Free philosophy Kindle books for 18 Sep 18

Stoicism: Stoic Philosophy Made Easy

by Mark P. Smith

This book gives you a quick and easy introduction to Stoicism. It starts off with a brief history of Stoicism and the philosophers who were driving forces behind this line of thought. It also discusses principles as well as the methods you can use to get started on your path to Stoicism.

Here is the chapter by chapter breakdown:

Chapter 1: Stoicism Defined

Chapter 2: How Can You Benefit From Practicing Stoicism?

Chapter 3: Freedom Of Will

Chapter 4: Understanding Emotions

Chapter 5: Calmness In The Face Of Adversity

Chapter 6: Seeing The Glass Half Full

Chapter 7: Techniques For Using Stoicism In Daily Life

If you are genuinely curious about principles and philosophy of stoicism, grab this book, today!

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