Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 19 Sep 18

What do you see from A to Z?: Africa

by Floyd Payne IV

“What do you see from A to Z?” is a children’s book that focuses on early learners learning the alphabet through photographs taken around the world.

The Legacy of Small Things

by Anil John

The Legacy of Small Things is a delightful story supporting the notion of finding beauty in all aspects of life.
The author follows a young boy, who slowly transforms the lives of those around him, as he teaches them to embrace the smaller things in life.
This is the story of a young boy raised to see the good in everything, yet as the story unfolds he encounters injustice, poverty, sadness, dashed hopes and many other things that mar the natural beauty of God’s creation.
The book presents an encouraging tale to look beyond the horizon and not allow the world to dictate one’s action.

Easy Conversational Spanish for Kids: Spanish-English Bilingual (with phonetics )

by Santiago Martinez

Easy Conversational Spanish for Kids

Spanish-English Bilingual(with phonetics)

“Along with the gift of a new language undeniably comes a bright future, the most wonderful outcome you could possibly offer the little onesâ?¦

The undeniable benefits of a second language are too many to be enlisted in such short space. All proven scientifically, these benefits represent one of the best gifts you could offer your little loved ones.
In Easy Conversational Spanish for Kids Scott makes a new friend, Milo, an ingenious space explorer, and discovers what a wonderful life it is on Mars. Join Scott while he finds out how martians eat at restaurants, what sports they like to play and what they use at school, all while learning Spanish at the same time.

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