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A Legend To Love Series Sampler Collection

by Cora Lee

Are you looking for a legend to love? We have them!

A Legend To Love is a series of full-length Regency romance novels written by eleven different authors, where at least one of the main characters in each book is inspired by a legend. You’ll meet our very own versions of Robin Hood, Mulan, Cuchulainn and Emer, Vlad Dracula, Odysseus and Penelope, Romulus and Remus, the Lady of the Lake, Beowulf, Tristan and Iseault, Pygmalion and Galatea, and Dick Whittington and his cat.

This sampler contains an excerpt from each book in the series. Can you match the legend to the novel?

The Elixir of Immortality (Judge Chen Book 2)

by F M

Judge Chen thought shoring up a dam that was about to burst was his biggest concern. Flood, famine, refugees.
Then, a body was found in the river.
Then another.
And another.
And another . . .
Someone had been using the river as a watery grave, all in the name of the search for something that existed in folklores and myths only.
Finding that someone might cost Judge Chen his job, his life, and the life of his trusted advisor.
More importantly, it could reveal a secret he’d been trying to keep ever since he became the magistrate of Taihe.


by CE Mirana

In the city of Medina Aldua, foreign princes from half a world away impose their will with impunity while the common man works for scraps. One young thief realizes that everything is political and friendships under pressure aren’t always so valuable as they seem when the walls of society begin to crumble.

Soul Searcher (Poetic Lyrics Book 3)

by Dexter Lives

Soul Searcher

A collection of poetic lyrics by Dexter Lives.

Soul Searcher
The Easy Way Out
The Hurt is Worse than the Consequence (Empty Eyes)
To the Edge of Your Soul
As a Crow Flies
My Heart Beats for Two
Wade in Fantasy
Lone (lonely) Wolf
Memento Mori
Do you Believe in Angels?
This is Me
Undeserved Life
Lesson Learned
Empty Mirror
In My Head

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