Free parenting and families Kindle books for 18 Sep 18

Shhhh, It’s Sleeping time

by Michele Ben-David

Shhhh, It’s sleeping time is wonderful for parents to read their little toddlers before going to bed. It makes a great bonding time between parents and their little ones and helps to get children into a sleeping mode. The book is about a little squirrel that doesn’t want to fall asleep and how her mother uses the motif of the soothing sound shhhhhh is help her until she eventually falls asleep.

Letters to Owen.

by Jeffrey Szyarto

As a father I have sent at least 1 email a day to my son since learning he’d be joining us over 2 years ago. I revisit some of these emails and reflect on what I wrote and why.

Dear Black Couple: A story of Lies, Betrayal, and Secrets

by Laron Washinton Zipporah McDougall

This book is a peak into some of the struggles of being a relationship.

Free Flowing Family: A journey of unschooling through awakening and healing.

by Leisa Coleman

“Children don’t need a map, they have their own. What they need is to know they can be trusted with their map.” – Leisa Coleman.

What if we are not here to teach our children? What if our children are here to teach us and
wake us up to reality, and the freedom we were born with? This is a spiritual journey with a twist. It’s not
one separate to parenting; it’s one THROUGH it! Every problem, every struggle turned into a gift ~pointing me right back to myself, and the nature of childhood.

Unschooling is way of life, where not only my children are free to learn at their own pace, but free to live at their own pace. No longer governed by limits, rules, and the expectations of society, we are free to get on with following our passions and being who we really are. It is here we truly blossom. It is the place where family life flows.

Science Of Speech (Full Version) (Gujarati Edition)

by Dada Bhagwan

Those seeking to lead a spiritual life may naturally become inspired to live in peace and non violence. To learn spiritual practices to develop these values, one may turn to spiritual teachers, to different types of religion, or to different types of yoga.

But beginning to cultivate spiritual awareness is not always as simple as it seems – especially in family relationships, in unhealthy relationships, or while dealing with difficult people. Daily interactions such as these may feel like the very definition of conflict!

In the book “Science Of Speech”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers key understanding about non violent communication, along with conflict resolution skills and conflict management strategies. His spiritual teaching on how to resolve conflict – or to avoid it altogether – is offered in the context of common and everyday relationship challenges.

Among the myriad of spiritual books available today, “Science Of Speech” is a unique resource. Whether wondering how to become more spiritual, or simply how to deal with negative people and difficult people, this book will prove invaluable.


by Anton Lever

The world believes that you can leave your covenant spouse when you feel that things are not going the way you thought it would. That your marriage partner is disposable or can be replaced. That you can start over with a new life and a new “spouse”. God is the author of marriage and family and nowhere in the Word does He ever give consent for divorce. God’s Word had never and will never change. Matthew 19:6 “Consequently, they are no longer two but one flesh. What God has joined together let no man separate”. Don’t lose heart because the system of this world says you are no longer married, it has no authority over your marriage, only God does. He has the last say. If He has asked you to stand for the restoration of your marriage, then the only option you have as a Christian, is to obey. This book gives encouragement to those who thought they were alone in this battle for their families. God is with you and if God is for you, who can be against you. All it takes is faith and perseverance. Know who your God is in your marriage, know His will for your marriage and you’ll see your miracle happen before your eyes. Your strength and faith will help others in the same situation. Never give up.

How She Did It: A Sonâ??s Confession

by Patrick Steven Maunda

In writing this book, I sacrificed all the other considerations to plainness and simplicity of style so that all might understand and relate to. The plan of action laid down herein was deduced from the conclusions of an amazing single mother and my own as a son; it’s been applied and proven to work. I AM THE RESULT. If you wish to reap the same fruits or even better fruits, this book is an actual practice, read it and do exactly as it guides you to or else use it as a template for building your own methodology. Use it as a reference to correct all the flaws in your present methodology and be a better parent. Don’t let the shortness of this book toggle with your faith in search of a practical reason for how to be a good parent. Don’t wait to go through the painful experiences from which the conclusions of this book were drawn.

AI Kills Teens Using Evil Suicide Rumination: Artificial Intelligence Suicidal for Young Information Technology Abusers

by Dave Masko

AI Kills Teens Using Evil Suicide Rumination, by Dave Masko. Information Technology (IT) is forces all users to receive artificial intelligence (AI) chips in their right hands or on their foreheads so these young tech fans cannot buy or sell unless they “had the mark of the Silicon Valley tech beast.” The result of taking tech’s number “666” is often AI-induced tech related teen suicide. During a seaside memorial service for 19-year-old tech fan Jerry, his mother read “The Saddest Lines” by Pablo Neruda in the wake of this college freshman’s recent suicide here in Oregon’s Lane County where five other young people between the ages of 11 and 24 have taken their own lives thus far in 2018; while local mental health professionals link each of these young victims to “overuse of technology” in one form or another. Lane County Public Health officials point to this teen suicide epidemic going on in America not going away, but intensified by social media platforms that dehumanize young tech users in a very evil artificial intelligence way. Jerry’s mother shares how: “Tonight I can write the saddest linesâ?¦ The night is shattered, and the blue stars shiver in the distance. The night wind revolves in the sky and sings. Tonight I can write the saddest lines. That my son Jerry loved me, and sometimes he loved me too.” This special “new journalism” report offers various essays as a thesis or argument that all-powerful Orwellian “Big Brother” artificial intelligence (AI) might is behind today’s teen suicide epidemic in America where a fully wired teen girl or boy is either trying or actually committing suicide each and every 10 minutes because that AI bug deep in their minds is urging on “the night.”

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