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Good Cop Girl Cop: The Secret Life of a Police Officer: What you always wanted to know about policing but were afraid to ask

by Lisa Doble


Have you or a loved one always wondered what it is really like to be a cop? Want to know what it takes to be a police officer and what you will face? Would you like to be a little more street smart, think like a cop and stay ahead of the pack?

This action-packed, and eye-opening book will take you on a wild ride and show you the dark side of human nature. You will also learn the 25 life lessons I learned from fifteen years of being a cop, that you can implement into your own life today.

Maybe you are just intrigued by policing, even if you have never wanted to be a cop. This book will tell it like it is; no B.S., no exaggeration, and nothing is off limits. If you or someone you love are still unclear about joining the force, then this book will outline what you can expect.

Good Cop Girl Cop will bust myths and misconceptions about policing, and challenge everything you’ve been told about it. It is not watered down, it is not sugar-coatedâ??just the plain and simple, but shocking truth.

In this book you will discover:

  • Elements of human nature that will open your eyes and help keep you safe
  • What it takes to be a cop and how you can start thinking like a cop
  • Myths, misconceptions and common questions answered
  • 25 Life lessons from law enforcement that you can use in your life today

I guarantee you will learn something, and you will be entertained. If you do nothing else, you can pick up any one of my 25 life lessons and put it into action right now.

A word of caution, this book is not for the faint of heart, as it does contain coarse language, some sexual content, and graphic tales that may offend some readers. Although this book is pink and targeted at the girls, it is not sweet, nor is it coming from a feminist angle, so it is also an awesome read for the guys.

Don’t become a crime statistic. Stay safe, know what it’s like to be a police officer, understand the criminal world, and learn how to start thinking like a cop today.

**WARNING** – This book contains very coarse language, some sexual content, real life stories and examples of police work, that some people may find offensive or disturbing. It is not intended to be for shock value, but for educational purposes.
Reader discretion is advised.

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Transforming Your Life: 12 Incredible Stories Showing The Strength Of The Human Spirit

by Sai Blackbyrn

We all have times where we need support and guidance because life has a way of kicking us down, and then leaving us there. If you need transformational change in your life, this book can give you all the tools that you need, and bring you into the sphere of support that can help lift you up. We have given you access to the knowledge bank of 12 coaches from all around the world, and these coaches are all leaders of their niche. Reading this book can give you access to tools that our coaches have discovered after years of research, failure, life experience, and industry expertise.

The tools and guidance that our expert coaches give away for free here would have cost you thousands of dollars in life coaching sessions, years of training, and many thousands of hours of self-reflection. Anybody who has achieved success can tell you that it’s the years of failures that prime you for success, and a good guide or a mentor can help you get there faster by telling you exactly which paths are fruitful. Keeping that in mind, we have collaborated with 12 best coaches in the world to bring you a map to your spiritual and transformational journey to success. We offer a path to real change as we take you through the adversities that our coaches have overcome in order to carve their way to success with their blood, sweat, and tears.

Our authors are leaders, coaches, CEOs, speakers, psychologists, industry giants, multimillionaires. They are also parents of disabled children, immigrants, blind Paralympian’s, dyslexic, depressed, and victims of racism and sexism. They got to where they are at by overcoming everything that life has thrown at them, and so they can show you how to do it. Don’t waste time looking for answers from people who haven’t overcome what you need to, get the guidance of people who have been where you are at. This book is designed with you, the reader, in our mind at all times, so it is optimized for maximum impact. You can open it at any page and start reading to get priceless insight.

How I Quit Drinking: (and How you can too)

by Jackie Elliott

Feeling stuck in the drinking spiral? Tried to moderate, but fail every time? Tired of waking up with low level hangover every day, sick of your “booze boobs” and lack of energy?
Quitting drinking is HARD. And worse than that, you feel all alone, because the WHOLE WORLD loves booze!
But you know you have to do something. It’s getting worse, and you are felling out of control. You are frightened that you’ll end up as anâ?¦â?¦.alcoholic (whispers)
Jackie was in the exact same place. And wrote this book for YOU, to guide you through your sober journey without going to any meetings if you don’t want to!
This book is a road map. It doesn’t hold the â??secret short cut’ to sobriety, because there are none, but it does sign-post you through the “getting sober” and guide you towards “living sober” (two very different things).
This book is full of practical guidance for all the phases of the sober journey – what to do when your first pink cloud dissipates, how do you prepare for your first sober outing, why aren’t your friends cheering you on? What’s up with that?
And when do you actually get to BE sober? And is there life beyond this journey – in the scary new non-drinking world?
This book acknowledges that this journey is dual purpose – to ditch the booze and find oneself – and the power and success of recovery comes when you can use sobriety as a tool in your life, rather than a destination.
Everybody has a unique sober journey – but everyone’s path goes in the same direction. This book will help you get there, hopefully without too many detours.
How I Quit Drinking (and how you can too) is a practical, helpful (and sometimes humorous) guide from an award winner blogger, who ploughed her own sober path and made it through!
If you have had enough of being slave to the Wine Witch, buy this book today, and transform your life!

The O’Dell File (Kindle Single)

by Victor S. Navasky

The general public has never heard of Jack O’Dell. But many of those who worked with him in the fifties and sixties consider him the unsung hero of the Black Freedom Movement. Victor Navasky, the longtime editor of The Nation and author of the acclaimed book Kennedy Justice, drawing on secret government files and interviews with O’Dell himself, seeks to correct that historical oversight. O’Dell, at one time a close confidant of Martin Luther King, Jr., was described by J. Edgar Hoover as “the number five Communist in the United States,” cited as a reason for the wiretapping of MLK, and was subsequently forced out of King’s inner circle. In this compassionate and vivid biography, Navasky reveals O’Dell’s unique organizing capacity and brilliant mind, while lamenting what American society, obsessed by the so-called Communist menace, lost by disqualifying him from being an open and visible contributor to the Civil Rights movement.

VICTOR S. NAVASKY is the former editor and publisher of The Nation, a former editor at The New York Times Magazine, and founder of Monocle, a “leisurely quarterly of political satire.”. He is the author of, among other books, Kennedy Justice, Naming Names, which won a 1982 National Book Award, A Matter of Opinion, which won the George Polk Book Award, and The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power. He teaches at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he is the director of the Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism and chair of the Columbia Journalism Review. He lives in New York.

Cover design by Evan Twohy.

The Fifty Shades Murders: The True Story of Morgan Jane Smith : A Collection of True Crime

by Tabitha Riley

A true crime anthology series where some of the killers engaged in BDSM games that went way too far.
The case looked like the plot line of Fifty Shades of Grey with a plot twist of murder.

Morgan Jane Smith and Darryl Smith shared an affinity for bondage. For over ten years, she was at his beck and call to do whatever he pleased. But Darryl grew tired of Morgan’s slavish ways and found a new girlfriend in Andrea Stranko. Obsessed with Darryl, Morgan would not take the break-up laying down. She took a 20-gauge shotgun and stalked the couple down, taking out her jealousy on the innocent Andrea.

But it was the details of Morgan’s indulgence in bondage and sex games that added to the lurid nature of the murder. What psychological scars led to Morgan, the mother of a twelve-year-old girl, to throw her life away over a love triangle? Could this tragedy have been prevented?

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