Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 20 Sep 18

Complex,Simple Nature

by Jeremiah Obeng-Agyapong

This book captures the universe and condenses it as much as possible through the admiration of nature’s talent. Creation is seen through a different visionary scope that opens up your mind with catchy metaphors and similes.

Finding a Friend for Sammy Scarecrow: Lessons in Making Friends; the Power of Frienship

by Foster Friend

While Lee the bee busily buzzes around the farm he lives at, he notices Sammy Scarecrow is always alone. It makes him feel sad and he decides he will try to find Sammy a friend. He begins by talking to the other animals that live on the farm.

Finding a friend for Sammy was a lot harder than he thought. Rickey the chick offers to help him and then a very special thing happens!

Finding a Friend for Sammy Scarecrow is a 32-page beginning reader, filled with cute, colorful images of the animals that live on the farm. This book teaches children about loneliness and the rewards of friendship.

It helps children understand how to develop social skills and the meaning of friendhip. It prepares children for the emotions and feelings they will experience in their first few years of school. This book is all about making friends and the rewards of being a friend.

Kid’s world of stories: a collection of short and sweet stories

by Sunil Poudel

a collection of short and sweet stories mainly for your kids.
read and get lost in this small world of stories.

The Voice Inside

by Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD

“The Voice Inside” reminds a child to trust their own inner guidance. When establishing a daily connection to God we are less likely to give into peer pressure, or follow the herd mentality. From a very young age we are taught to listen to parents, teachers and others at the exclusion of self inquiry. While children need the teaching and guidance from others in order to learn, the primary source in decision making is from the Higher self.

The Rylie Girl discovers Aquaria

by Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD

The Rylie Girl discovers Aquaria is a story about a girl who discovers a magical underwater kingdom. During this adventure Rylie swims with dolphins, plays with sea horses and baby seals. Rylie meets a mermaid named Serina who takes her to a very special place. Serina teaches Rylie and her friends the relationship between thoughts, emotions and their influence on water. The under water world of Aquaria was originally written by my daughter Erika when she was a very young girl. The creative writings that describe this place and the creatures who live in Aquaria are written in Erika’s own words The Rylie Girl discovers Aquaria is the fourth book in The Rylie Girl series. The story is designed to take the reader on a magical adventure while teaching an important lesson. We are powerful beings, and with power comes responsibility. Our thoughts and feelings affect both our bodies and the world around us. Water is one way that reveals our connection with everyone and everything.

You are a Genie in Bottle

by Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD

This is a story about a child’s adventures with a Genie she meets while walking in the forest. This particular Genie doesn’t grant wishes, rather she teaches the child important truths. You don’t need someone outside of you to make your wishes come true. This is because you already have everything you need within. You are like a Genie in a bottle, infinite and powerful, creating anything through love and grace, with a body that is your tiny living space. The inside of you is a flawless, beautiful light. Sometimes you will forget the special light that is You. When this happens it is important to take a moment and pause feeling into the light within. When you connect in, and remember, your life will again feel happy and peaceful.
By spending time with Genie in the magical forest place, the child remembers and starts to realize that her body is only the outer covering that houses her. Made in the image of God You are an infinite light of love. Because God is everywhere and in all things God lives in you as you. This means you are part of all you see and all you see is part of you too.
This book empowers the reader encouraging them to realize that the true source of knowledge, love, and healing lies within.

Housewares Early Learning For Toddler & Kids: Kindle Book for Toddlers and Preschool Kids to Learn the Housewares.

by Bee Book

Housewares Early Learning For Toddler & Kids
Kindle Book for Toddlers and Preschool Kids to Learn the Housewares.

Zebra Tales: Daisy Dewdrop Dolittle (The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes Book 6)

by Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD

One of the most difficult topics to discuss is death and loss. Yet this is a natural part of the tapestry of life. Everyone of us is affected by, or experiences the loss of a loved one at some point in our lives. When death is experienced in the immediate family whether a beloved pet, or grandparent, sibling, or close friend the emotions triggered are very painful. Young children who don’t have the understanding of the here after will be especially affected by such a loss. In the grip of personal grief parents may be at a loss for words as they too struggle during this imperative time. Zebra Tales – Daisy Dewdrop Dolittle – the 6th book in the Mr Stripes series, explores and reveals that death is just an ending of physical form. That life is ever lasting, and that when one dies, limitation, and separation are removed. Residing with God, one experiences and expresses their life through all things. Love is the bridge that connects us to our loved ones, for Love transcends all things even death. The separation we experience is temporary and some day we will be reunited with our loved ones. “We each live in our bodies, some for 81 years or more, others for 21 days or less. God only knows the time each of us has, even though we try to guess.” “The important thing to know is that we each come here to experience different things. When we have fulfilled our life purpose then our time is done and we move on, some of us with wings.”

And The Little Ship Sailed Right Onto The Beach… (But What Happened Before That?)

by Andrew Sinder

In this illustrated book,a boy at the beach finds a mangled toy ship and repairs it. But the ship is lost again at sea and journeys to the other side, only to be fixed by another boy and then travel back across the ocean again. This original story unfolds in reverse and is the second story in the ‘But what happened before that?’ series.

Andrew Sinder’s first book, “And The Ball Rolled Across The Floor”, is also available on

Grandpa Went to Heaven

by Amber Richards

Product Description for Ebook Grandpa Went to Heaven

This children’s book ‘Grandpa Went to Heaven’, is written from a Christian perspective for very young children who have lost a loved one. What do you tell a young child who has lost a loved one and is grieving?

Children are so concrete in their thinking, explaining death to a child can be a very difficult subject to talk about in generic terms, yet especially so in the middle of emotional pain and loss. Yet, they seek answers.

This was written as a tool to assist parents and loved ones to help children dealing with death, loss, grief and bereavement. It has beautiful images and acknowledges the sadness of grief, yet also offers hope and comfort as well.

There is a foreword section to parents in the book with suggestions to help their children through this very painful time, and tips to customize the book to their specific circumstances, including other loved ones besides a grandpa. Download your copy of Grandpa Went to Heaven now.

The Rylie Girl

by Daria Kathleen Sherman

The Rylie Girl is a once upon a space that exists outside of place and time story regarding a being of pure light who cast her gaze onto the planet earth and instantly fell in love. Another Soul Star who recently returned from life on earth, describes his experiences in the realms of time and place to the Rylie Star. Captivated by the discourse on earth life and particularly his earth family, Rylie launched a light of desire that moved through all the planes and spheres. In that very same moment from the deepest yearning of her heart, her earth mother called Rylie to her. And in answer to the call of Love, the Rylie Star Light became the dance of Life. This magical story is a reminder that we are beings of light. We come from a space of pure love absolute and oneness. A children’s visualization is included that guides the reader through the process of drawing the healing energies of star light into that through their body. Imagining love and light actually activates a positive healing experience.

Zebra Tales: Nature Talks (The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes Book 7)

by Daria Kathleen Sherman Phd

Zebra Tales – Nature Talks is the 7th book in the Wisdom of Mr. Stripes series. This book is designed to help alleviate bedtime stress by guiding a child through a magical visualization technique. Visualizations if taught at an earlier age will enhance many areas of a child’s life. Visualization helps to improve concentration and encourages artistic creative abilities. The techniques create a more balance centered state, and stimulate a child imagination. Visualizations are very effective in helping children who tend to scatter their thoughts in different directions. Often after reading a visualization to a child before bedtime, they will feel safe, and released from their fears resulting in a peaceful sleep.
The body responds in a relaxed way when the brain is engaged in a meditative or visualized technique.

Hetty’s Overbuilt Planet

by Kirsty Lyon

There are so many buildings on Hetty’s planet that she’s afraid there won’t be any space left for her soon! Will she be able to find another one?

This children’s picture book addresses environmental issues through the eyes of a six year old girl named Hetty.

Minecraft In Real Life: An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

by AJ Diaz

Introducing an unofficial Minecraft-fan adventure inspired by the bestselling game!

What if Minecraft came into real life? What if the Minecraft characters that you know and love popped into your house?!

“This is the story of how I accidentally broke Minecraft (it wasn’t really my fault) and the Minecraft characters came into the world, our world, ma-freakin’ planet Earth!

You heard me right.
Minecraft came into real life!
Let me put that another way: Minecraft came into MY ROOM!

When Minecraft first decided to appear in my room, things were horrible. You’d expect things to be good, but if you think about it, how do you explain to your parents your new pet pig and your new best friend, Steve? How do you explain to your parents that the reason your room is half-missing is because Steve needed to chop it down block by block so he could make a crafting table. How do you explain these things???”

“Minecraft In Real Life” is an action-packed, charming novel featuring a nine-year-old girl and her friend Henry as they embark on real life adventures with Steve, from the Minecraft game. It’s a fantastic story with a strong theme of overcoming bullying and being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. Great for kids ages 7-13.

Disclaimer: This book is not authorized, sponsored, endorsed or licensed by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other person or entity owning or controlling any rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

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