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from heroin to CHRIST: a true story

by Elizabeth Moldovan

Elizabeth’s life is penned very simply in this inspiring memoir about her incredible battle, to find a way to live.
Born the year her parents immigrated from Europe, in a large catholic family, she experienced poverty, neglect, rejection and abandonment before the age of eighteen. She had no sense of self and felt invisible most of the time. Her father passed away after battling cancer for eleven years, when she was nineteen years old. It was then that her world took a bad turn, when she fell in love with a drug addict/dealer.
Twenty four years later, after using heroin everyday while trying to raise her five children, circumstances forced her to leave him. Elizabeth and her three year old daughter had only one bag of clothes and a stroller. They were homeless for three months and she attempted suicide.
Without a car, phone, money or friends and in very poor health she was lost and broken and needed help but was too stubborn to reach out, believing her life to be worthless and of no value. She did not attend any detox, meetings, rehabs, counselors or doctors but with only sheer determination and persistence, overcame her dependency on drugs.
Elizabeth began her harrowing journey towards the light of truth and found freedom in Christ alone. She remains clean to this day and is a very private person. She wrote her story only to help people who suffer like she did and need help to find a way to live without drugs.

Aretha Franklin: Paying Respect to the Queen of Soul, Biography, Leaders & Notable People, Rich & Famous, TV, Gospel, Gospel Music, Soul, R and B, Aretha Franklin Book, Singer Biography

by Thomas Elton

Aretha Franklin – Is the international Gospel singer to become famous in the 60’s with her smash hit “Respect” she won many Grammys & a star on the Rock & roll hall of fame. Learn all about Aretha Franklin & her career, plus, how she became the queen of soul.

It’s time to pay respect to The Life of Aretha Franklin

Plus, learn about Aretha Franklin’s life and Aretha’s Best music such as The Great Diva Classics, Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings and The Very Best of Aretha Franklin: The 60’s.

The great soul legend, Aretha Franklin started her life as the talented daughter of a dynamic and easy going Baptist church preacher.

Aretha grew up without her mother and was a gospel star in the making that eventually had two sons in her teen years and then departed from them & her birthplace, Detroit for New York, in which she strived to discover her amazing voice.

It wasn’t until 1967 when she was approached by a Jewish record producer who persuaded her to return back to her Gospel soul foundation, and then she found fame and fortune from her first hit song “Respect” and a fast string of following hits.

Aretha Franklin has developed ever since, although she had many personal tragedies, unexpected Grammy showcases, and career image changes.

However, time after time Aretha somehow discovers a way to come out on top of her troubles, even as continued to flourish.

Aretha’s reign at the top is persistent, and in Aretha Franklin, Paying Respect to the Queen of Soul biography you will find the greatest story of the best ever talents in USA culture.

A Woman Ferocious : The True Story of Denise Frei: A Collection of True Crime

by Larry Dove

An anthology of True Crime
Denise Frei seemed to have a good life, on the surface at least. She ran the popular and successful Bailey’s Lincoln Café in Belle Plaine, near her home in Marengo, Iowa. Her son worked in the family business, and she had a strong and loving relationship with her boyfriend. Indeed, 33-year-old Curtis Bailey, a construction worker, had put his hands into his pockets to fund the restaurant she now ran.
But what we learn from looking at true crime scenarios is that what appears on the surface is rarely the full story. In Frei’s case, it would prove to be hiding a very different existence.
Denise Frei, her son Jacob Hilgendorf and his friend Jessica Dayton are all now serving life in prison, without the possibility of parole, convicted of murdering Curtis Bailey. Although at times the crime descended into what seems like something close to farce, it was a violent and merciless attack, with elements of vicious planning and unbelievable cruelty.
Yet, for all this, there are other sides to this sad story.

Sex Swinger Murders : The True Story of Joan Shannon

by Jeri Spicer

Joan and David Shannon were swingers who met other married couples for “sex parties” through the Internet. David would introduce his wife to Jeffrey WIlson and the two quickly fell in love. David grew jealous and warned his wife to stop seeing Wilson.

Joan, however, wanted to keep seeing her swinger friend. In a bizarre series of events, she enlisted the aid of her fifteen-year-old daughter Elizabeth to kill David.

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