Free humour Kindle books for 19 Sep 18

IMPROBABLES: a satire about very large numbers (The History Department Book 0)

by Steve M

The Final War is here.
If weapons technology advances faster than empathy there is only one destination, an extinction event. Can we survive RESET?

The end of the universe will not be an accident.
It wasn’t last time either.

Elaine McGee is a science teacher going through tough times. Then the spaceship arrived. Welcome to the Final War, Earthling. Can she stop RESET?

Chiro rules eighty percent of the universe. He’s ruthless, crafty, and a slaver. Eighty percent is not enough for him. Can he finally crush the rebel areas of the outer spiral arms?

Math Professor Lawrence Chu may have solved an unsolvable problem. If true, the rebels may have a formidable new weapon. And it all started with an argument about a kiss.

Before the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath there was the Math Department and the Numeracy Committee. Find out how it all started with this prequel.
No experience necessary.

Discover IMPROBABLES now before your planet self-destructs.
(currently a 63.82% probability).

Words your mother won’t like? Definitely.
Imaginary Sex? Of course.
Satirical Viewpoints? Overwhelmingly.

This book description conforms to the exception made for FACTION (Facts Told as Fiction) in accordance with Section 183.17 of the Charter of the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath, the largest repository of knowledge and learning in the universe.

Fatherhood: Dispatches From the Early Years

by Andrew B Knott

When you are a dad, parenting can really sneak up on you. But when you are a stay-at-home, down in the trenches dad, you have no choice but to get up to speed pretty quickly. Even if you feel totally unprepared, it is sink or swim right from day one.

In his first five years of fatherhood, Andrew Knott has learned a lot about parenting. Or more specifically, he has learned a lot about his kids and himself. Now, in Fatherhood: Dispatches From the Early Years, he reports back from the frontlines. In this collection of essays, stories, and miscellany, Andrew explores the lighter (and occasionally heavier) side of parenting small children. He chronicles the ups and downs, the frustrations and triumphs, the heartbreak and joy. Every step of the way, he searches for and highlights the messy, poignant, and absurd.

Come have a glimpse inside the mind of a quiet, complicated, and always thoughtful dad just trying to get by. A great read for new or soon-to-be parents looking for relatable stories rather than tired advice.

Becoming Harvey Specter: Get the Job, Style, Knowledge and Lifestyle, and Live Life Like Harvey Specter

by Lee Burr

You’ve watched the hit TV shows Suits, and part of you has always secretly fancied yourself as a Harvey Specter. Well this book breaks down the character of Harvey Specter, before piecing it back together with actionable advice you can use today!

What the F*ck Just Happened?: Stories From the Supermarket

by Blake Cooper

Some of the most bizarre things happen at the local supermarket. Whether you work at one or shop at one, many of us have crazy tales to tell. From whores throwing patio furniture to seeing things that can’t be unseen, dig in for stories that will make you shake your head, stare in disbelief, leave you in shock and make you say “What the F*ck Just Happened?”

444 Questions for the Universe: The Book for Every Coffee Table in the World (Coffee Table Philosophy 5)

by J Neill

Having a few friends over?
Throwing a party?
In need of a little something to ignite a conversation?
444 Questions for the Universe is the ultimate ice-breaker. Put it on your coffee table, invite a few friends over, and watch the night’s discussions catch fire. Meant as a party book, quiz book, and philosophy book rolled all into one, 444 Questions will guide you through hours of energetic, intelligent, and FUN conversations. Once you ask one Question, you’ll want to answer them ALL…
Includes the first four books in the Coffee Table Philosophy series:
101 Questions for Humanity, 101 Questions for Men, 101 Questions for Women, 101 Questions for Midnight, AND 40 bonus Questions for Beyond.
Topics range from direct and mild to dark, daring, and sexy…

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