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Hygge Living: The Practical Guide To Creating a Simple & Cozy Lifestyle The Danish Way

by Thomas Nielson

Is your life stressful? Do you struggle to keep up with a million frustrating tasks?  If you want a road map to a happier life then keep reading… 

All too many of us are so caught up in our daily lives, we don’t even have a chance to enjoy what we’re working so hard to maintain. Stuck in traffic to go to a boring job we hate, then getting home just in time to work ourselves sick with household chores. 

Is that any way to live? What about the things that are really important to you? Do those have to be neglected just to get by? 

What if there was another way to live besides the rat raceâ??a cozy, straightforward life built not around pursuing material goods but on being content with what already makes you happy. All you have to do is reach out and take it! 

Yes, the simple secret to a peaceful, happy lifestyle is waiting for you just around the corner.  And that is living the hygge way.  Simple yet effective living! 

Did you know Danes are consistently voted the happiest people in the world, and once you understand hygge, it’s no mystery why. Cozy, peaceful, uncluttered, with functional use of space with a generous use of natural light and materials, a hygge home is a wonderful place to be.  

But hygge is more than a decorating conceptâ??it’s a concept that can radically change the way you live your life for the better! By viewing your day-to-day existence through hygge principles, you’ll be able to live more authentically, ridding yourself of things and behaviors that just add to your stress without making your life fuller. 

In Hygge Living, you’ll discover: 

  • The simple secret to Danish happiness and how you can apply it to your life instantly. 

  • The missing ingredients a peaceful and cozy life. 

  • The two biggest misconceptions people have about hygge, and how avoiding them will save you a world of frustration. 

  • Instantly transform your chaotic surroundings to a peaceful one in seconds! 

  • The five simple steps to upgrade your living space into a hygge home. 

  • The simple de-cluttering hack to reduce stress and increase happiness. 

  • The simple yet clever ways hygge will enhance your friendship and social life. 

  • A simple philosophy of living that will satisfy your soul and bring contentment to your loved ones.

  • Four tips to add comfort and enjoyment to your work environment.

�And much more! 

No long, out-there philosophy, no complicated directions.  Simple and to the point actionable content which you can apply today. 

This book will help you better understand yourself and what makes you happy. 

Give your life order and your living space purpose. Click “Add to Cart” right now to start bringing hygge into your life! 

Getting to Know YOU: Embrace Your Unique Blueprint to Make Decisions you Love and Trust – A Human Design Guidebook

by Karen Flaherty

Have you heard of Human Design? Are you looking for a new way to understand your energy and how you’re wired? To understand yourself? And your family, friends and co-workers, too? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to be more authentic and find your passion?

“Getting to Know YOU: Embrace your Unique Blueprint and make Decisions you Love and Trust” is a Human Design Guidebook for those who are on the path to finding their life’s purpose, but don’t necessarily know what it is yet.

Are you still looking for the answers? After all the courses, webinars, books and more, you still feel like you’re searching?

Early praise for “Getting to Know You”:
“Whether you have just started your personal journey to make your life better (because it’s not measuring up) or you have spent a fortune trying to find yourself and your life still isn’t working the way you want, “Getting to Know YOU” is a must read. Karen has a fun, practical and engaging way of introducing you to your unique blueprint that will help you play life on your terms as you learn to make decisions you can trust and subsequently get what you want. “

“This book had a lightness to it that I hadn’t originally felt when I first heard about Human Design. The terms and jargon can feel heavy, but this had a light feel that allowed me to get back into it and smooth out some of the concepts I was confused about. In the chapter on Health, it resonated so much because of my own chronic health issues and I felt the ease that she was talking about as I listened to the audio. At that moment, I felt like I came into one-ness with myself and it felt like, “You’re on the right track!” It felt really good.”

“Conversationally written, the author offers that all-important support to the readerâ??she gives you the confidence to try new things! She’s telling you her story and leading you to recognize yours in an intimate, trusting, thought-provoking setting. She explores questions common to all of usâ??and provides the answers! This is a “how-to” book and then some.”

“Getting to Know YOU” is one of the most refreshing books written on Human Design! Karen takes a complex, dense topic and brings it to life, explaining in practical and clear terms how knowing your unique Human Design can forever improve your life. Thank you, Karen!”

This book is for the resolute seekers of knowing themselves, spiritual nomads, and curious ones who have tried all the seminars, books and courses, but still have questions. You’ll happily find the answers to self-awareness within this book and discover how it can help you with the most annoying challenges in your Career, Relationships, Parenting, Health and even your Spirituality. In a caring and informative way, without the jargon, Karen will help you understand that the Principles of Human Design apply to all of us. We’re all perfectly designed, and we each have a purpose to fulfill. Once you realize how unique you are and how you interact with others, the subtle distinctions of Human Design allow you to discover your authentic self and see all your relationships in a new way-with all your questions answered!

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him find it within himself.” Galileo Galelei

Find the answers you’re looking for within “Getting to Know YOU”!

Kill Thy Self, Be Born Again: The testimony of Dustin Layton

by Dustin Layton

This is the testimony of a radical young man that came from a life of chaos that led to death, escaping into life with Christ. A modern day pharisee who was lost in deception, struggling in search of God, through the trials and tribulations of his own mind, through heartbreak and sadness, through confusion and depression, Dustin found the prize worth dying for.

From the author that brought you “Dealing with Devils,” Kill Thy Self, Be Born Again will positively change your thinking.

The Billionaire Love Match (The Billionaire Surprise Book 1)

by Emma St. Clair

Does real love stand a chance on a rigged reality show? 

Casey’s friends tell her that she’s a terrible judge of character. When she hears about a matchmaking reality show based on personality tests, she applies on a whim. But moments before the show starts filming, a chance encounter with a stranger has her questioning everything. 

Colt wants nothing more than to break out from underneath his movie mogul mother’s powerful grip. If he agrees to star in a reality show to help secure a streaming TV deal for her billion-dollar company, he’ll get his wish: his own film studio. He knows as well as anyone those shows are heavily staged, so his heart won’t be on the line. But when he makes a real connection with one of the fifteen women just before the show, he’s got bigger problems. If he follows his mother’s plans, he may wreck his chance at love. If he doesn’t, his mother may destroy them anyway.

In front of cameras, under the watchful eye of his mother, and surrounded by fourteen other jealous women, Colt and Casey do their best to let a real relationship unfold. Can they trust something built on live television or will their relationship run out like fifteen minutes of fame?

This clean and inspirational billionaire romance is a perfect read if you enjoy witty dialogue and colorful characters or consider shows like The Bachelor a guilty pleasure. 

Buy The Billionaire Love Match for a refreshing take on billionaire love stories!

Where Trains Collide

by Amber Stokes

Inspirational Contemporary Romance Novella

Two hearts racing in different directions will meet where trains collide.

Burned out and disillusioned with her chosen career path, Trisha Knolane gives in to impulse and hops on a train bound for Oregon, eager to escape the stress of college for a few days. But what begins as a fun little adventure takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend is also on board.

All her hopes and dreams had once centered on Paul Benson. Now, when Trisha doesn’t know where her current track will lead, Paul’s reappearance in her life only complicates matters and sparks difficult questions.

Questions that could change the course of her life.

A heartfelt and thought-provoking contemporary romance novella, Where Trains Collide faces the uncertain season of new adulthood head on and shows that sometimes a path of broken dreams can lead to life’s best destination.

A Mail Order Bride In Winter: A Collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romance Short Stories

by Cindy Upton


Trouble and tragedy seems to follow Adeline, especially after losing both of her parents. Now a widow with a small child, the tax collector has come for her one material possession…her house. Andrew, her neighbor realizes that with his name on the property, she can avoid a foreclosure. They decide to get married in order stave off the bankers with the idea that they would have the marriage annulled in the winter.

Secretly, Andrew has pined for Adeline but he didn’t want her like this. He fulfills his obligation to protect her and her son financially until his admiration for the beautiful woman turns into something he can no longer hide. When the time comes to annul their marriage, will they both have second thoughts?

Lord Make Me A Record Breaker

by Grace Ken Uloh

This prayer topic is a replica of the prayer of Jabez. He was divinely designed to be an honourable man, but his name became an obstacle to his divine agenda, and he suffered dishonour until he prayerfully demanded his right to be an honourable man. There is a time to demand your original right and now is the time to become a line and barrier crosser as you make this prayer in Jesus name.

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