Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Sep 18

The Timeless

by Richard Paolinelli

Earth’s Past Is Under Attack!

In the far distant future, with the galaxy locked in an area of dark space where electronics will not work, Little John Singapore sits in a prison cell on Pluto awaiting execution. Singapore is the First Mate of the pirate ship, the Timeless. As he awaits his fate he agrees to tell a young author one story each day about his ship and his Captain, Rock Congo.

Singapore tells how the Governor of the Sol system Garabaldi enlisted the ship and her crew to pursue Duchess Moran. Moran is an infamous interstellar thief tired of her plans being interfered with by the Earth-led Alliance. She has stolen the Amulet of Geraint, allowing her to travel through time at will. Her target is ancient Greece, where she plans to prevent democracy from ever taking hold by stopping King Leonidas from reaching the famed Battle of Thermopylae. By changing Earth’s past she hopes to prevent the Alliance from ever forming.

The Timeless, a ship that can sail through space, air and water with equal ease, is the only ship capable of time travel, and Earth’s only hope to save its past, present and future. Despite being crewed by pirates, Garabaldi sends them through time in pursuit of Moran.

When the Timeless arrives in ancient Sparta, the find Moran has already been there and has kidnapped Leonidas and his Queen. Now they have just a matter of days to find her and the King to keep his appointment with King Xerxes of Persia and preserve Earth’s history.

The first book of the Timeless series, a middle grade/YA science fiction/steampunk hybrid, is sure to be a hit with readers of all ages. As well as fans of historical fiction as the Timeless and her crew will be very busy in Earth’s storied past in future books in the series.

Solitary Girl (Daughters of New America)

by JM Scott

Lane Snow is a regular girl with regular dreams: finish high school, go to college, start a family. All of that changes on April 23, 2026 when a world event decimates more than half of the population. Now Lane must navigate through this new world of dangerous people to survive. To survive- she needs to muster the strength she never knew she had.

About Daughters of New America: After a world event suddenly kills more than half of the world’s population, there is hope. Three different teen girls are thrust into this new world. Each girl holds a promise that the America they love can rebuilt and better before. That is, if they can each make it to Mapleton, a community of like-minded survivors in Vermont. The series includes: Solider Girl, Survivor Girl, and Solitary Girl.

Grease Pit Millie (Motor Oil Slime Girl Book 1)

by James Benthul

Richard was a mechanic in a poor clapboard shanty in the early fifties. Millie was a tattoo artist. The rockabilly couple were a good match and could make it work, all things being normal.

Unfortunately, the American landscape is troubled, and a monstrous menace will soon challenge our heroic duo.

Don’t Know Jack: Cape High Book Four (Cape High Series 4)

by R.J. Ross

“You’re awake?” I find myself looking at the most dangerous looking mother–er, man–I’ve ever seen. I know that face. I know that voice even better. It’s Technico, Zoe’s dad. “Good. We need that bed. Get up, you should be able to, now.”

“Water,” I rasp out. A woman in a black nurse’s outfit moves forward, slipping a straw into my mouth. I take a drink, almost choke, and drink some more. It feels good being able to swallow easily. When she pulls away the straw I start to sit up. She looks panicked.

“You shouldn’t be–“

“He’s fine,” Technico says. “He’s in better shape than most. Aubrey’s got skills I never thought I’d see in someone her age.”

I feel a little light headed, really, but I’m sitting up. I hold my hand up, staring at the thin metal lines that swirl over my flesh. “I thought I was fine,” I say.

Mine (Psy-Bond Series Book 1)

by M.D. Stewart

As a thirteen-year-old runaway, Mason “Mace” Adams learned at an early age to always look out for himself and trust no one. His father was an abusive alcoholic, his brother left to join the military and his best friend abandons him. When he’s abducted by aliens in 2017 to take part in “copulations studies”, he tries to keep the shy, sweet woman he’s paired with at arm’s length.

In 1982, Abby McMillion was getting her life back on track after leaving her hometown with a broken heart. She’s captured by aliens, put in stasis and forced to endure long periods of time alone. When she is returned to her dark cell to find a strange man, she’s happy to have human interaction again. She can’t let herself fall for him, no matter how protective and sexy he is.

Together Mace and Abby learn to rely on each other and along the way form a mythical psy-bond, but an accident returns Abby to her time, thirty-five years in the past. Alone and needing his mate, Mace begins a journey to rescue the one woman who completed his broken soul. Now he must find a way to bring Abby back to 2017 and save his sanity.

Mace and Abby’s story continues in the next book, “Ours” and it is worth the journey.

This book contains a couple with trust issues who learn to love and trust each other. There are hot love scenes and this book is intended for adults 18+.

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