Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 19 Sep 18

The Keeper: A Poignant Story of Love and Redemption

by Kay Chandler

Bound to a homeless vagrant by invisible chains, Mandy Gafford longs to be set free from her wretched way of life, though steel shackles would be easier to break. She dreams of ways to escape her miserable existence – but she can’t – because he’s her daddy. He needs her. He said so. And as much as she wishes it wasn’t so, she supposes she needs him, also. As she and her shiftless father ride across Mobile Causeway after a major hurricane, Mandy stares at the gruesome destruction along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Never has she seen so many blue tarps, but it isn’t the tarps that trouble her most. Déjà vu? Maybe. She can’t be sure of anything, anymore.

Holly in Hiding (THE 12 MYSTERIES OF CHRISTMAS Book 6)

by P. Creeden

Bethany has been acting as parental guardian for her younger sister ever since the death of their parents in a car accident. She tries hard to make Christmas a special as she can for her sister. But when her sister meets a man online who wants to meet her over the holiday, Bethany puts her foot down. Her sister shows her rebellious side and disappears. Now former police detective from Boulder is looking for the couple and suspects that the Christmas Killer from Boulder might have set his sights on their small town.


– IN THE NICK OF TIME by Susette Williams

– GABRIEL’S SECRET by Alexa Verde



– JOY IN JEOPARDY by Lynette Sowell

– HOLLY IN HIDING by P. Creeden

– STARR WITNESS by Susette Williams

– NOELLE ON THE RUN by Alexa Verde



– DANGER FOR GLORIA by Lynette Sowell


Stop Anxiety: Stop worring,start living and smile everyday-2 books in 1 (The Ultimate Way to Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks & CBD Oil for Pain and and Anxiety Relief)

by Hazel Josh

Book 1

To a person with an anxiety disorder, their whole world is experienced
through the wide eyes of panic. They are not only fearful of the things that
surround them every day, they are afraid of the fear. This book serves as a
practical tool you can use to not only determine if you have some type of panic
disorder but gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do if you suspect you
Here you will find a wealth of information that will help you to understand
what anxiety really is and show you how you can take steps to heal yourself of
these horrible and debilitating sensations you might have.
Here you will learn:

What is an anxiety and why we have it

A breakdown of the different types of anxiety disorders

What you should do if you suspect you have an anxiety disorder

The role medication plays with these disorders

Non-medical treatment options you might want to consider

Steps you can take to heal yourself and reclaim your life

And much, much, more

If you are dealing with uncontrollable fears that send your life into a
tailspin, then it is time to take charge. Your first step is to download this book
now and stake a claim. It’s time to silence your inner critic and give yourself a
voice. By following the advice and suggestions here, you can tackle it and start a
whole new approach to life that leaves negative fears and anxiety in your wake.

Book 2

There has been a great deal of talk about the healing powers of CBD Oil.
Here, in the pages of this book, you will get a firsthand look at what it’s all about.
CBD, the primary compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant has been
proven to reduce pain, ease anxiety, and manage a host of other medical
This is an all-natural drug that our bodies have been designed to respond
to. However, with all the amazing promises it has to offer, there still is a great
deal of controversy surrounding this amazing plant. Learn the history of it, the
legalities concerning it and everything you need to know to ensure that you get
the right product to enhance your health.
It has only been in the last two decades that science has been able to confirm
that CBD can have a profound effect on your overall health and bring relief to
people who are suffering from all sorts of ailments. In the pages of this book, you
will learn:

A brief history of how CBD Oil has been used through the years

Its scientific make-up and why it works

What are cannabinoids and why you should understand them

The legal issues surrounding CBD

How to choose the right dealer and ensure you get a quality product

How to use CBD Oil for pain relief

How to use it to treat emotional and social disorders

What experts say about CBD Oil and cancer treatment

Even if you have no scientific or legal background, this book is written in
layman’s terms using simple English. For anyone who wants to know more about
this amazing product and how to use it, this book is for you. If that’s you, then it’s
time for you to take the next step in changing your health by downloading this
book right now. So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started

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