Free religious fiction Kindle books for 21 Sep 18

Sarah’s Amish Dilemma: A Collection of Amish Romance Short Stories

by Eliza Baker


Samuel comes from a family of troublemakers. Feeling guilty over the loss of his brother, Samuel begins to push everyone in the community away…even Sarah…the woman he loves so much…She reaches out to Samuel but he furthers the separation between them as a form of punishment for the guilt he feels over his brother’s death. Can Sarah help Samuel heal or will he spiral further into his depression?
Rose Beiler had a simple life, and although she often wondered if there was more purpose to it, she was happy. She as engaged to be married, her father was pleased with her and soon she would be an aunt too once her cousin Claire has her babies. But when things turn for the worst, and they call an Englisch doctor to come and assist with the birth, Rose’s entire life is turned upside down. Conflicted by her growing feelings or the English doctor she couldn’t possibly marry Kemp, unless by some miracle God answers her prayers and makes a way.
Lizzy is part of an Amish family whose grandfather receives notice that a distant relative has left him some a considerable amount of money. The members of their family soon allow the dollar signs to cloud their Christian values. Even the conservative grandfather allows himself to be seduce by the thought of distributing the money as he sees fit, which includes fixing various things around the town such as the church and school. Will they allow the thought of extreme wealth to poison their values? Will Lizzy let the money get in the way of her new romance?
Fannie cannot help but feel shame when her boyfriend rejects her. She feels as if she has let down her entire family and community, all of whom thought they would become a happily married couple one day. Her parents want her to forget and forgive the hurts of the past. Fannie knows they are right but those things are easier said than done.

Then she meets Vonn. He is everything she could hope for in an Amish man. Dutiful, respectful and caring, he immediately makes an impact on the community upon arrival. He instantly takes a liking to Fannie…but can she open up her heart again?

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