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Echo Canyon Brides Box Set: Books 7 – 9: Historical Cowboy Western Mail Order Bride Bundle (Echo Canyon Brides Box Sets Book 3)

by Linda Bridey

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Immerse yourself in books 7-9 in the Echo Canyon Brides and discover new and lovable characters and become part of the family as you read this heartwarming spellbinding series full of passion, romance, mystery, and humor.”
Book 7: Montana Christmas.
When womanizer, Sal Terranova, meets Lulu Johansson, he’s captivated by the beautiful, exciting brunette. Their romance is fiery and consuming, but can the joy of the Christmas season see them through?

Book 8: Montana Orphan.
Nick Terranova and Maura, both broken in their own ways, embark on a romance, but just when happiness is on the horizon for them, obstacles arise that test their faith. Will they overcome them or succumb to despair and disappointment?

Book 9: Montana Surprise.
Gino Terranova hopes for a future with Carrie Sheehanâ??but when she springs surprises on him, can he forgive her so they can be happy together? Carrie must regain Gino’s trustâ??can she do it or is all hope lost?

Leaves of the Linden Tree

by Marydale Stewart

Corrie Holden opens a bookstore in Linden Grove and begins living the dream of her 30-something yearsâ??â??-independence and her enthusiasm for books. But the unacknowledged presence of xenophobia and racism in this idyllic Illinois farm town eventually has a devastating effect on the new bookstore.

Soon after the store opens, Corrie meets Breanna Campbell, victim of domestic violence, and Jimmy Kosmatka, the manager of Long Creek Stable, taciturn and rough-edged. Long ago convicted of a victimless felony, Jimmy is in the process of rebuilding his own idealism. Breanna is beginning a journey that will take her from a world of hopeless fantasy to a new life. When the perpetrator of a hate crime turns out to be the last person Corrie would have suspected, she and Jimmy discover the principles of restorative justiceâ?? and their love for one another.

Fringe Medicine

by Brian Inglis

â??This book will cause a healthy scandal. It is a frontal attack on the narrow-minded orthodoxy of the medical establishment and a spirited defence of the unorthodox methods practised on its fringes. Among these the author includes nature cures and herbalism; homeopathy, osteopathy, and chiropractice; acupuncture; psychotherapy and hypnosis; faith healing and radiesthesia … the author’s main argument… is of vital importance to us all.’ – Arthur Koestler in The Observer

A controversial classic, Brian Inglis’ Fringe Medicine provides a bold introduction to a spectrum of unorthodox therapies. Originally published in 1964, it ushered in the modern era of patient advocacy, laying the foundations for today’s wellness movement. The author’s campaign laid out options for desperate patients ill-served by conventional therapies and determined to recapture their health.

Fifty-four years on, popular interest in alternative medicine and wellness stand at all-time highs. Inglis’ work has remarkably withstood the test of time in many ways, with his warnings of antibiotic resistance being exceptionally prescient. And whilst in other areas he may have gone too far (the “black box,” used in the technique of radiesthesia, has faded from view), nonetheless the fact remains that patient/doctor relations were forever changed by Inglis’ efforts. Polemical works can leave a giant legacy, and Fringe Medicine is a classic of the genre.

Brian Inglis, was an Irish journalist, historian and TV presenter. He popularly known in Britain as the presenter for All Our Yesterdays. His publications covered a range of topics, including biographies, medicine and the paranormal. Other books by Inglis include The Forbidden Game: A Social History of Drugs and The Story of Ireland, amongst many others.

The Goal Digger: How to Rock Your Multilevel Home-Based Business on Social Media

by Kimberly Olson

I remember when I decided I wanted to grow my business online, I felt completely overwhelmed, not to mention extremely disorganized. Should I build on Facebook or Instagramâ?¦or both? How could I utilize my Facebook group to turn it into a prospecting machine? What about teaching people that joined my team how to do this? And the dreaded A word – algorithm?! I had no clue!

I decided to dive in head first and take every single training, workshop or coaching program I could afford to learn everything possible. It was expensive and time consuming but through that process I was able to put together everything I learned in an easy-to-digest yet comprehensive program that you will find in this book.

We’ll dive into several areas including:
-crushing your daily activity
-creating engaging content that matters
-how to prospect with passion and not spam your friends
-successfully launching new team members by duplication
-turning one customer into hundreds
-stepping into prosperity and an abundant mindset

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s jump in so we can crush your goals and create the life of your dreams!

“Expert is a term thrown around way too loosely on social media these days. Kimberly Olson is one of the few that I consider a true social media expert. She is a must follow. She pays attention to detail and knows how to teach you how to grow your influence in a non gimmicky way. She has personally built massive loyal followings and has unique insight not found anywhere else. Thanks for finally putting all your strategies in a book!”
~Rob Sperry, Public Speaker and Author of The Game of Networking

“I I have truly enjoyed working with Kimberly the past few months. Her social media training has helped me to grow my Facebook influence. I now have 5 times as many friends, hundreds of views on my videos and potential customers are reaching out to me instead of me chasing them! Kimberly is the real deal and if you need help taking your social media presence to the next level, you might want to check out her training too!”
~Lindsay Sewell, The Balanced Mama

“I will forever be grateful for Kimberly Olson and her contagious enthusiasm for the industry. I have used all of her training/tools to mold both myself and my team into the rockstars that we are today.”
~Charlotte LoSasso, The Dream Dealer Girl

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