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TOEFL Writing Simple: Advanced Writing Course for TOEFL Tasks 1 & 2: Achieve a TOEFL writing score of 5/5 in 7 days! (Essay writing & Summary Writing)

by Marc Roche

Achieve a TOEFL writing score of 5/5 in 7 days with “TOEFL Writing Simple: Advanced Writing Course for TOEFL Tasks 1 & 2”.

This book is a complete TOEFL self-study book which focuses on practical English usage.

You will learn to hack summary writing and essay writing for instantly better English writing skills.

You will learn how to write the perfect English summary

You will learn how to write the perfect English essay

You will learn practical English usage in writing.

You will learn TOEFL vocabulary for TOEFL IBT

You will look at real TOEFL practice tests

You will look at TOEFL writing samples

You will learn structures and tricks for your writing.

The beauty of nature and the nature of humans

by Sunil Poudel

Come on now! Read and get lost in this poetry world….
Illustration of this nature and the nature of humans


by Soumyajit Halder

Those who are aspiring to become eligible for CBSE-NET, this book give a complete solution of Teaching and Research Aptitude (Paper-1). This book is completely based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern of the CBSE-NET. Text in this book has been given in such a way so that the students can understand every concept. Adequate subject matter has been provided to facilitate attempt of objective Type question. Around 1100 questions in 22 chapters wise Mock Set and 8 years solved questions find place in this work. This work covers all the important points in detail but in a concise way. This book is also helpful for other competititive exam like CTET, School service commission, state civil service etc.

Mindfulness and Acceptance-based Treatment for Older Adults: MBI TREATMENT AND EFFECTS ON OLDER ADULTS – An Literature Research Approach

by Omega Health Psychology and Philosophy Series


A dramatic increase in number of older adults is expected in the next decades in Europe and in the U. S.. This increase is suggested to represent a continuous world-wide trend, following increased birth-rates and declining numbers of infant mortality and deaths. According to the World Health Organization, the increase in number of seniors will provide challenges of both structural and economic nature, including increasing demands for health care. Even though older adults are generally underrepresented in mental health care, mental health problems are frequent in late-life.
However, depression is a common co-morbidity in late-life anxiety, and 26 – 31 % of depressed older adults in treatment have co-existing anxiety. Anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder in particular, often precedes depression, and is thus found to be a risk factor for development of depression in older adults. Depressed older adults with co- morbid anxiety report earlier depression onset.

Psychological treatments for older adults

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommends CBT and interpersonal psychotherapy as evidence-based treatments for depression, including adults from heterogeneous populations. Supplement SSRI treatment is offered depending on depression severity. Psychotherapy treatment for depression has shown equally effective for late-life as for younger adults. In fact, a range of psychotherapeutic techniques seem to be effective for late-life depression, including also psychodynamic therapy, problem solving treatment, and behavioral activation treatments. Life review and reminiscence therapy have frequently been offered for late-life depression, based on strong empirical support. Psychotherapy has not only proven effective for depression, but also for late-life anxiety and chronic pain.

Study objectives

To my knowledge no review has been conducted exclusively on mindfulness- and acceptance-based treatments for older adults. For this reason, the aim of this thesis is to review current empirical literature on treatment studies on older adults within these approaches. My main objective is to examine the effect of mindfulness- and acceptance-based treatments for older adults. A secondary objective of this review is to study the feasibility of this treatment approach for older adults. Hence, I will address the following two questions: (i) Does the existing literature suggest that older adults could benefit from mindfulness- and acceptance-based interventions? Does the existing literature suggest that mindfulness- and acceptance-based interventions are feasible for older adults?

Mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches in psychotherapy

Although mindfulness as a concept derives from Buddhism, its phenomenological nature is suggested to share similarities to Western philosophical and psychological ideas. The understanding of mindfulness as a concept is mentioned to have expanded implementing it into Western psychotherapy and clinical practice. Jon Kabat-Zinn (2003) gives the following definition of mindfulness: “The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment to moment” (as cited in Siegel et al., 2009, p. 19). Applying mindfulness to psychotherapy a following short definition is suggested featuring three basic elements, namely; (i) awareness, (ii) of present experience, (iii) with acceptance, hereby mentioned to capture mindfulness issues in both psychotherapy and

Buddhist literature. Siegel et al. (2009) mention mindfulness may more easy be understood exploring the quite opposite, and mindlessness. According to the authors, people live most of their daily life being mindless, on “autopilot”, stuck in past memories and future fantasies, but mention we all can develop mindfulness through deliberate practice.

50 años en la formación universitaria de comunicadores. 1967â??2017. Génesis, desarrollo y perspectivas (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Eduardo Luna Cortés

Motivados por el 50 aniversario de la Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Comunicación, este libro es el resultado del trabajo de académicos del ITESO y de su Departamento de Estudios Socioculturales que, de manera comprometida y profesional, asumieron la pertinencia de objetivar y compartir los desafíos que a lo largo de medio siglo ha enfrentado la apuesta de formación universitaria de comunicadores en la Universidad.

School Shooter Survival: Straight Talk Every Student Should Know: What First Responders Kids know about Active Shooters, but Schools refuse to adopt

by David Van Horn

From one Parent to another is why you should read this book.

As a Parent, I did not understand just how unsafe and unprepared our schools are in the event they find themselves under attack. Schools won’t tell you either. They believe they are safe because they have a plan, written by a liability lawyer.

Read this book to find out just how unsafe your children and loved ones are at school. Your school Lockdown or Shelter in Place plan does not give your teen the information they need when:

  • the anti-bullying campaigns fail,

  • the gun man walks past the NO GUNS ALLOWED sign,

  • metal detectors

  • kills the School Safety Officer, (or as in the case of Parkland, the School Safety Officers decides, or is TOLD to stand down leaving students on their own)

  • then marches into your student’s usually UNLOCKED classroom.

What does your school prepare your student to do? NOTHING! Maybe go hide in the corner, or under a desk, to be slaughtered. Does your school teach your student ahead of time what they can expect from arriving Law Enforcement? Do they show you and your student what’s involved in Critical Incidence Response?

Is your terrified student aware those cops on their way DO NOT KNOW WHO THE BAD GUY IS…. except maybe they have a description like “They are wearing a dark hoodie…” Does that sound like YOUR STUDENT?

Learn how you can prepare your teenager to understand unarmed does not mean incapable. Learn about things you can quietly add to your teenager’s backpack, or classroom that can be the difference between life or death.

There are things cops, firemen, EMTs and vets know, but aren’t public knowledge. You don’t have to have a black belt, and there many things you can do to radically improve your teens odds of staying alive…..if they know them IN ADVANCE.

Experience is something you get right after you don’t need it. Unarmed does not mean incapable. In all likelihood, your student will face an active shooter WITHOUT a firearm for self protection. Schools are known as victim zones because they are full of high value targets who are generally unarmed. Worse our schools don’t teach our children anything other than go sit in a corner. This is a recipe for disaster, and why 22 were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary by an amateur.

For less than than cost of a cup of coffee, you can keep your student alive in the event of a school shooting. In today’s world, this is NOT a topic to avoid. especially for girls.

Did you know medical treatment will be withheld until police can clear your teen’s school building? If not, you need to buy this book! You will learn important facts your student should know.

This book combines background advice to help you understand what is going on out there, and practical advice you can teach your student in just a few minutes. Believe me, your kid already knows how big a deal these situations can be. What they don’t know, is what can THEY do, if they are caught up in one. This book is IDEAL FOR:

  • Teachers and Students

  • School Staff and Office Workers

  • First responders

  • Business travelers

  • Religious leaders

  • Day Care Worker and Centers

  • Retail and Business Owners, especially women

Please note, we are not Anti-Gun, but most books like this one are written from the perspective of arriving officers. Schools teach passive response. They preach staying put when the best option may be to bail out of the room, building etc.

Schools are NOT prepared to deal with today’s Active Shooter, Violent Religious Intruders, there to kill as many people as they can for notoriety and the headlines they create. Pick up a copy now


by Miguel Toledo Gonzalez

This book is an overview about basic computing tools like the Python and C++ programming languages for analysis of abstract dynamical systems.

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