Free politics and current events Kindle books for 21 Sep 18

Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge

by Steve Patterson

“Truth is discoverable. I’m certain of it. It’s not popular to say. It’s not popular to think. But I know it’s true.”

So begins an examination into the most fundamental questions in philosophy. Does objective truth exist? Can we know anything with certainty? Are there true logical contradictions?

Steve Patterson answers emphatically, “We can know absolute, certain, and objective truths. These truths serve as the foundation for the rest of our knowledge.”

Square One is an examination of knowledge, logic, and the extreme skepticism that permeates modern thinking. It contains several refutations to popular attacks on human reason, including a resolution to the Liar’s Paradox.

Patterson writes in an easy-to-read, non-academic style. There’s no jargon or long-winded pontificating about ideas that don’t matter. This book is a response to those who insist that “Truth cannot be known.”

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