”
~From the foreword by Kavita Gupta, Director & Founder, Saizen Global Insights & Consulting


An ideal guide to be the one you always dream of by altering small things in your life. It is not a ‘Feel Good Motivational’ book. Here, you’ll find some of the greatest lessons of life which will compel you to break your stereotypes & rewire yourself for massive success.

“Goal Setting without preparing YOU and Time-Management without knowing Your Biggest WHY is all Bullshit”

It’s a well-structured program based on Time-Tested Concepts with Proven Results to help you become SUPER-PRODUCTIVE not just at work but in Personal Life too. RFMS is a GAME CHANGER that works on YOU to embrace Life Transforming Deliberate Changes.


  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Dreamers & Explorers

If you are willing to Unleash the greatest Potential within, it’s for You.


  • THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED guide after conducting numerous seminars
  • Consists of PRACTICAL METHODOLOGY; found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE by a number of participants


  • UNLEASH THE MINDSET required for massive success in any endeavor of life
  • PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS rather than just setting of goals
  • Build strong foundation for long-term SUSTAINABLE CHANGE

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Passionate Speaker | Ardent Meditation Practitioner | Explorer of Human Behaviour & Psychology

A Consultant by Profession and a Rewire Strategist & Life Coach by Heart with Business experience in IT, Business Research, Consulting, Marketing, Training and Customer Services. An MBA from University of Delhi and Certification in Management Consulting from CDC, Government of India.

He has already helped numerous people through his amazing workshops at Corporate Setting and Tata Strive Skill Development Centre. He has been inspiring people through his blogs for several years. After learning it hard way through professional, personal and emotional challenges early in life, he is on a mission to help millions of people to Rewire their lives for Massive Success through his talks, seminars, workshops & personal coaching.

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Carnivore Diet: Meat Eating Diet Guide with Recipes for Getting Lean, Ripped and Lose Fat Quick.(high fat keto meals, low carb keto snacks, leangains)

by Caren Warren


When you’ve got meat and cheese, who needs carbs?

The carnivorous lifestyle is hot topic in the low carb world. This meat eating diet consists of animal foods alone. You don’t have to follow any rules as far as food timing, macronutrient breakdowns, or portions.Simply eat when you’re hungry and until you’re full.

Although it’s hard to reconcile the assumption that a carnivore diet is not only safe but helps to improve your health, I have decided to compile this work for you. And, since meat is one of my favorite foods, who else better to do that for you?

Feed your inner carnivore with these amazing high protein meat recipes.

“Carnivore Diet: Meat Eating Diet Guide with Recipes for Getting Lean, Ripped and Lose Fat Quick (high fat keto meals, low carb keto snacks, leangains)” by Caren Warren is pure goodness in the palm of your hand!

Carnivore Diet Cookbook includes:

  • mouth-watering recipes of Healthy Meat Recipes for Getting Lean, Ripped
  • easy to prepare recipes, beautifully laid out with gorgeous photography – making them a joy to create!
  • amazing zero carb way to enjoy your steaks
  • easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients
  • ideal food for Zero-Carb, All Meat Diet, Ketogenic, Paleo and Gluten Free diets
  • full color images, step by step guide and much more nutrition information
  • strong carnivore diet benefits: weight loss, better heart health, lower inflammation, higher testosterone, fewer digestive problems, increased mental clarity and simpler dieting.

Burn fat, Feel incredible, Boost your energy, Satisfy your tooth living your Carnivorous Lifestyle.

Still craving Rib Eye Steak? So, Fry it and Try it!

otokonimotomerujoseinohonne (Japanese Edition)

by nakamura mika


All My Life As A Bubble: Streatham Ice Rink’s Disco Era.

by Theodore Philippou

The true adventures of a young boy growing up in the swinging sixties through to the disco enamoured glitz of Streatham Ice Rink – the arena that brought together: figure skating & ice hockey battles during the height of Britain’s most succesful ice skating era.
This autobiographical account takes in the Imperial War Museum – film stars and beauty queens, the trendy lambretta riding mods of the 60’s and much much more.
An emotive and at times surprisingly dangerous biography propels you back through Streatham’s memory lane.
From Kennington to Catford – Cyprus and Jordan = everything revolves around Streatham and at times; it’s famous Ice Rink.

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