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Holes in the Ground

by J.A. Konrath


Linguist Andy Dennison-Jones knows this all too well. He and his veterinarian wife, Sun, have been chased by them before, and barely escaped from a secret underground government facility with their lives.

Now they once again find themselves trapped alongside a collection of creatures straight out of hell. Fighting with them is an unlikely group of misfits, including a misplaced British kid, a former spec-ops soldiers, and a strange Irishman who might be the oldest living thing on earth–if he’s even alive at all.

Filled with the kind of slam-bang action, wicked scares, and sly humor that have earned J.A. Konrath and Iain Rob Wright millions of fans, HOLES IN THE GROUND is both a collaboration and a continuation of both authors’ previous work (ORIGIN by Konrath and FINAL WINTER by Wright) but also serves as a perfect introduction to their universes.

The devil you know is just as bad as the devil you don’t…

HOLES IN THE GROUND by J.A. Konrath and Iain Rob Wright
Some secrets have teeth.

Big John Irons Vol 2: A Dangerous Man

by Stephen Brennan

Prohibition-era Chicago hides a secret far darker than lawless merriment. While many of its citizens are content simply to drown in their own sin, men of power hiding in plain sight play a deeper game for the city’s soul. And no game piece is more prized than John Irons, the unfeeling, unquestioning, and near indestructible enforcer of Don Donelli.

A strange favor to a millionaire industrialist quickly gets out of control when John is ordered to safeguard his petulant daughter against a mysterious and violent stalker. The deceptively simple task turns into a deadly cat and mouse struggle between the fearsome automaton and an evil as old as civilization itself, with all of Chicago caught in the crossfire. As an abhorrent plan ticks closer to fruition, and bodies pile up by the dozen, the girl’s only hope depends on the lesser of two evils emerging victorious.

Impractical Magic: Extended 2017 Edition

by Vivienne Savage

This is a NEW version with extensive rewriting and editing including a POV change from first to third person since its original release in 2016.

Junior alchemist, master gardener, jack-of-all-trades with a mean fireball spell.

River Jackson practices her witchcraft in peace while enjoying a quiet life in the small town of Atropos, Texas. For her, it’s the ideal time to start dating Zacarias, the Brazilian hottie next door.

Or it would be if not for the choking darkness shattering friendships and turning neighbor against neighbor. Although she’s only a junior sorceress, River isn’t blind to the hurricane of negative energy closing its grip around their rural community.

The stakes rise when Zacarias’s ex-wife blows into town. She’s also a witch, one with no qualms about dragging him back under her control with magic. Discovering his furry secret is the least of River’s worries–saving him from a crazy ex will be the real test.

Readers who love shifters, witches, and mysterious paranormal creatures will go wild over the Impractical Magic series and its strong cast of diverse characters.

Hunting Death (The Immortals Book 1)

by April Cronin

Madison has never felt quite like herself living in her mother’s world, and after discovering that her childhood was one big lie after another, she’s determined to make things right, starting with granting, her biological father Robert’s dying request that she lives at the mysterious sanctuary he left behind.

Blown away by the detailed habitats of her father’s facility, Madison soon discovers that not everything is as it appears and that her family’s secrets may be deeper than she ever imagined.

After the death of his dear friend and colleague Robert, Keith knows that, more important than his job on the ranch, is his task of protecting Madison, and it won’t be an easy one. With countless enemies lurking around every corner, the most dangerous of all being himself, Keith must conquer his lust, and the memories of a past life shared together, in order to help Madison fulfill her destiny.

If you like vampires, werewolves, and the occult, then this is the book for you! A NEW kind of paranormal experience with characters you’ll love and some you’ll love to hate! Finally, a vampire series for an older generation!

Get ready for some hot hook-ups, grisly murders, and more! With vampires, lycans, witches, ghosts, and hybrids, the gang’s all here!

It’s a blood-sucking good time!

Soul Fallen

by Raquel Dove

You can’t help being what you are. It’s in your blood.

Zoe’s past is full of shadows – they snap at her heels as she escapes with burns and bruises. The plan was to lie-low. Not to draw any suspicion. Least of all a demon’s.

Paris is a demon whose used to easy prey. From the shadows, he observes Zoe, but just when he thinks he has her figured out – a whole new list of questions arise. Something about her pulls at him. He had to have her – anything to get her to forge a contract with him.

Zoe never believed demons existed. She always thought her father and his followers were insane – until Paris whispers a proposition in her ear that she can’t refuse.

What is your soul worth?

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