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Communication Skills For Survival: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Beginnerâ??s Guide On How To Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones and The Outside World During Disaster

by Nicholas Randall

Have you ever wondered how exactly you will communicate with your family, the outside world, or help if the communication grid were to go down?

What if you found yourself in the middle of a large scale and long term catastrophe where you knew the government would not be coming to your rescue?

In this scenario, how would you get-in touch with your relatives? What if the entire power grid went down, for that matter?
When preparing for catastrophe, there are several priorities that you must have: food, water, first aid, shelter, and security certainly come to mind.

But communication must be one of those top priorities.

If you don’t incorporate communication into your crisis preparation today, then you are simply not going to know what to do or how to get in touch with anybody when things go bad.

For example, what will you do if the phone in your pocket quits working?

This is why you must think about communication and alternative communicating methods you can use in a disaster scenario.
In this book, we are going to outline and discuss how you can prepare to communicate properly in a grid down disaster situation.

The specific steps that we are going to talk about are:

Step #1: Why You Can’t Rely On Your Phone
Step #2: List Of Ways To Communicate During An SHTF Scenario
Step #3: The Top Threats To Communication Infrastructure In The United States
Step #4: The Best Survival Radios To Own
Step #5: Developing An Emergency Family Communications Plan

By the end of this book, you will have gained a wealth of knowledge on the best ways to communicate during disaster, while the communication infrastructure in the U.S is so fragile, and how to get in-touch with your family and relatives when catastrophe finally does strike.

Scavenging For Survival: The Definitive Beginnerâ??s Guide On How To Safely Scavenge Necessary Items For Your Survival In A Grid Down Disaster Scenario

by Nicholas Randall

I know what you’re thinking: “why do I need to scavenge when I have already stockpiled everything that I could possibly need?”

But here’s the truth, even if you’re a lifelong prepper, there are still items that you may have forgotten. It’s also possible that the disaster could last longer than you anticipated and you run out of something critical. Or even yet, it’s possible that there was an item you never thought you needed but it turns out you do need.

For example, what if you lose or run out of your prescription medications and you need to find replacement medication quickly? What if your vehicle breaks down and you need to find replacement parts? What if you run out of water purification tablets? What if you start running low on food or ammunition?

There are a limitless number of scenarios where you could have to scavenge for supplies in a disaster scenario.

Scavenging is not the same thing as looting or raiding. Whereas both of those things involve people using force to break into homes or business establishments to forcefully steal things (and perhaps even damage property or harm people in the process), scavenging is all about carefully, discreetly, and safely searching for abandoned supplies that you can use to your own benefit.

There’s a lot of stigma attached to scavenging in an SHTF scenario, but the reality is that it’s something that we could all find ourselves doing when the grid goes down and we run out of something critical.

This guide is going to explain how you can scavenge in an SHTF scenario, from a mindset of being as safe and strategic as possible.

The three primary subjects that this book will cover are:

How to Prepare For and Plan Out Your Scavenging Mission
The Best and Most Overlooked Places to Scavenge and Why
The Specific Items You Will Need to Scavenge and Why

By the end of this book, you will know how to find what you need in a disaster scenario without resorting to smashing windows or breaking down doors.

You may have envisioned yourself outlasting the disaster with your family in your secure underground bunker, believing you would never have to step outside until after the danger has passed.

But the reality is that the smart prepper is someone who is prepared for all situations, and that includes being prepared to venture outside of your home to go scavenge for items you need in a dangerous zone.

That’s where this book will come in handy.

Fuel Storage For Survival: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Beginnerâ??s Survival Guide On How To Store Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, and Propane For Disaster Preparedness

by Nicholas Randall

Do your disaster preparation plans currently include plans on storing fuel for the long term?

If they don’t, then you need to change that right away.

The reason why is because fuel is going to be equally as valuable as gold in a long-term crisis.

There are four primary types of fuel that you need to consider storing for disaster:


By having these each of these in a disaster, you have the ability to:

Generate Heat
Run A Generator
Bug Out In A Vehicle

That being said, safely and properly storing these kinds of fuels over the long term is not exactly as easy as ABC.

Improperly storing each of these kinds of fuel poses a major safety hazard for you and your family.

Fortunately, this book will teach you how to safely store each of these fuels for the long term through a step-by-step process.

The simple steps that we will walk through in this book are:

Step #1: The Basics of General Fuel Storage
Step #2: How Much Fuel Do You Need to Store?
Step #3: Tips on Storing Gasoline
Step #4: Tips on Storing Diesel
Step #5: Tips on Storing Kerosene
Step #6: Tips on Storing Propane

By the end of this book, you will know how to store each of the four primary kinds of fuel in a way that is safe and proper and you can then begin to incorporate your newfound knowledge into your disaster preparedness plans.

EMP Attack Survival Items : The Ultimate Guide On How To Build A Highly Effective Survival Kit That Will Allow To Survive An EMP Attack

by Nicholas Randall

This book will discuss how to build your own personal EMP attack survival kit.

An EMP attack would, without question, be one of the most devastating types of disasters that could impact the United States.

The power grid would collapse instantly. The vast majority of vehicles would no longer work. The supply chain would stop.

There would be no more utilities, forms of long distance communication, or running water. The economy will completely and utterly collapse.

All the stores in your town will become looted. Your electronics, including your smart phone and your laptop, will cease working immediately as well.

Within just a few months, tens if not hundreds of millions would die from starvation, dehydration, suicide, disease, or murder.
To make matters worse, the United States government has virtually no contingency plan on how to deal with an EMP attack.

This means that the recovery period would take years. During that time, you will be completely on your own. Your life will never be the same again.

If our enemies would ever want to deal a truly destructive and overwhelming blow to the United States, an EMP attack would be the way they would do it.

To survive such a catastrophic event, you must have your own personal survival kit ready to go.

This book will discuss how to build your own personal EMP survival kit in the following categories:

Food and Water
Powerless Tools
First Aid
Personal Hygiene
Fire and Shelter
Bartering Items

In addition, this book will provide recommendations on specific makes and models of gear in the above categories.

By the end of this book, you will have complete knowledge of everything you need to have in your EMP survival kit, so you can begin putting it together immediately.

How To Disappear Completely For Survival: 26 Lessons On How To Evade The Authorities, Establish A New Identity, and Start A New Life

by Nicholas Randall

Would you be able to disappear completely and not get caught if you were forced to do it?

Say you were falsely accused of a significant crime and a conviction was near certain, would you be able to go completely off the grid without leaving any trace at all?

If you believe you can, I have news for you: it’s way harder than you think.

Your information is currently being held in thousands of both government and private databases.

There are over thirty thousand security cameras in America.

The authorities who will track you will do so relentlessly and they have an unlimited amount of expensive resources and technology to track you.

Unlike what we see in the movies, you can’t just fake your own death and then assume a new identity.

There is much more work that goes into it than that.

However, if you do put in the work and know what you need to do, it is possible to disappear completely.

This book will serve as a beginner’s introduction guide to disappearing completely and not getting caught, by exposing you to twenty six lessons on how to disappear without leaving at race.

The very act of disappearing is a massive undertaking and a huge detail. The very act of disappearing alone will draw you massive attention.

Are you prepared to do it? If so, turn the page and we’ll dive into the lessons, and you can determine if leaving your old life behind and starting a new one under a completely new identity is really something you can do.

12 Months of Prepping: How To Fully Prepare Yourself For A Grid Down Disaster in 12 Months, 1 Month At A Time

by Nicholas Randall

Becoming more prepared for disaster is one of the toughest challenges that individuals and families alike face in the 21st century.

We live in a world with an increasingly shaky economy, extreme weather, and the strong risk of a terrorist attack or EMP blast.
The world may not be safe, but it is safe to say that there is cause for worry.

Many people see the value in prepping but decide not to do so for a number of reasons, whether it be the cost, the time, lack of support from friends and family, or the sheer scope of it.

What you need to do is put your fears aside and push forward. Prepping can be overwhelming, but it becomes significantly easier if you break things down into smaller chunks.

Remember, you don’t have to become totally prepared by tomorrow. Who says you can’t become more prepared by next year?
The purpose of this book is to break down prepping into a series of smaller goals through a month-by-month roadmap for a total of 12 months.

During these twelve months, you’ll become more prepared for disaster in all areas by stockpiling each of the following and more:

First Aid Gear
Basic Survival Supplies

If you apply what you learn in this book, you will become more prepared for disaster by each month, so by the end of the year, your preparations will have grown beyond what you had previously thought was possible.

Bug Out RV: The Definitive Step-By-Step Beginnerâ??s Guide On Transforming Your Family RV Into A Bug Out Vehicle To Get You Out Of Danger In A Disaster

by Nicholas Randall

An RV may seem like the ultimate bug out vehicle. After all, it’s essentially a house on wheels!

This book is going to dive into the pros and cons of an RV as a bug out vehicle and also talk about the specific steps you need to follow to turn your RV into a bug out vehicle should you decide to do so.

If you’ve been thinking about making your RV your bug out vehicle but don’t know where to start, this book will serve as the ultimate introduction for you.

Or if you haven’t decided if using an RV as a bug out vehicle is the right move for you, this book will lay out the facts for you so you can make an informed decision.

The steps that we are going to cover in this book include each of the following:

What Is A Bug Out Vehicle?
Is An RV A Good Choice For A Bug Out Vehicle?
Types Of RV’s And Their Pros and Cons
Stockpiling Supplies In Your RV For Bugging Out
Maintaining Your RV
Tips For Bugging Out

By the end of this book, you will know all the advantages and disadvantages there are to using an RV as a bug out vehicle, how to prepare your RV for bugging out use, how to maintain your RV, and then how to actually bug out in your RV when the time comes to do so.

Outdoor Survival Skills For Hikers : 20 Survival Skills To Know For Your Next Outdoor Hiking Trip

by Nicholas Randall

I don’t know about you, but I love hiking.

Hiking is fun, it’s relaxing and yet exhilarating at the same time, it’s great exercise, and you can see some truly awesome scenery.

But as fun as hiking it, the truth is having fun has to be your second priority.

Your first priority must be safety, and part of being safe on a hiking trip means knowing important outdoor survival skills to stay alive or get stranded.

In this book, we will cover the top twenty outdoor survival skills that new hikers such as yourself need to know, including but not limited to:

How to choose a campsite to spend the night at
How to measure the distance you have traveled
How to thaw out your cold or wet feet
How to locate a source of clean drinking water
How to improvise fishing equipment
How to build a fire
How to use pine trees to stay alive

If you’re looking to go on your first or next hiking trip, the survival skills in this book will be absolutely imperative for you to know should anything go wrong.

Let’s get started!

Bladesmithing: Techniques, Skills and Basic Tools to Start Crafting

by Mark Stevenson


Techniques, Skills and Basic Tools to Start Crafting

For those of you who like DIY projects and can’t wait to work with your hands, bladesmithing just might be worth your while. From the drawing board to last minute corrections, this book walks you through the entire process of bladesmithing. Here you will learn just what tools you should get and how you should use them. You will discover exactly how to use and maintain a forge. There are several types of forges that run on different fuels and create different results, here in this guide you will be walked through them all.

You will also be instructed on proper hammering, sharpening, and tempering techniques. This book lists all of the main items you will need to get the job done and even offers up recommendations on where you can find them! If you are at all interested in trying your hand at bladesmithing, this comprehensive guide is a guaranteed must have!

Discover how you can:

  • Make metal malleable
  • Sharpen and temper blades
  • Create adequate tangs for handles
  • And a whole lot more!

Bad Neighborhood Survival Guide: Critical Survival Lessons On How To Stay Safe In Dangerous Parts of the City

by Nicholas Randall

Both in your everyday life and in a grid down disaster scenario, you may find yourself having to walk or drive through a dangerous area.

There are dangerous neighborhoods all across the world. Chances are you can think of a particularly bad place to be in your own city right now.

The time may come in the future where you get lost and find yourself in the wrong part of town.

Maybe you’re visiting a new city and you accidentally find yourself in a bad neighborhood.

Or maybe you have no choice but to go through a bad part of town.

If that ever happens, it’s absolutely critical that you exercise caution and have a plan in place.

It also may be that you are living in a dangerous neighborhood. There are many reasons why one could end up living in a bad neighborhood: unemployment or poverty bring crime to a once thriving area, for example.

If you are calling a dangerous neighborhood your home right now, then the lessons you will learn in this book will be even more critically important.

There are three hundred thousand robberies and fifty thousand carjackings in the United States each and every year.

Just because neither of those things have never happened to you does not mean that they never will in the future. You must be ready.

In this book, we are going to dive into a series of lesson and tips that are designed to keep you safe and on your guard when you are passing through a dangerous area.

At the end of this book, we’ll also go over a list of the most dangerous specific neighborhoods in America that you will want to avoid, and what makes them so.

Let’s dive into it!

Survival Bartering Guide: 20 Survival Lessons On How To Negotiate, Barter, and Trade With Other People In An Economic Collapse Where The Dollar Is Worthless

by Nicholas Randall

Bartering is a skill that you will have to learn if you want to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic world.

One of the hardest parts of living following a nationwide disaster is that the banking system will be crippled and the economy will collapse even worse than the Great Depression or the Great Recession.

No matter how much cash you have in your hand, it will be useless because no one will want it.

On the other hand, everyone will want basic physical items that will help them survive for just a few days longer or at least help make their lives easier, such as food, medicine, ammunition, alcohol, coffee, seeds, baking soda, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, or spices.

These are the items that you will need to stockpile not only for yourself, but for trading with others as well.

If the economy ever collapses and a bartering system emerges, the only way you will be able to gain more of an item you are running low of is if you have another valuable item to give in return.

You must learn proper bartering and negotiation strategies to ensure a fair trade so you won’t get ripped off. That’s exactly what this book is about.

In this book, we will outline and discuss in-detail the top twenty bartering strategies (plus a bonus strategy at the end) and with some real world examples of how business people use these strategies every day to help illustrate them for you.

Examples of the strategies and tips this book will talk about include:

– The top items you need to stockpile for bartering
– Why bartering is harder than you think
– How to decide where and when the negotiation will take place
– Building rapport with the other party before the bartering begins
– Increasing the value of what you are trading
– Decreasing the value of what the other party is trading
– How to control the flow of the negotiation
– Using psychology to sway the other party if they are undecided or leaning no
– Having an exit strategy in place

If you currently have limited knowledge on negotiating and bartering with strangers and you want to expand this knowledge, this book will be a must read.

Perhaps the best part of this book is you don’t only have to use the negotiating strategies you’re about to learn after a disaster.

You can also easily utilize them in your everyday life, such as when buying a new car or house, as well.

Ammo Storage Guide: 18 Lessons On How To Properly Stockpile Ammunition For Survival and Disasters

by Nicholas Randall

Do you have guns? Then you need ammo too. And lots of it.

Ammunition is not something you can just toss on the shelf and leave alone without proper are for years on end.

All ammo has a finite shelf life and will go bad eventually. Your goal should be to prolong the shelf life of your ammo as long as possible through proper storage techniques.

Ammo is not cheap, so every time you make a purchase of it, you are making an investment. As with any investment, you want to get the most out of it, don’t you?

This beginner’s guide will discuss how to properly store ammunition for SHTF situations and disasters.

We will cover the following topics, among others:

– The best ammunition to stockpile
– The amount of ammunition to stockpile
– The biggest threats to your ammo and how to stop them
– The best containers for your ammunition

All in all, we will cover 18 critical lessons on the subject of ammunition storage for disaster scenarios.

By improperly storing your ammo, you will dramatically shorten its shelf life or simply make it unsafe to shoot, and that’s something you simply cannot afford to do.

The Best Bug Out Bags For Survival: The Ultimate Guide On How To Put Together A High Quality Bug Out Bag and The Best Models of Bug Out Bags On The Market

by Nicholas Randall

Every person should have a bug out bag in their home.

Just as we should all have a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, an emergency contact list, and a first aid kit for safety reasons, we should all also have a bug out bag.

Whether you are a seasoned survivalist who makes disaster preparation a priority or just an ordinary person who doesn’t give disaster preparation much thought, having a high quality and well-assembled bug out bag or disaster kit ready to go is just common sense.

What is a bug out bag?

A bug out bag is a backpack of survival items that you would grab and take with you should you ever need to evacuate your home.

If a devastating natural disaster such as a hurricane or a wildfire strikes and the authorities order you to leave for your safety, you will have to depend on the items within your bug out bag for you and your family’s survival.

Equally as imperative as the items within your bug out bag is the backpack that will serve as the bug out bag itself.

Just as you don’t want low quality survival items, you also don’t want a low quality backpack, do you?

This book will talk about both of these topics in great detail: a set of guidelines on how to choose a high quality bug out bag (and a list and description of the best makes and models of bug out bags that money can buy without spending a fortune), and a comprehensive list of the items you need to have in it (and how to pack those items to maximize space).

Remember, bug out bags are not for preppers only. They are for everyone.

After you choose a bug out bag and fill it up with the items you need, you can just set your bug out bag in the closet and forget about it until the time comes to use it.

Just don’t completely forget about it because you must remember to grab it if you are ever forced to evacuate.

In this guidebook, we will cover the following topics in detail:

– How To Choose The Best Bug Out Bag (Qualities To Look For)
– Where Should You Keep Your Bug Out Bag?
– The Most Important Items To Keep In Your Bug Out Bag
– How To Pack Your Bug Out Bag For Optimum Performance
– The Best Models of Bug Out Bags On The Market (Buyer’s Guide)

After you have read this book, you will have greatly increased your knowledge by learning about the qualities your bug out bag needs to have, the exact items you need to have in your bug out bag, the best models of bug out bags in existence, and how to properly pack and store your bug out bag.

You are responsible for your and your family’s well-being in the event of a major disaster.

This is why having a high quality bug out bag is so important. Whether you have a quality bug out bag or not can literally mean the difference between life and death should a major disaster ever occur.

Secrets of Survival: The Top 20 Secrets Of Survival That Nobody Told You

by Nicholas Randall

If you do research on how to stay alive in a survival situation, you’re likely to find a multitude of information on how to start a fire, build a shelter, and navigate your way to safety.

That’s all great, but it also might not be enough.

Finding yourself in a survival situation is not a question of if, but when.

That’s why you need to be truly prepared for it.

And it’s also why you need to expand your knowledge on survival beyond the basics of building shelter and creating a fire.

This book is going to focus on the top most important â??survival secrets,’ or survival tips that the everyday man or woman is most likely not aware of.

By reading about these secrets, and hopefully applying them later, you will be much more prepared for an emergency survival situation than almost everybody around you.

Let’s get started!

Survival Hacks: DIY Tips, Hacks, and Strategies To Make The Ordinary Person More Prepared

by Nicholas Randall

The information in this book will save your life.

In this book, we will walk through some of the most important DIY survival tips, hacks, and strategies that can help make you more prepared for an emergency.

This book is specifically aimed at ordinary people who don’t have much experience or knowledge about survival but would like to learn more.

By the end of this book, you will be much more knowledgeable on survival and disaster preparedness, and you will then be able to start transforming that knowledge into a valuable skill set.

DIY Survival Projects : DIY Projects You Can Do At Home To Make It Easier To Survive During Disaster

by Nicholas Randall

DIY prepping is not just about saving money.

DIY prepping is about learning new skills that will help make your life easier when things turn upside down.

The big idea behind these DIY prepping hacks is to improvise with the random items lying around your house to make entirely new items that you can use either in your everyday life or for disaster preparedness.

This book is going to focus on the most important and overlooked DIY projects for preppers that can also be done at home.

Each of these projects can be completed using commonly available resources that most people already have in their homes, and each of them will help make things much easier for you when the going gets tough.

By knowing how to complete these DIY projects, and by successfully applying them, you will greatly expand your overall resourcefulness and your capabilities as a survivalist will increase exponentially.

The specific DIY projects that we will cover in this book include:

Beef Tallow
Charred Cloth
Crisco and Canyon Candles
Drinking Straw Fire Starter
Egg Carton Fire Starter
Homemade Pepper Spray
Homemade Survival Bars
Mason Jar Oil Lamp
Rocket Stove
Solar Cooker

For each of these projects, we will discuss how they can benefit you, a list of the items you need to have, and then a detailed step-by-step walkthrough on how to build it.

The Best Fire Starters For Survival: The Top Best Makes and Models of Fire Starters On The Market Today

by Nicholas Randall

Man’s discovery of fire has completely changed the way we live, and yet in the 21st Century, the secret to getting a fire going can still remain a mystery.

Fortunately, the aid of a simple fire starter can help you turn kindling into a full fire to keep you warm, safe, and alive in a life-or-death survival situation.

Regardless of what type of outdoor adventure you like doing, whether it be camping or backpacking with your family in the woods, or hunting big game in the mountains or going on motorcycle or ATV rides, starting a fire and maintaining a fire can prove to be one of your most difficult tasks.

But it’s also one of your most essential tasks, because without fire, you cannot boil water or cook food, you cannot see in darkness (assuming you don’t have a flashlight), and you most likely cannot get warm if you are suffering from hypothermia or excessive shivering.

And if it’s raining, windy, or snowing outside, then that task only becomes even more difficult.

In these cases, you need to have the most reliable and dependable fire starter that you can have, one that will work in all conditions, and the specific fire starters that are fully reliable and dependable are the ones that we are going to discuss in this guide.

In this guide, we will cover the following areas:

– The pros and cons of each of the basic types of fire starters
– How to choose the best type of fire starter
– A list and description of the most reliable and dependable fire starters on the market by make and model, and their pros and cons

The purpose of this book is to educate you on which specific fire starter(s) you need to strongly consider carrying on your person the next time you venture out into the outdoors.

My EDC (Everyday Carry): My Current Everyday Carry Set Up For Survival and Self-Defense and Suggestions On How To Build or Change Yours

by Nicholas Randall

With this book, I’m going to do something a little differently than I do usually.

I’m going to talk about putting together an EDC (everyday carry) kit, but I’m going to write this one differently than I would usually.

Rather than write another basic instructional survival guide, this time I’m going to discuss my current EDC, and the items I have in it and the reasons I choose to carry those items, so you can get an idea of what you should carry or if you need to modify your own EDC in any way.

But before we get into that, what is an EDC?

An EDC is simply the collection of items that you carry on your person every single day.

If you think about it, every person already has an EDC because we all have items that we carry on our person everyday.

Even if all you reliably carry everyday is a wallet and phone, that still counts as an EDC.

Heck, even if all you consistently carry is the lint in your pockets, that’s still an EDC! Though granted, it’s a very poor EDC.
However, the difference between the ordinary person and the person with the prepared individual mindset is that the latter has an EDC comprised of items that make him or her more prepared for extraordinary circumstances.

With a true EDC kit, you should be prepared for any life threatening circumstances that you encounter during your day.

This means consistently carrying high quality items that will make you more prepared for these circumstances.

In this book, I’ll tell you what I carry as part of my EDC. You can compare what I have against what you have to see if you’re missing anything (or if I am, in which case don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know!)

Along the way, I’ll provide some important tips for everyday carry as well.

Dirt Cheap Survival Items: Inexpensive Yet Highly Effective Survival Items To Help You Prepare For Disaster On A Serious Budget

by Nicholas Randall

In this book, we are going to talk about budget friendly survival items that will be friendly for the frugal prepper or survivalist.
Regardless of whether you are looking up to beef up your survival stockpile without spending a fortune, or just need some inexpensive survival items to give to those you know as birthday or Christmas gifts, I’ve got you covered.

Many people see value in disaster preparation but don’t make any preparations for one very simple reason: the cost.

While it’s true that prepping can be expensive, the truth is it’s only expensive if you make it be!

With the items in this book, I’m going to prove to you that prepping can be done inexpensively by introducing you to items you can use for survival and that can be bought for less than $20, $15, $10, $5, or even for less than $1.

Examples of items that we will cover in this book include:

BIC Lighters
Solar Powered/Hand Crank Radio
Garbage Bags
Petroleum Jelly
Gardening Seeds

Those are just a small handful of the dozens of dirt cheap survival items that we are going to cover in this book, plus at the end of this book, I’ll slow you how you can build a complete survival kit for less than $20.

Turn the page and start reading!

Top 10 Ways You Will Die When SHTF: The Most Dangerous Threats You Will Face When SHTF

by Nicholas Randall

Prepping is a serious subject because it’s designed to to one thing: to help you stay alive when the going gets tough.

In order to be truly prepared, you need to understand the threats that you will face and why those threats are life threatening.

There are a variety of ways that you can die during an SHTF scenario, but I’ve narrowed those ways down to ten, which I feel are the most dangerous out of them all.

The top 10 ways that you will die when SHTF are:

Dehydration/Waterborne Diseases
Wound Infections
Poorly Thought Out Plans
Being Too Aggressive
Respiratory Infections
Prescription Meds Run Out
Being Unable To Improvise

Each of these are serious threats in any disaster situation and they each threaten your life and well-being.

In this short but information filled guide, we will talk about each of these in more detail.

Total Jump System: How to Jump 8-14 Higher or More (how to jump higher, how to dunk, how to increase vertical jump, plyometrics exercises, basketball, volleyball, increase vertical leap)

by Trevor Thomas

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Book!

– How to plan your athletic goals to get the most out of this system. (Page 5)
– Our suggestions for preparing for workouts. This includes what foods to eat, what to drink, and more! (Page 8)
– All the equipment needed for this systemâ?¦ oh that’s right, you already have it! No need to buy anything as the only equipment needed is your own body weight and common items you already have around your house. (Page 9)
– The complete system; this includes the exact exercises to do, and how to do them with extensive written explanations and pictures so you know exactly what you’re doing. (Page 12)
– Two optional exercises that increase your speed and stamina and really put the icing on the cake for this program. (Page 25)
– We explain how to measure your progress so you know exactly how much height you’ve gained each week. (Page 27)
– The workout chart and progress chart which guide you step by step through the system so you always know what to do and when to do it! (Page 30)
– And so MUCH MORE!

If you play basketball, volleyball, or any sport where jumping is crucial, you can’t risk not knowing this information! You can jump 8″-14″ higher or more in just weeks!

Stop what your doing, get this book, and learn how to jump higher today!

Bug Out Vehicle Survival Kit: A Step-By-Step Beginnerâ??s Guide On How To Assemble A Complete Survival Kit For Your Bug Out Vehicle

by Nicholas Randall

When people think of bug out vehicles, what often comes to mind is a huge and expensive military truck tricked out with booby traps and cool gadgetry and painted in camouflage.

But for the everyday person such as yourself, the vehicle that’s going to have to carry you and your family to safety in the event of disaster is simply going to be the car that you have in your garage or driveway right now.

Regardless of whether you have a Toyota Camry sedan, Subaru Outback wagon, Honda Odyssey minivan, Chevy Tahoe SUV, or a Ford F-150 pickup truck (or any other makes and models in those categories), any one of those will work as a bug out vehicle!

While bugging in will almost always be safer than bugging out, you may be ordered to evacuate by the authorities or you may be forced to anyway if the danger of staying at home is too great, and this is why you need to have a designated bug out vehicle.

In the event that something terrible occurs, you need to make sure that your bug out vehicle is prepped and ready-to-go, and this is includes having a fully stocked survival kit in your bug out vehicle all set up.

You should already have a survival kit handy in your car anyway, but for your chosen bug out vehicle specifically, you will need to make sure that this kit is extensive and complete, because for all you know you could be dependent on it for several days if not weeks while trying to escape the danger and reach safety.

In this book, we are going to cover how to assemble a complete survival kit for your bug out vehicle.

Topics we will cover include:

– Basic Rules To Follow For Assembling A Car Survival Kit
– Signaling, Communication, and Navigation
– Shelter and Comfort Items
– Fire Starting Devices/Lights/Warmth
– Food and Water
– Tools and Weaponry
– First Aid Kit
– Repair Tools
– BONUS CHAPTER: Staying Alive In Your Car During A Winter Storm

Remember, the point of this book is not to discuss how to choose a bug out vehicle or how to modify it, but rather just how to put together a thorough collection of survival items to keep in your car at all times and to keep you alive when you are stranded or need to bug out.

The Perfect Run: Master the Art of Running Like a Distance God

by Chris Baruch

This is not the typical runnig book.

This book exposes the system Chris Baruch has experimented to run a 2:43 Marathon at the age of 38 and after just a few years of running, starting from scratch with a poor level of fitness and 50 pounds of body fat to kill on the pavement!

In this book, he talks about becoming a fast and tough long distance runner. And he certainly wants to have an honest conversation about what that really means and how to do it.

This book is reserved to those who have decided to become serious and a badass long distance runners and who want to learn how to make this DECISION BECOMES A REALITY.

The system exposed in the book system includes four main steps that form a cyclic process for ensuring a CONTINUOUS PROGRESSION over the weeks, months and years of your running journey.

Chris Baruch speaks about training cycles, periods and itérations, workouts, recovery, motivation and optimal performance.

The system is the one he still uses to become a sub 2:30 marthoner in his forties.

If you DO THE RIGHT THINGS, you can show others that nothing is impossible and that you can be as good as you want to be!

But you must first LEARN HOW TO TRAIN and progress the right way.

You should read this book if:

– you are serious about running and are bored of using your shoes with no tangible results
– you have decided to raise your level of performance
– you want to have the indestructible self-esteem that comes with greatness

Because changing often begins by reading. IT’S TIME TO BECOME YOUR BEST BADASS LONG DISTANCE RUNNER!

The Shell of a Person

by Lance Pototschnik

“Never have disgusting, miserable living conditions been so funny. When someone finally finds a way to send back a report from hell, I hope it will be Lance Pototschnik. Except this guy is going to heaven, for the way he writes.” –The Kindle Book Review

“Welcome to beautiful Costa Rica! Come and experience our diverse wildlife. Exhume nests of dead baby turtles and stay up all night while mosquitoes elicit blood from your very soul! Indulge in the local cuisine. Eat rice and beans until the malnutrition engenders hallucinations! Travel west to Guanacaste, to the peninsula that pokes into the Pacific like a fang. Visit the remote, cocoa-dust beaches where rare sea turtles crawl from the seething ocean to nest. Here, masochists will enjoy camping beside the water to leave civilization and all its conveniences behind. Burn bucketfuls of used toilet paper, shiver in an infested bed, and wade crocodile-filled rivers…every single day!”

Lance Pototschnik and his friends must have booked their trip with that agency. Their incredibly affordable “vacation” was meant to be a relaxing time to meditate on the direction of their languid, aimless lives. Instead, they are introduced to hell and the insane diversity of its tortures.

Marooned on a remote sea turtle conservancy with a handful of fellow unanchored souls, Pototschnik, in his hilarious debut memoir, ponders who he essentially is, and what he is likely to become. In Pototschnik, those who have fallen prey to the desolation of broken dreams, the young and the listless, finally find a voice with the talent to cast out demons and turn them into laughs.

Beneath its shell, this rollicking, episodic story is also a treatise about finding your purpose, realizing your full potential, and learning to love your own life. Pototschnik’s very personal book happens to be the story we have all been hoping for.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.