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Sweet Fire (Into The Fire Series Book 6)

by J.H. Croix


I don’t believe in fairytales. I definitely don’t have time for them.
I also don’t have time for Jesse Franklinâ??hotshot firefighter, too handsome for his own good, and cocky to boot.
He’s also rude.
Whatever. As I said, I don’t have time.
My life is complicated and messy.
There is zero room for anything, most certainly not swoon-worthy Jesse who I can’t seem to kick out of my mind.
Then, he goes and does something I never expected. Ever.
My life suddenly gets more complicated, and this time it’s all about a fairytale.


Dr. Lane is all kinds of uptightâ??oh-so proper and professional.
I can’t help but try to rile her up.
I want her, and I can’t even say why.
One night with her, and she’s seared into my soul.
All bets are off.
But her life is complicated. I don’t do complicated. So I think.
Because, you see, Charlie is everything I ever wanted and more. I just didn’t know it yet.
She was mine the minute I laid eyes on her.
She just didn’t know it yet.

*This is a full-length standalone romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Seven Roses: Reverse Harem Romance (Haremworld Book 2)

by Kelli Callahan

I never imagined becoming a contestant on Seven Roses, the most popular dating show on television. I was a virgin and I thought I was going to finally get my chance at true love. The next thing I knew, the twists were coming fast, and I found out that it wasn’t going to be a traditional season of Seven Roses where one girl walked away with her dream guy. I could have all seven of them–or none of them–that was the only option on the table. That wasn’t the only twist they had planned for me either…

The contestants were amazing, all seven of them were hot-as-sin and absolutely delicious. But could I really spend my life with all of them?

Dawson Mars, the legendary rock star and lead singer of Mars Landing — His awesome voice defined my youth.

Markus Cole, a Navy SEAL who almost had his happy ending on Season 2 of Seven Roses — He was my favorite guy that season.

Adrian Cook, the former teen idol who grew into a delicious man — I was infatuated with him once.

Brando Baldwin, the bounty hunter who was built like a tank and had his own own reality show — He had a dark side.

John Williams, a man from a small town called Granite Falls — What kind of secrets were they talking about?

Anders Wilkins, the first man to ever get a perfect match with a woman on Seven Roses — Was he my shot at true happiness?

And number seven…well that was one twist I didn’t see coming at all.

Kelli’s Note: This is a 55,000 word steamy standalone novel with a HEA and no cheating! I’m a girl that likes wild and crazy romances, so that is exactly what you get from me. My heroes might be a little over-the-top with a touch of caveman and you’ll get some angst along the way, but I promise that the good parts will give you a plenty of reasons to read this all by yourself!

For a limited time, you also get two bonus novellas and a sample of some other books I guarantee you will enjoy!

Start Again: A Contemporary Romance Novel (Start Again Series #1)

by J. Saman

One night. One accident. And my life was forever changed.

Determined to leave the memories that haunt me behind, I’m ready to drive across the country in search of a new place to live. But it seems nothing will pull me out of my dark hole.

That is until Ryan Grant comes along. His perfect abs, irresistible smirk, and piercing green eyes that seem to see through me are throwing me off balance. A balance I’m desperate to maintain at all costs.

One kiss, one touch and I’m giving into everything I swore I wouldn’t. This road trip was to be an escape from my past, and instead, I’m afraid I might be reliving it.

But when it all becomes too much for me to navigate through, will he forgive me for the choices I have to make?

Thursday’s Child: An Epic Romance (Author’s Revision)

by Joseph Wurtenbaugh

“She’s cute as a button and sweet as apple pie, but don’t let her fool you. She’s a stone cold killer zombie from outer space.” 
Thursday’s Child is a unique novel, a romance that blows romantic conventions sky-high – as much literary fiction as romance, The story is set in Manhattan at the end of the 1980’s, amid the dynamic worlds of high finance, publishing houses, major law firms, and the burgeoning high tech industry. The Thursday’s Child who lies at its heart, Adele Jansen, has (in the words of the old rhyme about birthdays) far to go. Gifted, ambitious, and determined, she takes one step off the career track for an impromptu excursion with a man as fascinating as he is mysterious. But that one small step draws her gradually into an odyssey. The materials of the narrative are the commonplace stuff of everyday life. But out of this ordinary background emerges a story tinged with genuine myth and magic. It is a full and sprawling epic, yet taut and organized, wired tightly with logic, intelligence, and unpredictability, flowing with primal energy and blood. Yet the core story is a romance, conforming to all the conventions of the genre while enriching them so deeply that the genre collapses. Thursday’s Child is one of the most mesmerizing, enchanting books any reader will ever encounter, and one no reader will ever forget.

The Second Cortez

by Chadwick Wall

In the seaside colonial city of Veracruz, Mexico, thirty-two-year-old literature professor Nicolás Nolano lives a life of ease and pleasureâ??and he strives to keep it that way. Though his district attorney brother has joined both the folk healer who raised them and a powerful priest in publicly crusading against the Segundo Cortez cartel, Nicolás refuses their attempts to get him involved. When two days of atrocities terrorize Veracruz, where the police and government are allied with Segundo Cortez, Nicolás must decide if he will make his stand at last.
From the coastal boardwalk and cobblestone plazas of Veracruz, to the Arizona desert and streets of Santa Fe, to the northern Rockies and lakeshore towns of Montana, Nicolás endures a journey he would have never imagined.
As Segundo Cortez grows by the dayâ??murdering with reckless abandonâ??Nicolás is met with a monumental dilemma. Will he choose between suicidal vengeance and fighting for his beloved hometown, or pursuing a life among close friends and his newfound true love?
One thing is certain: Nicolás is set to encounter the greatest surprises of his life.

The Brisons

by Faris Anderson

Escaping from a surveillance organisation which he protected and sustained, a man makes his way along the Cornish clifftops to the edge of Europe. Guiding him is a mysterious stranger, a refugee from terrorism and violence who seeks to return to a location half-remembered from his childhood.

As they travel westward, the betrayals and violence of the past fall away and they encounter a new reality which overturns and transforms everything they knew before.

Spanning the ancient landscapes of Cornwall and the new, disrupted cities of the Middle East, â??The Brisons’ is a poetic, visionary call for freedom and authenticity in a digital age.

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