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Calle Nicola: Relatos y reflexiones (Spanish Edition)

by Nicolás Sánchez Crespo

La calle Nicola, era un lugar de paso, para un niño fascinado por el enigma oculto detrás de ese nombre.
Este libro, que evoca un pasado que siempre nos acompaña, es un viaje interior. Un caleidoscopio de relatos, personajes, reflexiones y sentimientos, presentados en un perfecto desorden.
Esta autobiografía complaciente, es mi legado a la memoria colectiva de una generación marcada por la Transición política y el descubrimiento de nuevos caminos para el pensamiento. Una generación que se apropió del himno La mala reputación, porque es válido para todo el que se aparte de la norma.
Como yo.
El camino que me apartó de lo corriente y aceptable, fue el de una fe diferente. Lo he transitado cuarenta años; como la travesía del desierto. Durante ese tiempo he aprendido algunas cosas y he desaprendido muchas. 
Pero aún me queda lastre que soltar. Hasta quedarme como en la foto de portada. 

Tierra and the Warrior: The Energetics Book 2

by Ellen Bard

Caught at the centre of a dramatic prophecy, the safety that Tierra has wrapped around herself for the last few decades of her long life has been shattered. On top of that, her long-standing crush on her best friend has turned into something she can no longer ignore. Always happier looking after others, she finds she needs to step out of her comfort zone, and fast. She’s a Master in both her energies – if she can just remember how to use them.

Fintan loves the thrill of danger, risk and battle. But the prophecy doesn’t just include him, it includes his friends – the only people he calls family. He’s ready to fight to protect them, but what he isn’t ready for is for the idea of Tierra in danger.

A mysterious teenager seems to have the key to some of the prophecy’s secrets. Tierra is a lot better suited than Fintan to coaxing the information out of the frightened girl – but that’s going to put her smack in the middle of the fight.

Is Tierra brave enough to put herself front and centre in the conflict?

And is Fintan hero enough to let her?

Tierra and the Warrior is the second in The Energetics Series, where love and loyalty must stand strong against vengeance and danger. Click to buy it now!

About the Author

British born psychologist, management consultant and nomad Ellen Bard loves travel, coffee, productivity, personal growth and romance novels – not necessarily in that order. She currently lives in an apartment nest with her Fox in Thailand where she (almost!) never has to feel the cold.

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