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Single Parenting Doesn’t Have to be Hard: How to Raise Kids Alone Without Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Depression.

by Renee Millares

Single Parenting Doesn’t Have to be Hard!

I know it feels like it’s always hard. Raising children can feel rewarding, but it seems to be the toughest job of all.

Raising kids can be challenging under any circumstances. However, raising kids alone can be even more difficult. This book will show you it doesn’t have to feel that way.

  • This book is for single parents who are having difficulties with the day to day grind of raising children alone.
  • This is for those single moms or dads who wants to stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed.
  • This is for those who is tired of hearing that single parenting is hard.

Inside this book, you will find the single habit I developed that helped me feel that being a single mom is actually not that hard.

Don’t wait.

Read this book and become that single parent whose days are always filled with nothing but joy and ease.

101 Questions for Single Parents: Modern Dilemmas for Solo Moms & Dads

by J Edward Neill

This book is for you if…

…you’re a sleep-deprived single mom who can name at least 50 Pokémon but can’t keep your kids’ names straight or remember where you parked your car at the grocery store.

…you’re a single father who sits in a morning work meeting, waiting to give a monthly report presentation, when suddenly you realize you forgot to remove the polish your daughter had applied to your finger nails (and half your hand) the night before.

…youâ??re the grandparent who can’t retire because you’re raising your young grandson alone. After an eight-hour work day, your nights are filled with homework, constructing cities out of Legos, and answer 2AM calls to chase monsters out from under the bed.

…you are, know, love, or want to get to know a single parent. Here are 101 ways to dig deep into the challenges and the joys of single parenting. The following questions are sometimes fun, sometimes thought-provoking, and always enlightening.

From Coffee Table Philosophy creator J Edward Neill and parenting goddess H.R. Reiter.

He Was My Addiction: Revisited

by K. Hillery

Kay Hillery revisits the moment she met Gary Simons on a bus. It was something about his eyes that mesmerized her. She details her experience with their chance encounter, which escalated into them moving in together within days of meeting each other.

Unfortunately, the idea of love and the reality of their different views on relationships result in a turbulent union. In the end, Kay is forced to make a stand for herself, her children, and her life.



In this book on parenting, I have tried to cover a spectrum of great parenting elements and an array of great parenting methods, which will give you a great parenthood and consequently a great, magnificent, and wonderful childhood for your child. All parents who are desirous of an exceptionally beautiful and outstanding childhood for your child are invited to immensely benefit from this great book.

Die ehrlichen Glückwünsche (German Edition)

by Bettina Bauch

Bettina Bauch, bekannt durch ihre Bildbände, veröffentlicht in ihrem schriftlichen Werk eine Sammlung erhaltener und selbst formulierter Geburtstagsgrü�e und Glückwünsche.
Vorwort: Eckhard Schmittner

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