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Running for Beginners: The Most Complete Guide to Learning to Run, Mastering the Proper Form, and Boosting Your Performance

by Matt Jordan


Running is awesome; it’s as simple as that. The physical and mental health benefits derived from a regular running regime are life changing. Of all the well documented benefits of running there are many lesser known ones such as increased feelings of enthusiasm and boundless energy, jumping out of bed in the morning after a great night’s sleep ready to face what the day will bring is a surprising result of regular jogging.

Running is an inexpensive hobby that will not only shred the pounds but will improve the bank balance in comparison to costly monthly gym membership fees!

Take the first steps to a better, fitter, and newer you by downloading this guide and arm yourself with all the essential knowledge to get started!

Whether it’s increased cardio fitness or improved mental health running is a wonderful way to achieve your health goals

Running couldn’t be simpler to get started with. Whilst other sports require some sort of learning curve and tuition, running requires only some suitable clothing and footwear. Running is also a natural motion that humans are designed to perform and therefore we can literally take this sport in our stride!

Weight loss, an improved cardiovascular system, and an increase in life expectancy are just a few of the obvious health benefits of running. Having been running for a few years now I can vouch for all of the above and there is no reason why you too can’t benefit from all the advantages of life that running can bring.

So what are you waiting for, get this guide today and get on the road to health and happiness.

Here’s A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Why Run?
  • How To Assess Your Level Of Fitness
  • Essential Information To Get You Started
  • Staying Hydrated and Fuelled
  • Training Guide & Plan
  • Preparing and Warming Up
  • Tips on Preventing Injuries
  • Staying Motivated
  • Boosting Performance
  • and much more!

Download your copy today to receive all of this information!

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Life

by Scott Zamek

“I’ve got a gun under my seat, so don’t try anything.” Such were the types of rides Scott Zamek encountered after chucking his job, donning a backpack, and hitchhiking 10,000 miles around the dusty roads of America. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Life puts us in the passenger seat, right next to the bizarre assortment of characters who pull over to offer a friendly lift–from movie actors, fading rock stars, and gun-toting criminals, to drug dealers and battle-hardened army lieutenants. And of course, none of them fail to offer their extensive views on subjects such as fire ants, Doctor Who, and Ghidorah the three-headed monster, or even a sure-fire way to survive a chemical attack if you happen to lose your gas mask on zero day.

Yet, we are constantly reminded that the nature of travel is also deeply philosophical. This story is about living a life without boundaries, about removing the chains forged by modern society; it is a poetic account of the hidden corners of America, a reminder that parts of this world have yet to succumb to the steel blade of a contractor’s backhoe. In the end, we are left looking inside ourselves, at the summits we can achieve by staying true to what lies waiting, dormant, within the limitless spirits of every human being.

Mud Mucking in Southern Puget Sound

by James Nugent

Hope Island sits within a few miles of five different inlets in Southern Puget Sound. Southern Puget Sound is the southern Terminus of the Salish Sea. For small craft, it is an ideal rest stop or destination. I have spent 38 years exploring the region (The Salish Sea) and this little island is a treasure to be enjoyed.

From Door Mats to Dominant: Physically Superior Women

by Ken Phillips

These incredible Amazons can take-on and take OUT most men. They did not, however, start out this way. These gorgeous bombshells knew that in order to find true happiness, they’d need to take charge of their life! One aspect of this is physical. With the help of weight training and martial arts, these women have become Dominant. They get what they want and what they deserve in life. Read about how this all happened, their combat experiences vs men and much, much more. The pictures alone will absolutely knock your socks off! If you like reading and Incredibly Powerful women, this book and all of my books on Kindle are the place for YOU! The pictures alone are worth the price of this sexy, alluring book!

Diät-Motivation: dauerhaft Gesund Abnehmen, Gewichtsreduzierung und Grundwissen ink 21 Tipps und Tricks zum Erfolg (German Edition)

by Paul Müller

Abnehmen mit Köpfchen

DU schaust in den Spiegel und fühlst dich nicht wohl.

Vielleicht hast du schon einige Male versucht überflüssige Pfunde zu verlieren und musstest feststellen, dass
du nicht Wunschziel nicht erreicht hast.

Damit ist jetzt Schluss

, gebe deinen Selbstvertrauen und deinem Selbstwertgefühl eine neue Chance und hole dir den Ratgeber zur Diät-Motivation.

Hast du auch dieses Problem:

Du weiÃ?t beim Abnehmen nicht wo du anfangen sollst?
Dir Fehlt das Grundwissen um Erfolgreich eine Diät durchzuziehen?

Dieses Buch wird dein Problem lösen!

Was Du in diesem Buch lernen wirst:

  • die Bedeutung der Motivation
  • die Bedeutung der Ernährung im Alltag
  • Die Wichtige Rolle der Nährstoffe
  • Nahrungsergänzungsmittel richtig anzuwenden
  • 21 Tipps und Tricks um deine Diät durchzuziehen
  • Und vieles mehr!

Hole DIR heute noch dieses Buch und löse deine Probleme

Einfach auf ´´Jetzt kaufen mit 1-Click´´ drücken und Du erhälst sofortigen Zugang zum Buch und allen weiteren Zusatzinhalten.

Das Buch kannst du auf Deinem Kindle-Lesegerät, Smartphone oder auf deinem Laptop lesen.

Bodyweight Training: How to Use Calisthenics to Become Fitter and Stronger: Bodyweight Training Books

by Charlie Mason


Think you need to hit the gym hard-core and work until you’re sore to lose weight and improve your fitness and strength levels? Think again. You could do all of that and more, and all you need is your own body weight to do it!

Your body is an incredible machine, stronger and more capable than you know, and it is in this book that you will learn just how to improve and adapt your fitness routines to harness your bodyweight training exercises for improved results. When you have everything that you need right there in front of you (your own body), you owe it to yourself to take control of your fitness and physique and achieve the fitness goals you set for yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of heavy equipment, free weights or machines to get the results you’re so longing to see. The human body can provide enough resistance on its own to make a change. Power, endurance, speed, flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and a whole host of other biomotor abilities can be built and developed over time by using the power of your own body to do it.

Bodyweight training is growing in popularity. Even professional athletes are tapping into and harnessing the power of callisthenic training and making it a part of their fitness regime.

Pushing, pulling, balancing, bending, twisting and squatting may look like simple bodyweight exercises, but they pack a power punch as you will soon see when you progress through the exercises in this book.  

Bodyweight training is the perfect option for those who don’t have the time to hit the gym because they can be done anywhere and at any time, often requiring very minimal space to do it. That, combined with the lower risk of injury involved, makes bodyweight training the ideal technique for getting in shape without putting too much strain on the body.

Sometimes, the only difference between success and failure is the existence of a good guide. With clear, step-by-step guidance instructions, this book is the going to be the only manual you will ever need to begin building a stronger, fitter, and better you.  


by Mariana Correa

LOS MEJORES 125 CONSEJOS PARA TRIATL�N te inspirará a volverte el mejor triatleta que puedes ser.

Con consejos brillantes que van entre:
-Entrenamiento de Triatlón
-Transiciones de Triatlón
-Entrenamiento Mental
-Nutrición Apropiada
-Correcta Hidratación
-Consejos sobre el mejor equipamiento
-Y mucho más�
El secreto se encuentra en los detalles, y este libro te dirá cómo ser el mejor triatleta que puedes ser, al entrenar y competir de manera más inteligente.
Cada aspecto de tu vida tiene el potencial de afectar tu desempeño físico y mental, y es por ello que este libro tratará todo desde la nutrición, hidratación, recuperación, entrenamiento, competición y mucho más.
Usa estos consejos de principio a final, para poder sentirte con confianza y cómodo con tu triatlón.

Este libro es el regalo perfecto para cualquier entusiasta del triatlón, incluyéndote a ti.

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