Free philosophy Kindle books for 20 Sep 18

Aro Marro’s Face the Wind: Contemporary Philosophy for Personal Peace and Wisdom

by Aro Marro

Scholar Aro Marro engages you with his informative philosophy to help you understand the subtle ways innate personality traits and personal ethics affect your happiness. His well-balanced political thought uses science fact, inspirational quotes, and his own fables and stories to illustrate the concepts that he presents. He explains how your consciousness is primarily sensual, he teaches you to recognize and understand efforts by activists and journalists to woo and shock you into believing their tales, and he teaches you to eventually be wise with how you communicate with other people. Once having read Marro’s philosophy you will feel intellectually informed and spiritually fulfilled.
Marro addresses what is important to your everyday life and happiness. It is an impressive intellectual achievement.

This book is not another list of hollow platitudes. Marro describes and discusses the science-based details of human nature and conduct. If you are serious about understanding yourself, your friends, and the societal forces attempting to manipulate you, read this small but enlightening book.

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