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Nosotros otra vez (Spanish Edition)

by Nina Minina

Capítulo extra de No eres tú… Soy yo.

Advertencia: Este libro estará gratis 5 días, luego desaparecerá.

The Ultimate Guide to Winning at Fortnite Tips and Strategies to Boss at Battle Royale Like the Pros

by Wicked Game Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Winning at Fortnite includes all the Tips and Strategies to Boss at Battle Royale Like the Pros.
This is the guide you need to becoming the expert Fortniter player.

Fortnite: Battle Royale has become the most popular game on the planet and now everyone wants to play it! This means it’s become much more difficult to win at. Everyone wants to become that boss player that all the other Twitch users look up to.

After reading this game guide book, you’ll instantly gain the wisdom of the best Fortnite players gathered over hours of game play.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

-Starter Tips
-Building & Looting
-Weapons & Shooting
-Gathering Resources
-Intermediate Skills
-Gamer Etiquette
-Go solo or Team Player?
-Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to pick the best weapons, how to loot, the best strategies for staying alive, how to avoid the storm, and how to build like a pro. Plus updates on Season 5 and how it’s changed the game. And some secret tips and hacks at the end you don’t want to miss out on!

Don’t hesitate! Download this ultimate Fortnite guide and learn how to become a boss today!

The Crushing Trials

by CE Mirana

Well that’s that for the orphanage. I hope they find a place for those puppies soon.” Jerry shuffled his papers. “In other news, the Semi-Final match for this year’s Crushing Trials. Fans are certain this will be one for the history books. I wouldn’t place bets just yet, but I’m rather certain Medusa and Anansi will take the win. Their mobility is simply unmatched.” Jerry remarked.

“Ah, but you forget the brothers! Despite their questionable tactics, their effectiveness is beyond proven. I can’t wait to see what Unthragor has in store for us.” Mary replied.

Glynda scoffed. “You’re both idiots. Anansi and Medusa will put up a brilliant fight for sure. Unthragor and his brother will certainly leave a few bruises on their opponents. But you forget the third team.” Glynda leaned forward. “In all the history of the Trials, none have been as driven, as successful, and as honorable as The Titan and The Demon. You want to bet smart? Bet on Atlas and Sigbin. They’re taking the win for sure.

POT HEAD PICTURE BOOK: cartoons for adults


This is a 420 picture book, Cannabis comic book. This book is a groovy short story. related, Just a fun goofy story with a mix of laughs, cool pictures and craziness.

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23 Nights Working For The US Treasury Department

by Dennis Stewart

It is impossible for ordinary citizens, or even the news media, to see what happens behind the secret walls of the Internal Revenue Service. In the spring of 2011, Dennis Stewart accepted a temporary position as a mail clerk at a major IRS facility in the Mid-west. Despite his low level position, Dennis had to pass through five levels of security every working shift just to reach his desk. During his 60-day appointment, which only lasted 23 nights, Dennis was able to observe a small piece of the inner operation of the IRS that only government employees are allowed to view. He was astonished at the waste of time, procedural inefficiencies and dysfunctional employee behavior he witnessed so early in his employment. He quickly decided the general American public deserved the right to know the government waste he had the privilege to observe firsthand. Join Dennis as he describes in detail his unusual experience working for the U.S. Treasury Department.



Soon to be a major motion picture!
“Brutally Funny.” “Not for pussies.” “Beta-males will be offended.” “Transcends politics.”

Watermarks: 9/6/2018 - Amazon Hot New Releases - #10 Campaign and Elections - #12 Political Humor.

HOW did Trump become president? Good question.

Hillary Clinton tried answering that question – writing her cerebral excuse manifesto What Happened. Fell asleep reading it. Just kidding; didn’t buy it; didn’t care. Books by Nazis would’ve had no value explaining why they lost World War Two. Hillary claims she lost ’cause she’s a woman. Probably true. Women can’t beat men in most things. Except sandwiches – I love sandwiches. Want to conquer a city filled with ISIS savages? Hire an alpha-male. Want a tasty sandwich? Grandma Hillary can probably handle that. 

Scott Adams tried answering the ‘HOW’ question in Winning Bigly. A little closer; still missed the mark. An entire book based on a few of Trump’s skills. “Trump knows persuasion.” (Thanks Captain fucking obvious.) An entire book on that? Missing: combat strategy, verbal violence, and how Trump’s persuasion skill is one tool in a vast arsenal.

WHO is Trump? Better question.

Corey Lewandowski wrote Let Trump Be Trump. Read it. Not impressed. Should’ve been titled The Year I Followed Trump Around And Learned Nothing. Corey’s a loser; poser; stiff. Got paid too much to follow a genius for a year. Corey could’ve been replaced by Trump’s son Barron; end result would’ve been the same. Corey didn’t help Trump win; nor learn who Trump is. Didn’t know shit; learn shit. Fuck Corey.

WHAT is Trump? Best question. The real question. A man’s question. Answer this question – all other questions are answered.

Trump is the greatest martial artist who ever lived. A master of destroying formidable opponents, with minimal personal resources. Trump, The Martial Artist – a master of creating and destroying persona. Persona: what the public believes a person or entity to be. Persona is perceived value.

Trump’s martial art can be used to create personas – multi-billion-dollar corporations; media empires; rock stars, movie stars, radio stars – brands: Apple, Google, Amazon – all the great historical figures, religions, movements, political parties – a valuable power.

Trump’s martial art can be used to destroy personas – corporations, national pastimes, untouchable crooks, corrupt religions, political parties, armies, nations. The most dangerous martial art, destroying targets of a spiritual nature. Lethal violence in other dimensions. Victims who’ve been damaged, do not realize how bad they’ve been damaged – until it’s too late.

A master at raising perceived value of his offer; destroying perceived value of his opponent’s offer. Raising perceived value of his brand; destroying perceived value of his opponent’s brand. Everything Trump owns is GREAT; when acquiring ownership, it was below GREAT.

Want to borrow billions from strangers to build skyscrapers with no collateral? Trump did that. Want to be a best-selling author? Trump did that too. Want to bang supermodels, lining up around the block? Trump did that after age 60. Want to become the highest paid TV personality – with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Verified. Want to become the highest paid public speaker – earning 1.5 million for a single speech? Confirmed. Want to be followed by millions on Twitter – who enthusiastically read and interact with every Tweet? Get the idea? This is the creative power of Trump, The Martial Artist. This same power can be used to destroy.

Notice ISIS is dying? (Guy with the dirty hat.) Notice North Korea has a little less swagger? (Rocket Man.) Notice those who voted for Hillary, did so holding their noses? (Crooked Hillary.) Why?

TRUMP, THE MARTIAL ARTIST – Verbal violence. Rich color images, memes, quotes, strategies – all the martial arts moves – chakra energy center targeting – the most vicious verbal strikes. Unbeatable. Crooked Hillary never had a chance.

A Lifetime of Questionable Decisions

by Kristian Bland

Have you ever lived through an experience that was so humiliating that you wanted to die, but when you tell it to all your friends, they can’t stop laughing?

Have you ever made a decision that seemed like a good idea at the time, but you’re still living with the hilarious consequences years later?

If so, then grab a snack, get comfortable, and prepare to have all of your own poor life choices seem just a little bit more bearable.

You’re welcome.

Fortnite Royal Deathmatch: Temporada 5 (Spanish Edition)

by Sam G

¡Solo 1 será victorioso en este Battle Royale!

Luego de ser arrojado del autobús, Garrick ahora debe luchar por sobrevivir entre otros 99 jugadores en una isla remota. Al recolectar armas y construir estructuras para obtener ventajas tácticas, debe derrotarlas a todas para ser la última persona en pie. �l hace amigos y enemigos, pero todos ellos tienen que competir con Maynard, el asesino definitivo.

Habilidad y suerte serán necesarias para llegar al final. Garrick no solo tiene que luchar contra los enemigos y encontrar recursos para sobrevivir, sino que se está cerrando lentamente una tormenta gigante en la isla, obligando a todos los jugadores a unirse, a construir y luchar por la supervivencia.

¿Quién será el último en pie?

The Romantical Groom: (Being a Satyre)

by Suz deMello

A gentle send-up of the classic Regency romance by master storyteller Suz deMello, who turns the genre upside down and on its head. Marlene, Earl of Maybegood, subjects gentleboy Georgie Longjohn to her own brand of rough wooing on the eve of his first Season.

Best Memes 2018: (Funny Memes, Hilarious Memes)

by Jack Johnson

Best Memes 2018

This eBook is designed to make you smile with a roundup of amazing meme’s to suit everyone’s humour. They include meme’s with animals, text fails, you don’t say, forever alone and many more including hilarious subtitled movie scenes and witty screen captures. All of these in one place is great for perking you up on a bad day or making someone else happy. Using modern culture as well as nature, here are some of the best and funniest meme’s around that have been compiled together for your enjoyment. No other eBook will contain this selection and they are ready for you to enjoy.

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