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Hexes and Exes: A Cozy Witch Mystery (Womby’s School For Wayward Witches Book 5)

by Sarina Dorie

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at-risk youth. The series WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES is a whimsical urban fantasy set in a contemporary subculture of magical beings and monsters.

The ghosts of boyfriends past are haunting Clarissa Lawrence, the most unmagical teacher at Womby’s School for Wayward Witches.

She has visions of Julian, the dead boyfriend she killed in self-defense, and worries his ghost intends to harm her. She finds a coded message from her high school sweet heart, Derrick, who has been captured by the Raven Court. Clarissa must resort to drastic measures in order to break his curse and free him from the Raven Queen. To complicate matters, a virgin-obsessed unicorn is crushing hard on Clarissa and threatens to ruin her plans of saving the man she loves.

When Clarissa’s problems aren’t filled with her exes, they are filled with hexes. Everything in her life revolves around letting go of her past so she can accept her future. Clarissa must save Derrick before the Raven Queen gets him for good, even if it means she must join the dark side to do so.

Death Speaks

by E.J. Bennett

Leila Thompson’s life was simple- a straight-A student and popular. Then an accident changed her life in the form of a stranger. Recovering from her near death experience Leila couldn’t get the image of his blue t-shirt out of her mind.
When the cops asked questions no one had got a good look at his face. Back at school, Leila finds the accident changed her in more ways than she likes. A new guy catches her eye, appearing at every turn but she has no time to spare as she needs to fix the problem that might drive her crazy.
The once overachiever finds herself skipping school to fix what she has broken. Putting herself in grave danger is just the beginningâ?¦

Hunter (The Silver Series Book 6)

by Cheree Alsop

“Her books really get you into the story, and make you stay up all night reading it! Best werewolf book, that really gets you into the world of werewolves. I downed that book in almost one night!” Dan- Amazon Reviewer

“I have really enjoyed this series. I am always amazed at how Ms. Alsop can craft a story that has me hooked within the first few pages. I was so thrilled to read Hunter. . .Ms. Alsop does an amazing job with character development and keeping up with past characters! I was surprised many times when I thought things were going to turn out one way and then I got thrown for a loop and things went a totally different direction. I simply could not get enough of this book. . .This story is not to be missed it is jam packed with first love, adventure, some thrilling fight scenes and much much more.” Tiffany- Tifferz Book Review, Book Blogger

“Hunter was an action packed read, with many twist and turns . . . you must pick up this excellent read to see all the what, where, how and why of it all and meet up with those wonderful wolf protectors. . . in the end you will be given a story that shows just how this hero will “find the courage to step into the unknown” that will change his life forever. Would I recommend “Hunter?”… I will only say YES!” Arlena Dean- Amazon Reviewer

Hunter, the sixth book of the Silver Series, is about Dray, a werewolf who feels trapped and alone in his small farming town. He struggles to find his place and fit in despite his differences, then Dray’s world is shaken when a cute girl shows up the same time as a vengeful wild werewolf pack. With Jaze’s help, Dray fights to protect his town, but when Jaze is in trouble, Dray puts everything on the line to help the werewolves who changed his life.

Hunter is about finding the courage to step into the unknown. It is a story of risking life for love, and discovering the truth about one’s self in the heart of adversity.

A Shaper’s Promise

by Karen MacRae

The blurb: Folklore tells us Shapers are evil, power-mad villains who kill without mercy. Ancient lawmakers decreed they be wiped out. No one cared that some were good or that the best weapon against a Black Shaper is a White Shaper. All were hounded. All were killed. Today, Shaping is still punishable by death. Anna’s just eighteen and possibly the first Shaper born in The Kingdom in centuries. She doesn’t want to die. She wants to learn. She wants to have purpose in her life. She wants to honour her mother’s sacrifice. She can’t do it hiding in Straton.

A bit more: The world in which the protagonist, Anna, lives is much like a medieval version of our own but for two main things. First, there’s no such thing as magic, but some people’s talents transcend normal bounds and these â??gifted’ can do extraordinary things. For example, a talented musician might make you smile, but a gifted musician could take you from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy with the simplest of sounds. Second, light is different – not only are there eight colours in the rainbow, the auras that surround every living thing are a tangible energy source directly linked to their body and soul. And one very rare kind of person cannot only see them, but manipulate them, Shape them. Because of this power, Shapers have been persecuted into extinction. Or so everyone thoughtâ?¦

‘A Shaper’s Promise’ is the first instalment of Anna’s story. The second instalment, ‘A Shaper’s Birthright’, is due for release in Autumn 2018.

The first part of an epic fantasy story, ‘A Shaper’s Promise’ is dedicated to the author’s friend, Ann Clark, who passed away much too early after a lifetime dedicated to healing others.

Reading, Writing and Necromancy: A Cozy Witch Mystery (Womby’s School For Wayward Witches Book 6)

by Sarina Dorie

Happily ever after is short-lived for Clarissa Lawrence while working as the arts and craft teacher at Womby’s School for Wayward Witches.

After being reunited with her long-lost love, Derrick disappears mysteriously. Staff members at the school start unexpectedly dying. Right away, Clarissa sees that the wicked librarian is up to no good.

Clarissa learns Thatch has been keeping secrets from her, and suspects he is more involved with the Raven Court than he has let on. When Clarissa discovers Thatch has helped the Raven Queen use Derrick as a weapon against her, she doesn’t know if she can trust him anymore.

She must solve the mystery of what has happened to Derrick, who has been killing people and draining them of their magic, and if Thatch’s new girlfriend might be more than what she seems. If Clarissa doesn’t discover who the murderer is, and how to save Derrick in time, he may be lost forever.

Worse yet, she might turn up dead next.

Budget Cuts for the Dark Arts and Crafts: A Cozy Witch Mystery (Womby’s School For Wayward Witches Book 7)

by Sarina Dorie

Clarissa Lawrence’s lifelong dream of being a witch living in a magical realm came true when she learned she was descended from a powerful witch. Those dreams are shattered now that she has been drained of her magic. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to cast spells again, let alone survive teaching juvenile delinquent students who can hex her.

As if living without magic isn’t horrible enough, Clarissa’s job is threatened by budget cuts, teachers hate her more than ever for releasing a demon in the dungeon of the school like her mother had, and evil Fae want to kidnap her because they think she can solve their problems. Unless Clarissa can figure out how to get her magic back, return Khaba as dean of discipline of the school, and help Womby’s increase its budget, she might not have a job at all.

Her situation only grows more complicated when she realizes the man she once loved wants her dead, and she must trust a Fae enemy to help her solve some of these problems.

For the remaining problems, she’s going to need a lot of luck.

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