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Before Par-Zen-Pak

by Eric Andersen

Mardell, an all-powerful magician, ventures on a quest to save his world from a beast born of hate.
(15 page adventure)

The Path of Flames (Chronicles of the Black Gate Book 1)

by Phil Tucker

The first book in the new epic fantasy series readers are comparing to David Gemmell and Raymond E. Feist.

r/Fantasy 2016 Stabby Award Finalist
2016 #SPFBO Finalist
2016 Indie Spotlight –

A war fueled by the dark powers of forbidden sorcery is about to engulf the Ascendant Empire. Agerastian heretics, armed with black fire and fueled by bitter hatred, seek to sever the ancient portals that unite the empire – and in so doing destroy it.

Asho–a squire with a reviled past–sees his liege, the Lady Kyferin, and her meager forces banished to an infamous ruin. Beset by tragedy and betrayal, demons and an approaching army, the fate of the Kyferins hangs by the slenderest of threads. Asho realizes that their sole hope of survival may lie hidden within the depths of his scarred soul–a secret that could reverse their fortunes and reveal the truth behind the war that wracks their empire.

Unpredictable, fast paced, and packed with unforgettable characters, The Path of Flames is the first installment in a gripping new epic fantasy series. Grab your copy today!

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Azure (The Silver Series Book 5)

by Cheree Alsop

“I really enjoyed this book because it was so different. Vance has a complex relationship with the wolves he lives with and everything shifts once he meets and stands up for Nora. I instantly enjoyed watching the interaction between Vance and Nora. They don’t always agree/ get along and sparks fly. I found them so real. I could see myself doing and saying some of the same things Nora did. . .this is an amazing read!” Tiffany, Tifferz Book Review- Book Blogger

Azure, the fifth book of the Silver Series, is about an alpha werewolf who rescues a human from the vengeful grasp of his pack. Nora is the only person who is not afraid of Vance’s size or strength, and in return she gains his respect. When Vance is pushed to the edge of survival, his heart is torn between loving Nora and a werewolf who befriends him with the kindness that is greatly lacking in his life.

Azure is a story of strength beyond the endurance of the body. In a world turned upside down by violence, the choice between what the heart wants and the safest solution can be the most important decision of all.

Destiny’s Song (The Fixers of KarmaCorp Book 1)

by Audrey Faye

Meet the Fixers of KarmaCorp. Their Talents – song, dance, potions, and whatever it is that shamans do. Their job – keep the galaxy in one piece.

“Imaginative new world with great characters.”
“This is exactly the kind of optimistic, magical story that I needed to read.”
“You read the first sentence, and you may as well forget about doing anything else.”
Natalie, Ej, and Ivania D Spezia, Amazon reviewers

Lakisha Drinkwater started life as a digger chick from a miner rock. Fifteen years later, she’s the best Singer in the quadrant. Which means the last thing she was expecting is her latest assignment. But the StarReaders have spoken, and Fixers do what they’re told.


“It reminded me of Anne McCaffrey’s books.” T. Daigle, Amazon reviewer

“If you like books that put more light into the world, if you like books that help take you away from the darkness and negativity that seem to be taking up more space on our planet, then do yourself a favor and get this book.” J. Faison, Amazon reviewer

“I would like, please, dozens more stories like this – space and grand destinies and grace notes; work and friends and self tangling.” Sarah Brown, Amazon reviewer

House of Enchanted: The Revelations of Oriceran (Soul Stone Mage Book 1)

by Sarah Noffke

The Kingdom of Virgo has lived in peace for thousands of yearsâ?¦until now.

The humans from Terran have always been real assholes to the witches of Virgo. Now a silent war is brewing, and the timing couldn’t be worse. Princess Azure will soon be crowned queen of the Kingdom of Virgo.

In the Dark Forest a powerful potion-maker has been murdered.

Charmsgood was the only wizard who could stop a deadly virus plaguing Virgo. He also knew about the devastation the people from Terran had done to the forest.

Azure must protect her people. Mend the Dark Forest. Create alliances with savage beasts. No biggie, right?

But on coronation day everything changes. Princess Azure isn’t who she thought she was and that’s a big freaking problem.

Welcome to The Revelations of Oriceran.

A magical world tied to Earth, and nothing like it.

Ghost Detective (A Myron Vale Investigation Book 1)

by Scott William Carter

Everybody dies. Nobody leaves . . . Award-winning author Scott William Carter returns with his tenth novel, a spellbinding tale of a man who bridges both sides of the great divide.

After narrowly surviving a near-fatal shooting, Portland detective Myron Vale wakes with a bullet still lodged in his brain, a headache to end all headaches, and a terrible side effect that radically transforms his world for the worse: He sees ghosts. Lots of them.

By some estimates, a hundred billion people have lived and died before anyone alive today was even born. For Myron, they’re all still here. That’s not even his biggest problem. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t tell the living from the dead.

Despite this, Myron manages to piece together something of a life as a private investigator specializing in helping people on both sides of the great divideâ??until a stunning blonde beauty walks into his office needing help finding her husband. Myron wants no part of the case until he sees the man’s picture … and instantly his carefully reconstructed life begins to unravel.

“Carter’s writing is on target.” – Publishers Weekly

“The Sixth Sense meets Spenser For Hire in Scott William Carter’s magnificent Ghost Detective.” – Michael J. Totten, author of Taken

“Scott is one of those rare writers who can and does cross genres, and do it well. You never know what kind of story you’ll get from him, but you do know that it’ll be good.” – Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Hugo award-winning author of The Disappeared

From the author of The Gray and Guilty Sea and Wooden Bones, comes this riveting novel of a man cursed with a terrible gift. In a world where everybody dies but nobody leaves, Myron Vale is the rare individual who completely straddles both sides of the great divide. His strange ability resulting from a gunshot to the head while serving as a Portland police officer, a few years later he recovers to forge a new life as private investigator catering to both the living and the dead. With its memorable characters, taut prose, and spellbinding story, Scott William Carter’s Ghost Detective will haunt you long after you finish the final pages â?? a promising launch to what will hopefully be a long-running series.â??FRP

Hero: A LitRPG Novel (Tower of Gates Book 3)

by Paul Bellow

Tougher Mobs. Deeper Dungeons. Better Loot.

Eric and Sarah venture into Level One-Two of the Tower of Gates, determined to escape. While trying to unravel the secrets behind the disappearance of the dwarves, they run into even bigger mysteries.

Can they defeat the black dragon and clear the zone? Or will they succumb to all the dark forces working against them? Hero is the third book in the Tower of Gates LitRPG Series.

If Souls Can Sleep (The Soul Sleep Cycle Book 1)

by David Michael Williams

First he lost his daughter. His mind may be next.

After years of being haunted by the day his little girl drowned, Vincent faces a new nightmare â?? one that reaches into the real world and beyond the grave.

If Souls Can Sleep introduces a hidden world where gifted individuals possess the power to invade the dreams of others. Two rival factions have transformed the dreamscape into a war zone where all reality is relative and even the dead can’t rest in peace.

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