Free horror Kindle books for 20 Sep 18

Absolute Darkness: Ten Horror Stories

by Dan Shade

Dan Shade writes horror stories in his dark basement where nobody can hear the screams – when he makes a typo. For twenty years he locked his stories in a secure filing cabinet where they could do no harm. His first collection – Absolute Darkness – escaped in 2013. Dan still doesn’t know how that happened. He added a better lock and prayed nothing else could escape. Absolute Darkness is a collection of ten horror stories. Some are macabre. Some are black comedy. All are a quick read. Some include graphic violence and gore.

Contents of book:

Freudian Slip – A man recounts the spread of a dangerous contagion.
The Eye – Supernatural and meteorological forces collide.
Narcotikos – A drug addict suffers withdrawal.
Check Out – A man discovers his local supermarket isn’t the place to go at night.
Thief – A madman selects some Parisian thieves as his next victims.
Transylvanian Dreams – A man visits Romania and learns about his future.
The Pool – Something lurks in a swimming pool, waiting to kill.
Night Caller – A couple encounter strange things in a new town.
Neighbours – How well should you know your neighbours?
Night Walker – A night out turns into a nightmare for a young woman walking home.

The Shadows of Insanity

by Boris Lee

The Shadows of Insanity, is a journey through the mind and madness of horror author, Boris Lee.
Lee introduces his readers to characters that are based in a modern reality, yet alternate state of existence. The characters you shall meet in the forth coming pages, are the people sitting next to you on the train during your daily commute. They are the forgotten children longing for one person to understand their anguish, the elderly citizen no longer fit for society, and the priest who has need to believe, there is a God beyond man.
The Shadows of Insanity, is somewhere on the dark side of the rainbow. It is the place where your hero may not overcome his adversary, nor is the promise of a light left on in a child’s bedroom, a deterrent for the boogeyman to come. The stories within The Shadows of Insanity, will leave you shivering in “Screamtastic sensation”, and salivating for encore.

Erased – A Jeremy Heston Short Story (Insanity Series Prequel)

by Andre Gonzalez

Meet Jeremy Heston. Before he changed history, he was nothing but a young boy with a simple life, never showing a sign of the horror that would one day come.

When tragedy strikes the Heston family, Jeremy’s parents have no choice but to admit Jeremy into intensive psychiatric care. Will the therapy help? Or will it give birth to the monster that will lie dormant within for the following 20 years?

Also included: the first chapter of the first full-length Jeremy Heston novel, INSANITY.

Wicked Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole: Dark Fairy Tales Series

by S Cinders

*For Adults Only*

Wicked Wonderland:
The next installment in a dark new series that reimagines your favorite Dark Fairy Tales.

Prepare yourself for the Wonderland saga …

War breaks out in Wonderland when the Mad Hatter accuses the Red Knight of kidnapping the only daughter of the White King and Queen. The white rabbit must convince the Jabberwocky, aa ridiculously hot shapeshifter, to fight for the White Kingdom. he refuses to enter the battle unless the lovely Alice will fight beside him.

Alice is done meddling in the squabbles between the two houses. They can wipe each other out for all she cares, she’s got problems of her own. Besides, she washed her hands of that shifter a long time ago. Too bad Jabberwocky isn’t interested in letting Alice go.

Add a handsome thief, a sassy dirigible captain, and a few Jubjub ‘s and you have Wicked Wonderland.

Wicked Wonderland is an adult dark fairy tale. This very steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after for each of our three couples.

Note: Wicked Wonderland is part of S. Cinders Dark Fairy Tales Series and is NOT intended for children.

Sneakers on the Dashboard: A Shaw Sister Trilogy Novella

by Nita Farris

Macy Shaw has always seen the world through an aura light show. This gift reveals to her the pieces of others that they would rather stayed hidden. When her sister suffers a traumatic brain injury, she wakes up from a coma with more than just a broken body. Her aura has changed and she is hiding something sinister. This time, its up to Macy to save her family.

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