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Enemies Amongst Us

by Dexter Isaac

Autobiography, true crime stories

Sinclair: The World’s End Murders Through the Eyes of a Killer (True Crime)

by Ryan Green

A spine-tingling account of the man behind the World’s End murders

On 15th October 1977, Christine Eadie and Helen Scott left the World’s End pub after a fun-filled night with two men in their arms. They had their whole lives ahead of them. They had nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.

Their naked bodies were discovered the following day. They were found six miles apart from each other. No attempt had been made to conceal their bodies, and both girls had been beaten, gagged, tied, raped and strangled.

The case attracted widespread media attention and despite the Police’s best efforts, they were unable to identify a culprit. Within the next six months, the investigation was scaled down. The World’s End killers were still at large. Free to continue terrorising the streets of Scotland.

Thanks to the advances in DNA profiling, investigators were able to link the murders of Christine Eadie and Helen Scott to an Angus Sinclair, who was known to the Police.

Sinclair had pleaded guilty to culpable homicide of an eight-year-old girl when he was just sixteen and was serving a life sentence for the murder of another seventeen-year-old girl. It is not known how many victims suffered at the hands of Sinclair. He is thought to have killed at least another four women but it could have been twice that amount.

Bestselling author Ryan Green assumes the role of Angus Sinclair and attempts to fill in the blanks on one of Scotland’s most notorious serial killers. Sinclair is a shocking true story about lust, manipulation, dominance and extreme violence.

CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of sexual abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further.

GOD is HERE: Finding God in the Pain of a Broken World

by John W. Nichols

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Our world can be cruelâ??we experience a mixture of health and sickness, hope and fear, peace and discord, wealth and poverty, love and hate. In the aftermath of tragedy, people ask, “If God is good and cares for me, why does He allow suffering? Where is justice for evil? Where is healing for my loved ones? When I’m hurting, where is God?

In GOD is HERE, John W. Nichols shares how he hated God because of His apparent absence. But when John was at the peak of his anger, God spoke to him in an undeniable way. The author weaves in the story of God revealing His love with a Biblical explanation of the trials we face, while inviting us to break down any walls we’ve put between us and Jesus, so we can return to Him the love He first showed us.

What GOD is HERE is About:

  • Why do we experience suffering?
  • Does God send sickness, natural disasters, and war to teach us?
  • Can we trust God after tragedy occurs?
  • Is there more to life than what we see?
  • Are we influenced by spiritual forces?
  • Can we interact with God?
  • How does God care for us?
  • Does God have a good plan for our lives?
  • Can we make a difference in this world?
  • And so much more…

Book Sample:

Introductionâ??Paradise Lost

IMAGINE A PERFECT WORLD. Where the evils of crime, hate, and envy are inconceivableâ??in fact, completely alien. There’s no pain, sickness, disease, or disability. No stinging bugs, venomous, or bloodthirsty animals. There aren’t even earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, or tornadoes.

In this imagined utopia, motives are genuine. No one has thoughts they can’t tell others. We have no misunderstandings and don’t need to pretend. Our best foot is always forward because both our feet are perfect. There’s constant pleasure. People smile and laugh, freely and unashamedly. Joy overflows each person’s heart. Everyone is known and loved. Peace covers the land…

Whether we recognize it or not, this is what each of our hearts cries for. Why don’t we have it?

What We’ve Had As Long As We Can Remember

When we look at the real world, we see a blurred image of the perfect, tainted with all the opposite characteristics. In the best of times, imperfection lingers and calamity waits at the door. In the darkest times, we cling to the hope that disaster can only last so long.

Even attempting to lead a life of joy and selflessness is draining. Each heart instinctively knows our many anxieties are an injustice. But despite every effort, we suffer.

Faithful friends are rare. Community threatens to shun. We long to be known and accepted, even as we put up walls. Our goodness, we fear, is surely nullified by the hate, impatience, lust, and envy hidden within.

We have impure motives, dirty politics, depression, illness, betrayal, starvation, deformity, natural disasters, perversion, rage, chaos, war, and deathâ??among many other problems. These are the atrocities our hearts cannot understand, the horrors every person desperately wants to escape but has no idea how…

… In this book, I’ll share the story of God breaking down my wrong ideas and how He helped me see another perspective. I’ll talk about the darkness in us and the world, as well as the Light, and how you can know God’s goodness despite the struggles you’re facing. My hope is you’ll walk away with a peace that defies understanding.

You’ve had different experiences than mine, but I believe you’re not reading this by accident; and God wants to help you in a similar way as He has me. He wants you to know: He’s always been with you, desperately wanting to help, and never holding back His love…

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White Shirt – Why is society arresting and convicting the harmless?

by Crystal Washington

Two people give true accounts of growing up in the streets of St. Louis and being distracted by a very dangerous environment. Against unbelievable odds and their faith in God, both were able to find peace in unimaginable confusion.

The Disappearance of Morgan Nick: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Kristin Samantha Morton

An anthology of missing persons headlined by the sad disappearance of Morgan Nick…
Excitement filled the air in Alma, Arkansas on the night of June 9, 1995. A crowd of nearly three hundred surrounded the baseball pitch to watch a little league game on a warm summer night. Cheering could be heard echoing around the town, reaching far from the stadium. In what appeared to be a perfect summer’s evening, spirits were high, with adults chatting jovially and children playing together, making new friends. But for one mother, the midsummer evening would become a living nightmare in an incident she would describe in an interview for Fox News as “pure childhood innocence and such evil that met in [the] same moment.” Her six-year-old daughter disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

The Love Triangle Murderer: A Collection of True Crime

by Anna Benjamin

An anthology of True Crime where women behave badly in and out of the bedroom… Some female killers simply don’t want to get their hands dirty and to the deed themselves. Instead, they ask someone else to murder for them. It might seem impossible, but these things truly do happen more often than we think. These women would either hire a person who is not personally involved or a lover who can be easily manipulated to help. The motivation can be self-preservation, especially if a woman is in an abusive marriage and wants to run away. But some women do kill for financial gain. This is exactly what happened to Andie Gasper who was caught in a deadly love triangle. His wife Cheryl had a long-term affair with Randall Knight who was madly in love with her. She manipulated him with her lies in order for him to kill her husband so they could collect his life insurance money.
The case shook the small town of Yorkshire to the core because the residents were not used to this level of violence. Andie was shot and murdered in a very public place, and even though the investigators did identify the killer almost right away, Randall managed to slip through the fingers of justice. The Gasper family was losing hope once the case turned cold. But the investigators were resilient and determined to find new leads that would prove that Cheryl Gasper was behind everything. They worked day and night for years to see what went wrong in the first trial and make Randall speak to them openly about the incident. And sixteen years later, they finally uncovered the truth.

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