Free fantasy Kindle books for 18 Sep 18

Unicorn Keep

by Angelia Almos

Jiline of Ainsley is dismayed when her best friend is selected by the mages to become a unicorn keeper at the Keep, an isolated mountain fortress. Especially since Madelen is in love and engaged to the richest boy in the village. Jiline on the other hand has no prospects of marriage or a trade in their small village. So, she comes up with a plan to take Madelen’s place at the Keep and hopefully flunk out of unicorn keeper training before the mages can discover the deception. Unfortunately, the unicorns have their own plans for her.

Mage Herrick, son of the Keep Mage, returns home to the Keep as the trainee keepers arrive. A chance encounter with Jiline, who he believes is Madelen, on the trail sparks a magical connection between the two. Knowing he can’t feel a magical draw to someone who has no magic, he tries to prove Madelen (Jiline) has magic within her. His attention brings unforeseen complications for both of them.

Violet (The Silver Series Book 4)

by Cheree Alsop

“Ms. Alsop has crafted another masterpiece. I love this series and how each book is unique. . . I enjoyed seeing the bond grow between werewolves and how they take care of and welcome others into the pack. I can’t seem to get enough of this series. I always want more! I can’t tell you how excited I am to read book 5 Azure. These books are ones I will read again and have my kids read!” Tiffany- Tifferz Book Reviews, Book Blogger

“I read the whole series and liked all the books. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I thought the plot flowed smoothly and it was cool how all the books in the series are tied together but yet could stand alone. Even though all the main characters have such different personalities each one has something that draws you in! Looking forward to the next book in the series.” Shanah Greer- Amazon Reviewer

“I can’t get enough of these books. This werewolf series has exceeded my expectations with each new addition. I loved reading about life as a werewolf from a girl’s point of view; it helped me appreciate the male werewolves even more, and I really enjoyed the wild element that played a key role in this book. Rafe may be one of my favorite secondary characters ever created. Read this book!” Jennifer Ekins- Goodreads Reviewer

“The author is able to wring emotions left, right and sideways from the reader. She shocks without gore. Most of all, she practically makes you want to be a werewolf. . . It’s a jaw dropper. . . I really loved the regular wolves as well. Not too often do regular wolves show up in werewolf/shifter novels, so that was a pleasant surprise.” Scott R.- Amazon Reviewer

“Don’t stop writing this series. That’s all I can say. I can’t read them fast enough and I hope the next one is out soon.” Bryce Donald- Goodreads Reviewer

“I really enjoyed reading from a female werewolf’s point of view. It was interesting to see the different dynamics that revolve around being female. Rafe, a wild werewolf who saves Colleen’s life, is a fully fleshed-out, unique character who gave insight into what life as a wild werewolf could be like. . . Read this series. You won’t regret it.” Rance P.- Goodreads Reviewer

Violet, the fourth book of the Silver Series, is about a teenage girl who awakens to the harsh reality of life as a werewolf. Protected by a wild werewolf with golden eyes, Colleen finds solace in his forest and control over her rapidly changing life. But Colleen’s control is put to the ultimate test when her loved ones are in danger, forcing her to choose between freedom or returning to the source of her nightmares.

Violet is a story of love amid loss and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. It is a story of finding a kernel of hope within a life torn apart by an accident and a cruel twist of fate.

The Cell Cities

by Nathan Giraud

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, fourteen-year-old Alex has one last hopeâ??a highly experimental and potentially dangerous drug so powerful that it could cure him . . . or leave him in a coma. With nothing left to lose, Alex is injected with the drug and wakes up in a world, unlike anything he’s seen before, a world where an advanced, high-tech force of alien soldiers are battling a crazy, genocidal general for control of their realm.
Unsure of where he is or why he’s there, Alex discovers an artifact that promises answersâ??and salvationâ??if only he can discover where it came from. With the help of Tarah, an alien girl he befriends, Alex sets out on a dangerous journey to find a mysterious spacecraft that matches the unusual artifact. But the alien world is deteriorating quickly as the General continues to advance, and Alex must find the spacecraft before it’s too late. It’s a race for survival, and the clock is ticking!

The Van Helsing Paradox

by Evelyn Chartres

“A gal has to look out for herself after all”

Clara Grey’s parents once said that the world was a dark and dangerous place. There was more truth than fiction to those words. There were things that lurked in the shadows which defied the laws of nature: perversions that fed on the dead, terrorised the living, or escaped the chill touch of the grave.

Clara is a member of the Tower, a religious order of hunters who work outside the confines of the Church. As keepers of the arcane, her order takes an active role to counter these threats. The life of a hunter can be short, and many disappear before their training is completed. So, what does it take to succeed against all odds?

Explore Clara’s origin, a child born before the dawn of the twentieth century. Witness her rigorous training, how she faces adversity, and fights in the Great War to become the derringer wielding flapper she is.

Throughout her tale, keep in mind that no matter the threat, a gal has to look out for herself after all.

Save a Horse, Ride a Dragon: MacAllen Clan (Dragon Guard Series Book 33)

by Julia Mills

The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It’s up to you. ENJOY!

On her â??Eat, Pray, Love’ soul-searching journey across the country with nothing but her radio blastin’, the top rolled down, and her trusty red Jeep named Daisy Mae, Dax may have bitten off more than she can chew this time.

Bright red hair and a smile that darn near knocks him on his butt, the woman stuck on the side of the road is a wild filly J.D. would love to tame, but then again, she’s absolutely perfect just the way she is.

The desert’s hot but this couple’s hotter, not to mention the raised-from-the-dead Medicine Man who’s hell bent on bathing his special little precious in their blood. Talk about prickly as a cactus!

The Great Creator and the Universe don’t make mistakes and Fate Will Not Be Denied, but the flames of Destiny are hotter than ever before.

Grab your hat and boots and head for the desert, â??cause this lady’s claiming her Dragon and nothin’ will ever be the same.

Nikkoleth (Daughters of Darkness Series Book 1)

by Angel St.Clair

In a city where werewolves deal drugs, kidnap teenagers and where crime is at an all time high, Nikkoleth, ancient vampire and hired assassin, is called to clean up the mess.

She finds herself tangled in a web of lies, deceit and mystery, both of the present and the past.

“Who are you?”

“I am Nikkoleth. I am Death.”

The Siege of Zin (The Divine War Saga Book 1)

by Samantha Davenport

In a world treated as an experimentation room by gods, mortals struggle vainly against their divine will. In the beginning of this world, two Primal Gods came together to with a single wish. The Primal God of Time wished for there to be no end, while the Primal God of Entropy wished that they would not ultimately cause the destruction of it’s only friend, Time.
Together, the two great Primal Gods created a world with fledgling deities, all for the end goal of some creature from this world ascending into the power of a Primal God, the greatest of all divine, and providing a solution for the two age-old friends.
Ages have passed in this new world, and unbeknownst to the group of new heroes, several of the no-longer fledgling gods have decided to start over on the current experimentation with mortals. The great Goddess of Death, leading her Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has decided to begin in “wiping the slate clean” of mortal life.
Can the new heroes prove this Goddess wrong by foiling her attempts of destroying all mortal life, or are they doomed to failure? Gather your friends, ready your Pathfinder Rulebooks, and find out…

Ruminations: A Lawnmowers, Inc. Prelude

by P. J. Benney

Two teenage apprentices defend a sprawling library from a ravenous bibliophage. A superstitious detective risks his reputation hunting a werewolf. An on-air blunder spells opportunity for an overqualified weathergirl, while in Whitechapel’s only Jack-the-Ripper themed restaurant, a humble business deal marks the beginning of an enduring friendship. Discover the origins of the cattle-powered urban-fantasy series Lawnmowers, Inc. in this collection of four short stories!

Dark Sci-fi and Fantasy short stories

by Michael Slankard

Michael delivers a variety of science fiction and fantasy short stories that are sure to keep the reader binge reading until the end. Michael supports the stories with drawings and pictures that bring the stories to life.

Lucid Dreams: Awakened

by Kristin Sinclaire

Naomi is a young girl about entering her senior year of high school. A transfer student named David Goodwin walks into her classroom and destroys everything that Naomi took as her reality and reveals that her life has been nothing but a fabricated lie. Naomi finds herself falling for the very guy who opened her eyes to a world she could only beforehand imagined, and discovers a power that had laid dormant within her till now.
If you loved reading the Twilight series and the twists and flow of intriguing plot and romance this book is for you!

Please I encourage everyone to leave a positive five stared review and want your feedback as it helps me tremendously connect better with you my readers. I also would love to consider suggestions and even new ideas for future projects. if you’d love to dive into deeper complex and perceptive dark minds I strongly encourage you to read My Beautiful Death. Beware though it contains powerful material and imagery. Thanks all and keep reading!

The Mechanical Man

by CE Mirana

I am weary from the travel. My horse worse than I, but she powers on, bless her. I doubt she will make it home.

I wonder if I will make it home.

When I see it, it is a relief. But a relief short lived as I remember why I am here. They have gone too far. He has gone too far.

The spires of Wesley’s Keep rise high above the cliff’s edge. The rest, the parrapets and bridges, all the rooms that lie within, are carved straight from the sandstone. I am but an hour’s ride from the bridge. An hour from when I will kill him. My own son.

In Wolf’s Clothing

by CE Mirana

Brigands endanger the livelihood of Litha, a woman with a complicated past. The king neglects to send any help to the farming community, instead opting to place a generous bounty on the bandit leaders. Litha struggles with her past as she attempts to rid her community of thieves and drive home a point with the royals.

The Superpower Journal

by CE Mirana

When a powerful wizard is contracted to help the Supreme Leader of North Korea strategically take out the US Government, hilarity is sure to ensue. Of course, the wizard has his own motives for going to North Korea to help the dictator. When he gets there he never expects to find all of Hollywood living underneath the streets of North Korea. Who he runs into in North Korea and what he learns about his mission and himself will change his life forever.

Escape from the Netherworld

by A.R. Vallimont

Jayden Merdye hiked peacefully up the trail in Arizona’s Painted Desert when gunshots rang out. Taking quick, cover Jayden discovered the source. Two rival drug groups were shooting it out. Fearing for his safety, Jayden took shelter in a cave near the top of the trail. Thinking he was out of danger, he ran for the cover of darkness. Unexpectedly, gunshots rang through the cave. Someone had tracked him to the cave and was now shooting at him. He ducked down behind some rocks. The shots continued. He dove into a pool of water, trying to avoid the bullets. When he surfaced, the gunman was out of sight. But, Jayden’s dangers were just beginning. He found himself transported mysteriously into an unknown world of 18th Century adventure of espionage, and intrigue. Two Sisters, at war for a single throne, fought with Huntsmen, Imperial Armies, Black Magic and Airborne Warships. Desperate to find and kill Jayden, one Sister mobilized everything she had. To escape the forces arrayed against them, Jayden and his allies will descend into the Netherworld and do battle with agents and creatures of hell.

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus Cat Magic: A Lily Singer Adventures Novella (A Lily Singer Cozy Fantasy Novella Book 0)

by Lydia Sherrer

Saving the world is such a bother when it makes you late for your nap.

Blessed (or cursed, depending on who you ask) with human intelligence, Sir Edgar Allan Kipling, magical talking cat extraordinaire, spends most of his time keeping his human out of trouble. Of course, having a wizard for a human means that trouble is never far away.

When Sir Kipling’s human goes away for the weekend and leaves him to guard her magical library, things start out quiet. But when he discovers a witch smelling suspiciously of demon magic snooping in his human’s office, quiet goes out the window and chaos looms on the horizon. Will Sir Kipling be able to outwit the intruders before their mischief causes permanent damage?

If you are a cat person, you will adore this book. If you are a dog person, you will also adore this book, and upon completion will be inexplicably compelled to go out and adopt a cat. You have been warned.

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