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Machine Learning: A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide to Learning and Understanding Machine Learning Concepts, Technology and Principles for Beginners

by Peter Bradley

Do you want to know more about Machine Learning and what it means for the future?
Could Machine Learning help your business to perform better?

Machine Learning is not a new idea. It stems back as far as the 1950s and involves computers â??learning’ from basic algorithms without the need for them to be specifically programmed to do so.

If that sounds a bit like science-fiction, it isn’t. Machine Learning is real and is gathering pace and in
Machine Learning: A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide to Learning and Understanding Machine Learning Concepts,
Technology and Principles for Beginners,
you can grasp what this means with chapters on:

– What Machine Learning is
– Basic facts about Machine Learning
– Types of Machine Learning
– Real life applications of Machine Learning
– Artificial Intelligence
– And much moreâ?¦

The way that technology is moving, combined with the pace of change, means that Machine Learning that is both complex
and innovative will be with us very soon.

That will have implications for us all, whether it is with employment, in our leisure time or in other aspects of our lives. This
book serves to give you some idea of what Machine Learning will bring in the future.

Get a copy today and see what’s coming tomorrow!

Affinity Photo Beginners Guide: First 10 Skills

by Frank Walters

The Affinity Photo Beginners Guide is the best companion for all new users of the amazing Affinity Photo software. If you want to really get a fast handle on the world’s leading photo-editing software, then this will be a great help to you.

We proudly offer this insightful book on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited platform and we are selling this book at the absolute lowest price. We are doing this because we want as many people as possible to start reaping the rewards of this amazing software as fast as possible.

A Note about our Upcoming Series
We are also proud to announce a new series in the works titled, the Affinity Photo Singles Series. These are compact, easy-to-understand and use step-by-step guides to the top tools of this amazing photo-editing software.

Each Affinity Photo Single guide will show you exactly how to do the specific job you want to do with easy-to-understand instructions supported by screenshots of the Affinity Photo toolkit.

From start to finish of your project, you will see every step along the way. Excellent instruction is the stepping stones to personal expertise with this program.

Noteable competitors:

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Creative Suite Adobe InDesign Pixelmator Adobe Lightroom Aviary Photo Editor Pixlr
Autodesk Paintshop Pro Photoshop Elements, Acorn 4, Gimp Aperture Photoshop Touch Snapseed BeFunky Fotor Fotoflexer, Ppicasa ACDSeee Pro 8 PicMonkey Pic Monkey SumoPaint Ribbet

All logos and depictions of the Serif Affinity Photo UI are copyright of Serif (Europe) Ltd. This study guide is not endorsed or supported by Affinity.

Las 6 formas más efectivas de ganar dinero por internet: Aprende paso a paso como ganar dinero por internet (Spanish Edition)

by Raul Va

¿Quieres generas ingresos extras sin necesidad de salir de casa?

¿Quieres ganar dinero mientras duermes?

¿Quieres aprender como ganar dinero por internet?

Si has respondido a algunas de estas tres preguntas con un si, ¡has encontrado la guía adecuada!

Muchas personas sueñan con ganar dinero de forma “pasiva”, de no estar atadas a horarios ni a un jefe que les dice que hacer.

Yo también soy una de las personas que ha tenido este sueño y que con mucho trabajo y persistencia lo ha conseguido. He probado decenas de formas de ganar dinero por internet, algunas exitosas y otras no tanto.

Después de varios años aprendiendo como funciona internet, finalmente lo he conseguido.

Ahora es hora de ayudar a otras personas a conseguir esto, ya que es absolutamente posible ganar dinero por internet si se sabe como.

Por ese motivo he escrito esta guía paso a paso en la que explico las que para mí son las formas más efectivas de ganar dinero por internet.

En esta guía aprenderás:

Como ganar dinero por internet.
Como vender productos de otras personas a cambio de un porcentaje de la venta.
Como crear y vender tus propios productos.
En que tienes que fijarte en cada una de las formas de ganar dinero por internet.

Siguiendo los pasos escritos en esta guía podrás comenzar a ganar dinero por internet directamente.

The iPad User’s Guide to iOS 12: Tips, Tricks & Tutorials for Using iOS 12 on the iPad (iOS User Series)

by Michele Berner

So, you’ve setup your iPad and don’t know what to do next. Perhaps you’re looking for solutions to obscure questions about how to use your iPad, or how to use the new features of iOS 12?  Well, now you can look it up in this book and learn the full potential of your iPad using the most recent iOS 12 operating system. 

Discover tips, tricks and tutorials you can use right away with your iPad to maximise its functionality with the iOS 12 operating system and open a world of new possibilities. Learn how to use your iPad as a powerful communication, organisation, and productivity tool, as well as a feature-packed entertainment device. 

 This book covers all the new features of iOS 12 including screen time, bedtime mode, grouped notifications, tracking battery usage, updated apps, Siri shortcuts and more. It is also a wealth of information on little-known features and how to use them. 

 You can find easy-to-follow instructions and screenshots direct from the iPad, simple shortcuts and hundreds of tips in the following chapters: 

  1. Finding your way around the iPad: the new iOS 12 gestures, recover and reset Apple ID passwords.
  2. Getting Started with the iPad: Setting up a new iPad, upgrading your iPad to iOS 12. An overview of the updates introduced in iOS 12. 
  3. The App Store: How to navigate the App Store and learn about all the various tabs.
  4. Security and Privacy: Two-factor authentication, a look at all the privacy and security settings and what they mean, childproofing your iPad and family sharing. 
  5. Organisation: How to use the dock, control centre, Do Not Disturb and Bedtime mode, organising apps: moving, deleting, offloading, updating, creating folders and Home screens, wallpaper. 
  6. Settings: Keep safe- learn what settings to disable and tweak, Screentime, keychain passwords, iCloud settings, manage storage, battery and a look at the most important settings you need to change.  
  7. Safari: How to browse the web, tweak Safari’s settings to protect your privacy, tips for using Safari effectively, using split view, the reader, bookmarks, etc.  
  8. Siri: How to use Siri shortcuts, suggestions, and a whole lot of useful Siri commands.
  9. Navigation and Input: How to use the keyboard, keyboard tips, voice input, dictation.
  10. Communication: Email, messages, managing the inbox and VIP mail, adding email accounts, attaching documents, marking up documents and photos. 
  11. Productivity: Storage options, how to expand your storage, annotating screenshots, digitally signing pdf documents, scanning documents, markup images and screenshots, the many ways to share your data.
  12. Accessibility: Options to improve vision like contrast, bold, increase text legibility, inverting the screen, using the magnifier and accessibility shortcuts. 
  13. Multitasking: How to use split view, slide over view, picture in picture, drag and drop.
  14. Tips for apps:Files, Notes, TV, Calendar, Messages, Contacts, Camera, Photos, Measure
  15. Troubleshooting the iPad: Maintaining the iPad, solving common problems, rebooting, restoring, what to do if your iPad is stuck, updating the operating system, backups, storage options. 

 Save time by looking for that pesky tip you’ve always wanted to learn about. Add to your enjoyment of the iPad and truly unleash its power.

Monte Carlo Simulation: The Art of Random Process Characterization

by D. James Benton

There are many textbooks devoted to the theory behind Monte Carlo methods. More often than not, these are heavy on theory and light on example. Rarely do they include the examples in their entirety, mostly presenting the final results in summary form. The aim of this text is to be light on theory and heavy on example. Each example is included in its entirety: input, output, and source code or spreadsheet. If you work through all the examples, you should be able to simulate whatever process is needed.

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