Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Sep 18

An America I am not ashamed of

by Doug X

A collection of poems about the state of our country as well as poems about life, love and hope.

BEHIND THE MASK: A collection of Poems (Poetry, Love poems, Romance)

by Kingsley Demetrius

In BEHIND THE MASK, Kingsley Demetrius embraces the vulnerability of human emotions that takes place when we allow ourselves to remove our protective armor. Behind the mask, there is deep pain, unresolved doubt, but also the resiliency to find one’s inner strength.This collection of poetry celebrates love: from passion, lust, to heartbreak and self-love. Sometimes raw, sometimes fun, sometimes all-consuming, and everything in between, Behind the mask invites us to find freedom in our most vulnerable thoughts and feelings.

Pillars of the Self

by Gregory Folder

When all is left to time, what does it mean to transcend? Waking to this short story of mankind, the last of us step into the doorstep of the end. When our distant future is their distant past someone must make existence’s last decision and discovery.



Este é um livro de poesias escrito em forma de acróstico.
Acróstico é um gênero de composição geralmente poética,
que consiste em formar uma palavra vertical com as letras
iniciais ou finais de cada verso gerando um nome próprio
ou uma sequência significativa.
Pode ser simples, com frases ou palavras que não tenham
ligação entre si ou pode mesmo, ser o encerramento de uma poesia.

AL OTRO LADO DEL MUNDO: Poemas (Spanish Edition)

by Eduardo Casanova

Poesia desde el exilio

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