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Trying Something New 2: Gay First Time Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay First Time Romance adventures in this exciting new collection
In this collection you will find:

Wild Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance
Turning Point: Gay First Time Sports Romance
The Witness: Gay First Time Detective Romance
Tie The Knot: M/M Sports First Time Romance
The Two Husbands: Gay First Time Comedy Romance (Tie The Knot Book 2)
Hunting The Alpha: MM First Time Shapeshifter Romance
In The End Zone: MM Sports First Time Romance
Breaking Free: Gay First Time Bad Boy Romance
Game Changer: Gay First Time Sports Romance

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WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

Apocalyptico Terrorism and Democracy

by Omega Politics and Society Series

The apocalyptic narrative is the story of an epic battle between the â??new’ terrorists and the defenders of democracy.

The â??war on terror’ that President George W. Bush declared following the attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001 is conducted on many levels, one of which is the
debate concerning the need to â??balance’ security and human rights. His early announcement that â??you’re either with us or against us’ reinforces dualistic construction and leaves little room for a diversity of opinions and, consequently, for a comprehensive and clear-headed assessment of the means with which the war is being fought. Indicative of the fundamental human rights principles at stake is the question of whether the terrorist threat justifies the use of torture. Despite recent speculation that the war on terror might have been over with the killing of Osama bin Laden the open-ended process of â??securitizing’ societies in order to minimize threat is likely to continue.

The numerous textual and anecdotal glimpses included in this thesis aim to shed some light on how the articulation of threat among politicians and security professionals in particular creates more lay anxiety than necessary, and how everything from the focus on binary opposites to myths surrounding policing, media coverage of terrorist acts, the disciplinary power of the state, the voices of academia, and everyday conversations about surveillance can deeply affect democracy, perceptions of risk, terrorism and â??the Other’.

“He who fights with monsters
should look to it that he himself
does not become a monster.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, 1886

Examining the evolving strategy of policing George Kelling and Mark Moore relate that the reform era promoted an image of policing in which the proper role of citizens in crime control was to be relatively passive recipients of professional crime control services’ (2005: 95). The metaphor used to describe the police and their relationship to the community – â??the thin blue line’ – is more relevant than ever given that it connotes the existence of dangerous external threats to communities, portrays police as standing between that danger and good citizens, and implies both police heroism and loneliness’

After the attacks against the United States on 11 September 20011 the police have joined forces with other modern day heroes standing between ordinary citizens and chaos. Among these are the military and the world leaders who promote the idea of a â??war’ on terror as the only viable solution to the allegedly â??new’ form of terrorism. In contrast to â??the thin blue line’, â??the thin red line’ refers to the armed forces’ role as a bulwark against external threats (Wikipedia 2011b). The apocalyptic narrative is the story of an epic battle between the â??new’ terrorists and the defenders of democracy.

The military’s involvement in fighting what is essentially a crime is counter-intuitive to democratic societies. As initiator of a nineteenth century reform period in Britain the Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel, was intensely aware of English hostility to â??any institution that smacked of a military presence or a political surveillance of the population’ (Emsley 2003: 67). In order to differentiate the police from the military he engaged in
impression management making sure that the uniforms of the new Metropolitan Police â??did not look military’ (Emsley 2003: 68). Peel was further concerned that the police should be held accountable, that they should be trustworthy, and that policing should take place in a spirit of co-operation, summarized in the principle that â??the police are the public and the public are the police’.
Along with intelligence and security services the military and the police are the main instruments used to combat terrorism, but the presence of so many actors implies challenges in terms of jurisdiction and how the war should be fought, nationally as well as internationally.

Secret Societies and their God Lucifer

by Rick Davis

This book covers information that has been hidden and used by the few involved in secret societies. The book will show who these people serve and how they have been deceived into thinking that they can and must do evil in order to serve God. The book will show many truths that you will find amazing. It will open your eyes to knowledge that Lucifer/Satan is real and hard at work. It also shows that God is real and that the Savior Jesus Christ is the enemy of the occult secret societies. No one else is the enemy but the Savior Jesus Christ.

The Art of Feminine Spiritual Leadership: Be a Badass Priest and Create a Ministry You Love

by The Rev. Dr. Sara Shisler Goff

Reignite your passion for ministry.

Do you feel like you spend more time being a professional “fixer” than a spiritual leader? Are you struggling to rekindle the joy in your ministry? Do you feel called to “do things differently,” but are not sure what that means? Do you desire to step into your power, claim your strengths, and stop apologizing for having something world-changing to say?

You went into ministry because of your passion for God and the world, but you’ve seen the dark underbelly of the church and now are not sure you have the stomach for it. Yet, if you leave, you know it will never change.

You have been called for exactly this moment. Just as the church is undergoing a great shift, so are youâ??it’s time to become the leader you were born to be.

Sara Shisler Goff went from considering leaving the priesthood to co-creating her dream ministry not only once, but twice (so far).

In The Art of Feminine Leadership, you will learn tools for:

  • Letting go of your impulse to “be nice” and “do it right” by following your instincts and truth
  • Accepting all parts of yourself and embodying a different way of leading
  • Navigating unhealthy power dynamics and transforming patriarchal systems
  • Giving yourself fully to the parts of your ministry that excite you and letting go of the rest

The Art of Feminine Spiritual Leadership is like Brené Brown’s The Daring Way meets Barbara Brown Taylor’s Leaving Church. If you are ready to become the minister you are called to be, this is a must-read!

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