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Arduino: 19 Sample Designs, Coding, and Advanced Crash Course Guide in Arduino Programming

by Zach Webber

Arduino is an incredibly powerful programming platform that can allow anyone from basic to advanced developers to create amazing projects using the platform. It features ready-to-use boards straight out of the box and a simple-to-understand online software that allows the devices to be programmed and controlled to do any variety of things.

In this book, you are going to learn about 19 incredible designs that you can begin using to support you in understanding Arduino and to successfully create some fascinating projects! From learning to create a basic blinking LED light to creating a complex fingerprint-based security system, this book will show you all that you need to know when it comes to using Arduino.
â?¨Each chapter is dedicated to its own unique design which will walk you through how the design process, its required components, the fundamentals of code and how it works, and why various parts are incorporated. This way, you can learn in action as you create phenomenal pieces and begin to understand how and why they work.

If you are ready to begin increasing your understanding of electronics and programming, Arduino is the way to go. Purchase your copy of “Arduino: 12 Sample Designs, Coding and Advanced Crash Course Guide in Arduino Programming” and begin learning in action, today!

The Fast Track CCSK Certification V4.0: The Ultimate Guide for Cloud Certificate

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– – UPDATED 2018 – –
(new version completely revisited and reviewed for the Exam!!!)

– – CSA Security Guidance v4.0 – –
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The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge CCSK is vendor-neutral certification.
It certifies competency in key cloud security areas covering architecture, governance, compliance, operations, encryption, virtualization and much more.

The CCSK will make you ready for the challenge with the first cloud security credential, offered by the world’s thought leader in cloud security.

Attaining a CCSK certification level will help you:
-Validate your competence and knowledge in cloud security domains.
-Demonstrate your technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively develop a holistic cloud security program.
-Advance to the next level in your career or get a job in the fast-growing cloud security market.
-Gain access to valuable career resources, such as networking and ideas exchange with peers.
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a CSA Certified course provided by a certified CSA Trainer

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