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A guide on how to STOP ARGUING: Protect quality time, prevent bickering, preserve love, enjoy life.

by CJ Kruse

S T O P   A R G U I N G 

Protect quality time, prevent bickering, preserve love, enjoy life.

        In today’s world, a surprising amount of friendships, businesses, and marriages are failing, simply because two or more people cannot figure out how to be at peace. Arguing is the culprit, leading to precious time being wasted, bitterness, polarization of views, and it usually doesn’t even solve a problem.

        Time is precious. In fact, is our most valuable resource. Let’s quit wasting our precious days, hours and minutes with pointless bickering. You (and your loved ones) deserve much better!

        Any step you take towards peace and harmony will have a dramatic return-on-investment in the relationships that matter most to you!

This book covers:

– Argument prevention.

– Important and essential truths about arguing and more.

– Constructive alternatives to arguing.

– Tips and examples of how you can stop arguments that have already begun.


R E V I E W S –

“This was eye opening how arguing is a result of me not always other! Now time to take what I’ve learned back into my life. This book was absolutely worth the time and effort to better no one except myself! I am worthy of that time and effort!”

– Amazon customer


“It’s very conversational. I didn’t realize how argumentative I am. I jump on minor inaccuracies and miss the overall message and I think it’s created a lot of needless drama in my relationships. Really good stuff.”

– Amazon customer

“Wow, this really helped me and my partner out! We were having a hard time communicating, but this book saved us from ending it all! Thank you!!!”

– Amazon customer

Parenting: How To Get Your Baby To Sleep So You Can Too (Sleep Strategies, Sleep Solutions, Sleep Problems, Happy Parents, Training)

by Karen Sweenie

Use These Powerful Tips and Tricks To Get Your Baby To Sleep So You Can Too!

This book has eye-opening and actionable information on how to get your baby to sleep well so that you too can get enough sleep.

Are you not getting enough sleep because your baby is crying or waking you up all night? If you are, you will find the answer to your prayers in this book. As a loving parent with a baby that is not sleeping very much, there’s certainly going to be many questions on your mind including:

  • Why is my baby not sleeping?
  • How long should my baby be sleeping?
  • Am I expected to do something about it or get used to my baby’s desired sleeping schedule?
  • What can I do to avoid going crazy from sleep deprivation?
  • How do I get my baby to sleep more at night without exposing them to any health risks?

This book has all the answers to all the questions you may have and more. In this book, you will find the best methods to get your child to sleep without losing any of your own. You will also learn how to develop a safe and healthy sleeping routine (and when it is safe to do this) for your baby, to allow you and the child to get into good sleeping habits that will boost your mood and health, along with your baby’s. Ultimately, that will help you enjoy your new life as a nursing parent, rather than loathe it because you are sleep deprived.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The health and dangers of sleep deprivation
  • Sleep and your health
  • Why your body is not sleeping much
  • How long your baby should sleep for
  • Natural reasons why your baby may not be sleeping enough
  • Medical conditions that may prevent your baby from sleeping
  • How to create a sleep routine for your baby
  • How to avoid going crazy when nursing an infant
  • Much, much more!

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Life At the Intersection of Yesterday and Tomorrow: Essays On Getting Back Up When Life Gets You Down

by Lisa Arends

Life is meant to be lived in the present. But there are those times when it feels as though the present is a holding cell between the memories of yesterday and the dreams and fears of tomorrow. Those days or weeks or months when one wave hits after another and you feel as though you’re being beaten down by life itself. And you can’t imagine how you’re ever going to get back up again.

I occupied this state of limbo for several months after a tsunami divorce robbed me of life as I knew it in the summer of 2009. It began with a surprise text, from my partner of sixteen years, stating that he was leaving the marriage and leaving the state. That was followed by the discovery of fraud, marital embezzlement and bigamy.

That confusing and grueling period is one I hope to never repeat. Yet at the same time, I am now immensely grateful for its lessons. That experience has made me more compassionate towards myself and others and more understanding about why we respond to stress the way we do. It’s made me more grateful for what I have and less critical of what I don’t. And most importantly, it’s motivated me to help others move through their own challenges.

The difficult times in life both reveal who we are and shape us into what we can become. In the struggle, there is opportunity. In the challenge, there is growth.

Even though this book shares essays about my own personal experience, it isn’t about me. In fact, as I learned when facing my own trials, the details of our situations really don’t matter as much as we think and the broad strokes of our experiences all share certain common truths.

These selections address the challenges that we all, regardless of our circumstances, face throughout life – love, loss, fear, isolation, hope, and the challenge of getting back up when life has repeatedly kicked us down. You will laugh. You will cry. You will shake your head in recognition. And then you’ll be ready to get back up and begin living again.

Sometimes life sucks. But you don’t have to let it suck the life out of you.

Crafting Your Child’s Cleaning Board: A Hands-on Guide to Teaching Children How to Clean (Crafting Your Success Book 2)

by Kyria Kalata

“I recall one day being so frustrated with the toys my son had spread all over his room day after day. You almost needed a boat to float across them all to get to the other side of the room. Yes, I was an over indulgent mother for a period of time, buying all those toys I really wanted.”

In this book you’ll learn a new creative way to help your kids clean their rooms without throwing away all their toys or hiring a cleaning lady to do it for you. This is a hands-on “craftivity” that will harness the natural skills for learning. We’ll pair those skills with the ones that need to be taught like cleaning. Take a chance and learn a creative way to get your kids rooms cleaned and have fun doing it.

O Outro Lado do Amor (Portuguese Edition)

by K.C. Bergamini

O amor pode ser duro, o amor pode ser leve, o amor pode nos esvaziar e nos transbordar.
Emília, uma mulher mais determinada do que imagina, amou com todas as forças um homem, mas dedicar forças demais a algo é também se deixar enfraquecer. Dentro do próprio casamento, viu-se sozinha, abusada, humilhada e precisou partir. Com pouco do que restou de si mesma, Emília saiu de casa com sua filha sabendo apenas que precisava recomeçar. Precisava curar as feridas de um amor que a fez refém. E reconstruir-se depois de ter o coração estilhaçado pode ser desafiador. Para ser livre, Emília precisa de respostas, precisa reencontrar-se.
Mas como ser forte o bastante e deixar o coração livre para um novo amor depois de tanto sofrimento?
Em capítulos intensos que nos levam ora à angústia, ora à esperança, Emília nos conta a história de como descobriu no amor outros sentimentos, outros lados, outros caminhos e como lutando contra seus medos, enfrentando suas angústias, derrubando as barreiras que o passado lhe impôs pode enfim ser livre.
Esse livro não é um conto de fadas. Retrata a verdadeira luta de uma mulher para resgatar a sua dignidade.
Não indicado para menores de 18 anos.
Livro possui cenas de violência doméstica e contém cenas de violência psicológica e sexual.

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