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Basics Of Photography: No longer ask what does this term mean or how do they take those pictures. With this book, you too will be able to capture beautiful images.

by Diego Garcia

Full-Color Images in both paperback and ebook versions. Get e-book version free when you purchase paperback version.

In this book, you will learn how to use your digital camera. Whether you recently bought a camera or merely want to improve your skills by learning the basics of photography. All the ideas you need to capture a great photograph.

For example:
What all the modes on your camera do
How to use manual mode
what drive mode to use
whether to choose jpeg or raw
The effects of white balances
How to compose your photograph
What lenses to use and why
What memory card to get
How to clean your camera and lenses

There are many books to choose from, but many are boring, hard to understand, and long.

This book is relatively short, with helpful images, and all the information needed to take great photographs.

Learn to Play Guitar: A Comprehensive Guitar Guide for Beginners to Intermediate Players

by Gareth Evans

“Covers a wide range topics essential for all guitarists. Plenty of information and solid advice that a player can dip into as needed. There are many examples to practice with the backing tracks. A very useful tool to help you progress with your guitar playing.” Hedley Timbs BA(Mus), Grad.Dip. Teaching (New Zealand)

Learn to Play Guitar is comprehensive and clear with over 180 photographic examples, illustrations and purpose made diagrams. This guitar book includes 42 downloadable mp3 tracks of full band demo and backing track with the guitar removed for you to play over. Learn to Play Guitar bridges the gaps, explaining guitar techniques that can be taken for granted by more experienced guitar players.

Melodies – To get you straight into playing music, numbers have been added underneath guitar tablature to assist with the rhythm. Later on, the rhythmical aspect of conventional music notation is covered so you can use it in conjunction with tablature.

Rhythm Guitar – Changing between chords and strumming are presented as separate subjects initially, so that you can develop coordination in each hand independently. They are then brought together starting with basic exercises, getting more advanced until there is a rhythm guitar musical piece to play.

Music Theory – The major scale, minor scale, major and minor pentatonic scales and basic major and minor chord construction are explained in terms of the fret-board and reinforced by musical pieces in various styles to make the learning process practical and enjoyable.

What Else? – Fret-board layout, power chords, barre chords, how to string a guitar, how to practise guitar, palm muting and basic lead guitar techniques.

Please Note: The eBook includes musical pieces so is not suitable for smaller screens.

“We loved the book. The information was well paced and concise enough not to overwhelm. Any beginner would definitely benefit from having this book, and it’s a great reminder for those who might have forgotten details or are looking for them.” Nimal De Silva, The Music Garage (Singapore)

“Plenty of detail that goes into posture, hand position, thumb position, etc. The notation and strumming is really good here because it builds up in stages. In a lesson, you can introduce it in this way piece by piece and not overwhelm the student.” Michael Hanna, Grade 8 RS.Guitar – Larne Guitar School (N.Ireland)

Fashion SketchBook: Figure templates and note to create your style (Fashion Design Book 2)

by Mike Murphy

Do you want to be a fashion designer and create the wardrobe of your dreams?

The Fashion Sketchpad: This fashion book tool was especially created for aspiring fashion designers who love to sketch clothes but don’t have the patience to draw figure templates. The Fashion Sketchpad is filled with 310 female figure templates in 3 different poses (with front and back). Let it help you fully.

Fashion Sketch Book is suit for

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Artist
  • People who want to create their unique style.

We will be pleasure to see Your design, if you would like to share on our website or Facebook page.

Buy Your Copy Today! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

How to Draw Anime Characters in 13 Steps or Less!

by Stephanie Lane

Buy this book and get BOOK for FREE

Beginning in 1917 with the release of Dekobo Shingacho-Meian no Shippai, anime has continued to grow as a popular stylized art form with some films in this genre grossing over 200 million dollars! Successful shows in this genre have achieved even higher earnings, reaching grosses into the billions.

Like any other art form, learning to draw anime takes time and practice, but thankfully there are distinct characteristics seen in anime drawings that are easy to master and will be explained in this book. So, by following the guided steps provided, you should be well on your way to mastering the art of anime!


The content of this book is:

  • Front Faces
  • ¾ Faces
  • Sitting Guys
  • Static Poses
  • Moving Poses
  • Dynamic Poses

All the instructions you will find at the end of the book

Extending Your Vocal Range (Improve Your Singing Voice Book 7)

by Neil Firth

Extending Your Vocal Range.

Ever wanted to reach those high notes more easily?
Or develop your lower register?

This 7th module in the ‘Improve Your Singing Voice’ program will help you do just that.

Understand more about your voice and how repetition and practice with certain specific vocal exercises can really help you unlock your voice and sing notes which previously seemed impossible.

You’ll love this module if you want to learn how to extend your vocal range.

Major Tonality: Chords and Chord-scales

by Joseph Hardy

â??Major Tonality: Chords and Chord-Scales’ features chords and scales that fit a major tonality context. It presents chords within a particular scale alongside chords outside of that scale that can be used in composing and arranging music in the same key. It also provides the accompanying chord-scales that can be used to improvise over these chords.

Learning scales that best fit particular chord qualities of specific scale degrees may enhance one’s confidence in improvising over these chords. Guitarists, bassists, and other instrumentalists familiar with seventh chords and the modes of the major scale may find this resource helpful.

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