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Sorcery and Sin: The Complete Trilogy

by Justin DePaoli

Sorcery is a sin that has been purged. But now sin is the world’s only hope.

This gripping collection includes all three novels of Sorcery and Sin, an epic fantasy about the return of vengeful dragons, a world annihilated by forbidden sorcery, and depraved gods on the verge of madness.

Book 1: The Dragon Thief

Sorcery is a sin that has been purged. But now sin is the world’s only hope.

Lavery Opsillian would trade anything, even his ghostly friends in the city tombs who comfort him, to have his father back. Instead, he must face reality as Valios’ new king.

But his kingship is short-lived. Seized by cutthroats and held for ransom, Lavery learns he possesses a gift he soon deems a curse, but one that may well douse the flames threatening to engulf his world.

Sorcery has returned, and dragons are coming.

Book 2: Reign of Gods
Oriana Gravendeer wants to change the world. But first, she must conquer it.

With a powerful kingdom as her ally, a brood of dragons at her disposal, and sorcery at her command, overthrowing the powers of Avestas should prove effortless.

But when an unsettling horror washes ashore and allies turn, Oriana’s hopes begin to crumble. Worse, a malevolence has awoken in the North, and the world will know why sorcery is a sin.

Gods are coming. Gods will reign.

Book 3: Wrath of the Wraith

In a land where winter prevails eternally, Lavery Opsillian searches for a necromancer to save his world from the brink of calamity. But he instead confronts a chilling betrayal by those closest to him.

Worse, he learns that the baleful goddess who seized his world is hunting the same necromancer, for purposes far more sinister than he ever imagined.

But Lavery has a secret he hasn’t yet revealed, and soon the world will know his wrath.

Silver Moon (The Silver Series Book 7)

by Cheree Alsop

Silver Moon, the seventh book in the Silver Series, is about Jaze as he fights to hold onto the peace he has achieved for the werewolves. Tensions rise, ultimatums are made, and Jaze is forced to make a decision that will change everything for werewolves, hunters, and humans alike. Hearts are broken, lives are forfeit, and Jaze’s pack is called upon to save those who survive.

Silver Moon is about sacrificing everything for love. With those he cares about on the line, Jaze’s courage, loyalty, and leadership are put to the ultimate test.

Up All Night

by Emrys Apollo

After a disaster of a bachelor party, Eli finds himself drunk in bed with a horror movie softly playing in the background. His vampire buddy Callum decides to join him while their friend snoozes away on the floor, and things start to heat up as Callum goes in for a kiss with a bit of bite to it.

Glow: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Fairhaven Chronicles Book 1)

by S. M. Boyce

Everything you know is about to change.

Victoria Brie is getting her life together. She may be just a cashier, but she has big dreams and high hopes for what comes next. In the meantime, she has everything that matters: her family and her best friend.

If only life were that simple.

When she comes home to find her parents murdered by an elf â?? yeah, an elf â?? she’s thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and a madman who wants her dead. The question isâ?¦ why? Merged with a powerful artifact created by an evil mastermind, Victoria is hunted, stabbed, burned, shot, and attacked in the streetâ?¦ but she’s a survivor, damn it, and no one’s taking her out. She falls in love with the magical underground city of Fairhaven, and when the elf who assassinated her parents comes after her new home, she not taking any prisoners.

This series is an enchanting urban fantasy saga with sarcastic ogres, wise-cracking wizards, and a brutally addictive full-contact sport called Berserk. Your only regret will be not starting it sooner.

WARNING! This story contains cursing because these eighteen-year-olds are honorable rebels. If cursing offends you, you might not like this book.

Sheep Gate Prophecy

by Dr. J.E. Van Horn

When Dr. Carroll finds her grandfather’s journals, a prophecy leads to spiritual warfare and a quest for finding an heir with paranoid schizophrenia who holds the key to saving the earth from demonic destruction.

Sheep Gate Prophecy is a story of spiritual warfare, the prophetic, demonic torment, redemption, and God’s judgement. One of the main characters, Dr. Laura Carroll finds herself in her grandfather’s attic, blowing the dust off his forgotten prayer journals. A watcher angel is there as she uncovers the prophecies, one in foreign tongue, that lead her to an unknown male relative, who needs healing from paranoid schizophrenia, like that experienced by his grandfather before his mysterious death, so he can fulfill his anointing and save millions of lives.
But who is this descendant? Her mother was an only child, and she, his only grandchild. The truth leads her to Dr. Grady Shepard, a researcher in quantum physics at Johns Hopkins, jaded by tragic events in his own life, who is incapacitated by his demonically-derived diagnosis.
This tale of spiritual warfare unfolds as the demons work to lure the angels into a trap, which is part of the plan of several power-hungry demons, Furies, Tat, and Cerluna, along with Lucifer to take over the heaven and earth; only later discovering the collateral lethal damage to the earth’s atmosphere that unwittingly alerts the angels to their plan. The angels, including the Cherubim and Messengers communicate through dreams, sending Laura, her husband Ryan, Grady, and his father Oliver to find a supernatural healing pool, stirred by a healing angel, like the one at the Sheep Gate in Bethesda, on a hidden island; and reveal the source of demonic destruction.
In the spiritual realm, the descendants of Jennings Evans, Grady and Laura, have special markings that alert the angels and demons alike to their special purpose on the earth, thus causing them to be receivers of angelic protection, and contrarily, targets of tribulation. Before his healing, Grady’s sins are litigated in the Court of Heaven, having been accused by evidence drudged up by the dim-wit demons of the accuser committee, led by Sham, Pry, and Rash. In the comical court scenes, the demons must speak through intercom from their fiery pit, are shaken to the core by God’s thunderous voice, and temporarily blinded by brilliant light cast from a piece of evidence as Jesus, his defense attorney, reads about Grady from the Book of Justice. Can Grady forgive himself and God for the hurts from his past? Will he be declared guilty or innocent? Will his journey to Redemption Island, filled with talking creatures, and trees containing supernatural fruits, lead him to his healing before his group is taken out by demonic half-breeds watching their every move? Will he be able to complete his mission so he can finish his research and save mankind amid demonic attack?
Dr. Grady Shepard’s research in Quantum Physics holds the key to reproducing the sound of the Voice of God. His team, including his half-cousin Dr. Laura Carroll, race to harness its power, and deliver it in a unique way to demolish the demonic stronghold, thereby overthrowing the demon’s plan to cause a premature â??War Before His Return’, designed to capture the warrior angels and their special task force, the Holy Terrors; leaving mankind unprotected and doomed to earthly annihilation.
“Fans of religious thriller stories who like their spiritual elements to take concrete forms with face-to-face clashes will relish Sheep Gate Prophecy for its hard-hitting, action-packed read which combines character growth with a story designed to shake spiritual foundations, lives, and perceptions.” -Mid West Book Review

Caged: The Clans of Arcadia

by Arwen Chandler

Once again the future stands on a dagger’s edge.

With the trials behind him and his future ahead, the only thing that stands between Karn and success is Elanvanin’s return and the elusive Cult of Bahs.

Tensions are high as the Brethren of the Dragoni move to Langerhorn and accept refugees from Elanvanin’s terror. 

Can Karn rebuild the bridge between himself and Queen Sola, after Dierdriel’s escapeâ?¦

â?¦or will the future rest in the hands of a faerie born in captivity?

Caged is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, and as magical as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Not since the dawning of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, has a saga hatched from the world of dragons like The Clans of Arcadia. Do you dare to walk within?

Fans of A Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Dragonflight will love Caged!
Caged is the fourth book in The Clans of Arcadia series.

Buy Caged: The Clans of Arcadia today and enter a world you’ll never want to leave…

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