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Strawberry Crunch & Murder (A Sweet Treat Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Lori Woods

Molly Jenn, along with her pet parakeet, Whammy, decides to leave her small town of Brooks and start fresh on the East Coast. With her new dessert shop opening soon, Molly is excited to be following her dream.

The last thing she expects is to be caught up in the solving the murder of the town’s bully.
Using her former investigative journalism skills, and with the help of the handsome police officer, Molly makes it her mission to find the killer before they strike again.

Book 1 in the Sweet Treat Cozy Mystery series, which can be read in one to two hours! Perfect for a lunchtime read or if you want to enjoy a quick light-hearted read, with a parrot-loving amateur sleuth, set in a seaside town with quirky characters. 

No cliffhanger, swearing or gory scenes!

Red Rain

by William H. Lovejoy

In the high-stakes world of global trade, a deadly war of industrial espionage and terrorism has begun…

From the trading rooms of Bangkok to the remote jungle mountains of Myanmar to California’s Silicon Valley, a battle of greed and political dominance rages.

Two high-tech companies – one American, one Korean – target a primitive third-world nation in southeast Asia for its limitless supply of flawless rubies worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

One man alone–Chris Carson–knows that America’s only hope of survival is to play two ruthless enemies against each other . . . before the ultimate weapon of global destruction is unleashed on an unsuspecting earth.

Praise for William H. Lovejoy

‘Lovejoy has proven himself as a master storyteller’ – Clive Cussler, best-selling author.

â??Lovejoy writes in afterburner!â?¦ action that leaves you dry-lipped, moist-palmed and hungry for more. An excellent read.’ – M.E. Morris

â??Fast-paced aerial actionâ?¦ Phantom Strike is a supersonic rush toward a deadly target that rings with authenticity!” – Jimmie H. Butler, The Iskra Incident

William H. Lovejoy is the author of twenty-five thriller, suspense, and mystery novels. A Vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College.

Brownies and Dark Shadows (Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery Book 2)

by Amber Crewes

The 2nd book in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series!

“This series is quickly becoming a favorite. Looking forward to the next books as they come out.”

When Sandy Bay’s crème de la crème congregate to raise money for charity, Meghan Truman is proud to have her tasty desserts the talk of the party. She’s not so proud when the wealthiest couple in Sandy Bay are discovered dead and rumors circulate around town that her brownies are the cause of this tragedy.

This murder case casts a dark shadow over Meghan’s budding romance with handsome Officer Irvin who’s disappointed that she’s once again at the center of another murder investigation.

With everything to lose, Meghan must work hard to clear her name, restore broken relationships and solve this murder mystery before everything she’s worked so hard to build comes crumbling down.

Book 2 in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series, which can be read in one to two hours! Can be read as a standalone, but enjoyed better as part of a series. Perfect for a lunchtime read. If you love cozy mysteries with an amateur female sleuth, mouth-watering culinary desserts and a gripping murder mystery, then you’ll love Meghan Truman and the quirky characters in Sandy Bay!

No cliffhanger, swearing or graphic scenes!

Father Brown: The Complete Collection (Feathers Classics)

by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

Contains :
The Innocence of Father Brown
The Wisdom of Father Brown
The Donnington Affair
The Incredulity of Father Brown
The Secret Of Father Brown
The Scandal of Father Brown
The Mask of Midas

8 Frog Street

by Rezaul Khan

8 frog street is an amazing story of Lee Chan, the tycoon of Manila. A giant snake and some oversize frogs belonging to Lee attacked our home; we also bumped into some supernatural entities which are related to Lee.
Lee, a poor immigrant from the Fujian province, China settled in Manila in 1930 when he was only 10 years old. The poor kid thrived and became a Forbes listed global multi-billionaire because of his business savvy, hard-work, and frugality. We discovered that Yu, the spook of Lee’s grandmother also followed him from Fujian and helped him to reach the height which only a few people have ever achieved.
Lee’s first business venture in retail trade was a dramatic success, thanks to his business sense and the support from Yu. At the age of 18, Lee developed a relationship with a girl, but the girl was forced to marry another man. The newlywed bride and groom mysteriously drowned in the swimming pool. The bustling trade and commerce in Manila collapsed after the invasion of the Japanese forces during the second world war.
Lee joined the second world war and bravely fought against Japanese occupation. US army helped Lee to procure business in army logistic department. He repaired his stores damaged by second world war bombings, built department stores in exclusive business districts and emerged as a major real estate developer. The second world war veterans, Colonel Steve of US Army and Lee jointly created Pacific Biotechnology Corporation (PBC). PBC focused on extracting and marketing venoms of snakes and frogs to pharmaceutical companies and producing toxin-based bioweapons.
Lee appeared as the most successful business tycoon with massive investments in department stores, real estates, transport, banking, international trading, hotels, tourist resorts, biotechnology, and manufacturing. Yu, the paranormal entity helped Lee to face the business challenges and competition from rival enterprises.
Despite thriving in business, the personal life of Lee went through significant ups and downs. He children were not interested in business, but his grandkids showed a tremendous business sense. After the death of his first wife, he made an illicit relation with Isabel, one of his staff and fathered an illegitimate son. Lee remarried Lyn a dashing lady at the age of 70, she was young and ambitious. Lee tolerated her greed, but she made an illicit relation with Jeff, the son of his business rival which tarnished the image of his family.
Lee tackled the conspiracy against the PBC and his business empire, and in the process eliminated some of his opponents including his family members. Isabel killed Lyn and Jeff with the toxin produced by PBC. Yu covered up some of the murders including Lee’s son and Lyn. In the end, Yu, the paranormal entity preferred Lee to die and his grandchildren to lead the business empire in the new millennium. Also, the family lineage was essential, and spooks always loved their great-great-grandkids more than their grandchildren. Love flows downward in lineage.

The Darkest Lies: A Gripping Detective Crime Mystery (The DI Hogarth Darkest Series Book 1)

by Solomon Carter


No one saw the killer strike, but a young man was seen leaving the club moments before the attack. The young man has no clear motive but Hogarth can’t let go of his suspicions. He decides to track down the youthâ?¦Â and discovers the motive for murder is far older, and far darker than he imagined.

A dead man reappears as the darkest lies of two generations are exposed. One cop takes justice into her hands but another may pay the ultimate price.

In a truly thrilling conclusion, DI Hogarth and his team race against time to stop a killer who watches their every move. And all whlle, DI Hogarth’s secret threatens to explode.

Secret Affairs. Betrayal. Murder. And The Darkest Liesâ?¦

Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Ruth Rendell, Helen Durrant, Joy Ellis and LJ Ross. If you love to read gripping detective thrillers with flawed characters and police procedurals with shocking twists and a noir flavour, then the DI Hogarth Darkest series is for you.

Readers have described the Darkest series as pefect for fans of British crime thrillers, Female detective novels, British crime mysteries, Police Procedurals, Heist thrillers and Noir Thrillers..

The Setting:

Southend-on-sea, Just over an hour from London. A tough and densely packed suburban town sandwiched between the sparkling Thames Estuary and a semi-rural hinterland of fields and marshes. A place where wealth and glamour sit cheek-by-jowl with addiction, poverty and crime. When he transferred to the Essex coast, ex-Met Detective Joe Hogarth might have imagined he was signing up for sun, sea and semi-retirement. But the merry hell of Southend might just have him beat. It’s a good thing this DI doesn’t know when to quitâ?¦












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