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Elvis And The Beatles: Love and Rivalry Between the Two Biggest Acts of the 20th Century

by Trina Young

The King of Rock and Roll and The Fab Four Behind the Scenes!

ELVIS AND THE BEATLES takes a fascinating look back at the year-to-year evolution of the careers of both The King of Rock and Roll and The Fab Four simultaneously while debunking false stereotypes.

The book uncovers how surprisingly similar the careers of Elvis and The Beatles were, and the multitude of ways that their personal and professional lives intersected. The book also examines the complex relationship between the two biggest musical acts and their managers. Much more went on behind the scenes than most people realize.

Fascinating revelations include:

Why The Beatles loved Colonel Parker

The truth about the jam session between Elvis and The Beatles

Why The Beatles were banned in Memphis

Elvis vs. The Beatles: Who dissed who first?

The friendship between Brian Epstein and Colonel Parker

How The Beatles almost recorded in Memphis

Which Beatle wanted to be Elvis’ producer

Why The Beatles did not understand Elvis Presley’s musical passions

How Colonel Parker helped The Beatles

Why Elvis was not on the Sgt. Pepper cover

Muhammad Ali’s link to both

The secret reporter present when Elvis met The Beatles

Which Beatle was Presley’s favorite

How Elvis inspired Sgt. Pepper

Singer Sophie Tucker’s connection to both

Presley’s spiritual quest started before The Beatles

Why Elvis got more to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show

Which Beatles songs Elvis sang

How The Beatles inspired Elvis

Who was bigger: Elvis or The Beatles?

(The book includes an 8-page photo section.)

By comparing and contrasting the parallel lives, careers and tragedies of Elvis Presley and The Beatles, this book explores like never before the surprising relationship between the two biggest superstars of the last century.

How to Draw Flowers Step-by-Step: Easy Drawing Lessons for Kids to Learn to Draw Flowers

by Roy Lichter

So, why learn to draw? Drawing is arguably as important and essential a skill as learning literacy and mathematics. When a child learns to draw, they are encouraged to do two things. The first is to look at the world around them – they begin to understand the connections between color and shape, form and perspective, dimensions and relations.

The second is to look within themselves. Once a child learns how to draw, they are able to express themselves in a unique and fascinating way. Every individual has a very different imagination and a particular creative process, even from a young age – however they need a way to vent this imagination and creativity. Learning to draw is the perfect way to do this.

Moreover, the better your child becomes at a skill like drawing, the more easily they will be able to express themselves. That is why this book is the perfect guide to the techniques needed in the earliest stages of drawing. Not only will it teach them the basics but more importantly they will have fun whilst they are learning.

In no time at all you are sure to see your child’s ability go from strength to strength, which will be an incredibly rewarding process for them but also for you!

Chord Progressions: Guitar Fretboard View

by Nikolay Rantsev

How to play Chord progressions without jumping across the fretboard? Where are second-degree chords in Em? Where is G chord first-degree bass note of the 5th string?
And many similar questions when you begin learning the fretboard. This book is for the guitarists, songwriters, and instructors to help with the chord progressions visualization on the fretboard.
Each table: Chord Shape->Progression Degree->Fretboard position.

In addition, there is the interesting table view of Minor and Major chords belong to the degree of tonalities.

Detailed contents:
Chords in A natural minor scale (Am)
Chords in E natural minor scale (Em)
Chords in D natural minor scale (Dm)
Chords in G natural minor scale (Gm)
Chords in B natural minor scale (Bm)
Chords in F natural minor scale (Fm)
Chords in C natural minor scale (Cm)

Chords in C major scale (C)
Chords in F major scale (F)
Chords in G major scale (G)
Chords in D major scale (D)
Chords in A major scale (A)
Chords in E major scale (E)
Chords in B major scale (B)

All Chords in Minor and Major Progressions

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Ink Minx (Q-File P.I. Series Book 2)

by Carolina Mac

When Quantrall Investigations is hired to find Kent Lessard, a well respected Austin attorney, Jesse battles a vicious adversary. With his personal life in a shambles, he puts heartache aside and risks his life to find justice for his client.

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