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F*ck It: A Guide to Letting Go & Living Free

by Charlo Greene

This #1 Amazon New Release is a Modern & Practical Manual to Manifesting the Life You Deserve.

Written while awaiting a political prosecution that could cost her 54 years of freedom, viral activist Charlo Greene ( offers a raw, no-holds-barred rulebook for letting go and living a life you love.

Charlo Greene presents her rules for life in her must-read memoir, F*ck It: A Guide to Letting Go & Living Free, from her childhood as one of seven first generation Nigerian-American siblings in Alaska to her fight to the top in the broadcasting industry and her historic achievement of legalizing cannabis in her home state.

Greene shamelessly puts her life on display, from her childhood traumas and family betrayals to her journey through sexual assault, depression and stripping her way through college, as well as the events leading up to the viral “F**k it, I quit,” moment that was viewed more than 100 million times worldwide.

Greene does all this with the threat of wrongful incarceration – for up to 54 years – looming overhead. F*ck It: A Guide to Letting Go & Living Free is sure to become readers’ go-to inspirational text for true living and paramount success in any industry.


Charlo Greene is a broadcast journalist and media expert turned activist and cannabis business coach. Charlo went viral in 2014 when she proudly declared her activism and signed off for the last time with, “F*ck it, I quitâ?¦” Immediately after her exit, she successfully led the charge in Alaska’s effort to legalize recreational marijuana.

Charlo has been featured by more than 100 media outlets including Forbes, The Guardian, The Young Turks, Ebony, VIBE, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN and TIME.

Charlo continues to advocate for cannabis and criminal justice reform while awaiting her trial, which is set to take place in October 2018. She regularly updates her supporters on her fight for her life at

Hannibal Barca: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Hannibal Barca

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There are notorious figures in history who have withstood the test of time, and then there is Hannibal Barca. This man stands in a unique category of his own because the name of Hannibal Barca not only went down in history; it changed the course of it. This headstrong North African leader did the impossible. He not only led a massive army flanked by elephantsâ??yes, elephantsâ??from North Africa and into Europe, Hannibal also managed to check the growing superpower of Rome through sheer ingenuity.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Crossing the Alps
â?? Hannibal’s Roman Raids
â?? The Apocalyptic Battle of Cannae
â?? The Roman Counterattack
â?? Life on the Run
â?? Hannibal’s Last Stand
And much more!

Hannibal Barca crossed the Alps to present himself as ancient Rome’s own insurmountable mountain. He positioned himself directly between the Old World Empire of Carthage and the young upstart of the Roman Republic, creating a clash of civilizations on a colossal scale. And the world has been trying to recover ever since.

Killer Call Girl Brandi Taliano: A Collection of True Crime

by Greta Harris

An anthology of True Crime featuring lurid accounts of porn stars, strippers and escorts performing acts of murder for money.
Dennis Dawley was stuck in an unhappy marriage with Joan, his former childhood sweetheart. They were married for over thirty years but Dennis longed for the good life, a life where he could spend as much money as he wanted on the toys and women of his choice. Frequenting prostitutes around the Sepulveda Boulevard area of Los Angeles, he would have a chance meeting with Brandita Taliano. Brandi would be the answer to his every sexual fantasy as she drained Dennis’ checking account dry only to have his wife threaten him with divorce. Realizing that a divorce will leave him cash poor, Dennis decided to eliminate his wife before she could go through with destroying him financially. If he could pay Brandi for sex, could he pay her to help kill his wife?

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