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Elevate Your 8: 21 Days to Prosperous Time Management

by Kris McPeak

Productivity and Time Management success come down to basic simple mathematics. There are 24 workable hours in every day. Work 8 hours. Sleep 8 hours. What’s left? 8 Hours. How do you be more productive and manage your time? You elevate your 8.

Yes, it’s true: we still have 24 workable hours every day. We need to use them accordingly, or we are going to impede our ability to enjoy our time. Time is seriously one of our most precious commodities. Someday you might get more money at work, earn more vacation time, or win lottery. But none of us will figure out how to squeeze 25 hours into a day.

Time Management is neither a skill nor a strength. It’s a process. Our issues with time management vary according to our life patterns. One week we might be killing it at work and finishing project after project; and the next week we can’t sleep, can’t focus, can’t finish anything. It ebbs and flows. It is impacted by our life events, our health, our family and friends, our jobs, our hobbies. Sometimes it feels as if it’s completely out of control, and sometimes it feels as though we’ve mastered the monster.

When you finish reading this book, you are going to rethink your attitude towards time and the specific resource it is. You are going to identify the most important things you want to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis. And you are going to come up with a plan to completely kick ass and take names with those 72 hours you’ll have to hang around.

Be Your Own Boss as an Independent Author: A guide for beginnersâ??â??how to start your Kindle book business and make money on Amazon

by Ann Omasta

Do you want to write a book? Have you written a book, but aren’t sure what to do next? Would you like to sell your book to readers on Amazon (the largest online bookseller in the world)?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this guidebook will unlock hot tip secrets, reveal common pitfalls, and lead you on your path to success.

We live in unprecedented times with incredible opportunities for writers–anyone can write a book and post it for sale on Amazon. Easy-peasy, right? It can be… with the right help.

This book will guide you through the process of making your precious book baby available for sale to the world via Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. Once your book is published, the marketing fun begins.

In this book, you’ll benefit from the author’s 5+ years of experience in this business, during which she has published over 20 books, hit the USA Today bestseller list multiple times, and made nearly every mistake imaginable. She openly shares exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) in order to thrive in the independent author business.

Becoming an indie author is one of the most challenging, rewarding, demanding, life-changing, and fulfilling dreams imaginable. There will likely be mind-boggling highs and devastating lows. Let this book be there to help guide you, answer your questions, and build your confidence along the way. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Your dream awaits… Download this book and jump-start your goal of becoming an indie author right now!

STOP Flushing Your Money Down The Drain

by David A. Thyfault

This book is about “Why You Have To Immediately Revise Your Living Habits IF YOU WANT THE REWARDS OF A DEBT FREE LIFE.
There are so many financial traps that you can fall into that drain any hope that you will take those long vacations you hear others enjoy. This book is a complete guide to rescue the money you have been flushing down the sewer and put it to work for you.

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