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Beaver Coats and Guns: The Adventures of Radisson and Des Groseilliers

by Richard Lapointe

Near legendary Hudson Bay, undreamed of beaver pelt riches beckon. To reach them, two fur traders must overcome hostile Iroquois, dangerous rivers, corrupt governors, and scheming priests.

The year is 1652, and the French of New France are at war with the Iroquois Confederacy. In a raid on a small St. Lawrence River settlement, Mohawk raiders capture sixteen-year-old Pierre Radisson and take him to their village near present-day Albany, New York.

There, he is adopted and trained as a warrior. But a year later â?? afraid for his life â?? he escapes and returns to New France.

During a pause in the war, Pierre takes part in a doomed mission to convert the Iroquois. Following another harrowing escape, he sets out on the greatest adventure of his life.

Combating Iroquois along the way, Pierre and his brother-in-law, Médard Chouart, Sieur Des Groseilliers, with their Algonquin partners, embark in canoes for Lake Superior. There they will meet the peace-loving Cree, who hold the key to the beaver pelt treasure they seek.

Beaver Coats and Guns is a novel inspired by the real-life adventures of Radisson and Des Groseilliers. Follow them into the northern wilderness on their incredible quest for beaver pelts. Meet Native North Americans when they were independent and vital to the fur trade. Discover, too, how their endeavors led to the founding of the renowned Hudson’s Bay Company.

The Spy, The Renegade, The Rogue

by Robert de Casares

Welcome to the wilderness of mirrors! This Cold War espionage thriller, teeming with betrayal, duplicity, duty, love and spy craft, is based on a true story. It is realistic; but reality sometimes goes beyond the wildest fantasies…
With the world order changing rapidly in the late 1980s, the KGB plants a double agent at the heart of British Intelligence. The West is spared by the collapse, in 1991, of the mighty Soviet Union. Abandoned by his homeland the agent is forced to stay on, executing treacherous missions on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
What never leaves him, however, is his desire for revenge on the KGB bosses who betrayed him. Nor have they forgotten him or the potentially lethal secrets he knows. The spy becomes the hunted.
The action takes you from Moscow to London to Manila and Istanbul; all in a dramatic political setting.
This book is for those interested in world affairs, modern history, espionage, politics, psychology and philosophy.

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