Free science fiction Kindle books for 19 Sep 18

Love/Hate (Aspects Book 1)

by L.C. Mawson

Claire had been on her own for so long, the last thing she expected was to fall in love.

Being chosen as the next in a long line of warriors protecting the cities of humanity from the alien monsters from the wastes was also unexpected.

Finding that her new position forbids her from seeing the girl she loves, despite the fact that her new powers are fuelled by those feelings of love? Yeah, that sounds about right…

As the creatures start venturing into the cities to hunt, Claire’s only hope is to find something or someone to love before it’s too late.

LOVE/HATE is the first book in the Aspects YA sci-fi series.

Space Corps: Symbiant (Space Corps Book 2)

by K. D. Mattis

Space Corps’ first manned mission to Mars failed, but it uncovered a revelation that would change the course of historyâ??mankind is not alone in the universe. Faced with the decision to let aliens dictate man’s destiny or push on toward the stars, the world’s most powerful countries come together to form the Earth Defense Initiative. Now it’s up to Admiral Asher and her crew, along with support from Russia and China, to defend the planet.

Through the use of parasites engineered for human physiology, an alien race has been collecting data and has sent a warning: If humans try to leave the Earth, they will be wiped out. Asher believes the answers lie in Lieutenant Robert Harris, an officer whose brain was taken over by a Symbiant. But now Harris has disappeared, and the world is under attack by an unseen assailant. It’s a fight for survival, and Earth has just declared war.

Crystal Rain (Xenowealth Book 1)

by Tobias S. Buckell

A fast-paced future adventure on another world that never lets up…

Legends say that the forefathers of Nanagada fled a far-off star to their new home. They say that the sky once hummed with metal flying machines and palatial floating cities. But then the Azteca came. Created and driven by cruel, inhuman gods they swarmed out of the sky in search of sacrificial blood, and worse. To defeat them and their gods the forefathers burned the sky. The cities and machines fell to the ground, useless.

In the centuries since, Azteca have kept to their side of the mountains in an uneasy truce. But now it has been broken. Driven forward by their gods once again, only one man can stop their bloodthirsty march: John deBrun. His family scattered, John holds the key to an ancient secret deep in memories lost just before he was dragged unconscious from the sea years agoâ?¦

â?¦if he can stay alive long enough to uncover them, he might be able to stop the destruction of Nanagada.

Praise for Crystal Rain:

“Readers … will thoroughly enjoy this fast-moving tale.” Cleveland Plain Dealer

“This sf quest belongs in most libraries.” Library Journal (Starred Review)

“A good old SF adventure story.” Locus Magazine

“Violent, poetic and compulsively readable.” Maclean’s Magazine

“For a thrilling adventure set on a unique world, this book couldn’t be bettered.”

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