Free war Kindle books for 21 Sep 18

Desperate Times: A GameLit Novel (Permadeath GameLit Book 1)

by Matthew Sylvester

It’s 2100, in a VR game called World Domination, a game designed to eliminate civilian, technological, fiscal and environmental loss but to still cater for the warlike nature of humans, all of the troops are hard-wired into their harnesses.

The rules were simple, survive 100 battles and you’re free. Die 50 times and you’ll receive a lethal dose of poison administered by the game, as war must always have consequences. Take on a Special Mission and you’ll gain 1 extra life, mission credits and valuable power-ups and special weapons. But now, on the brink of defeat, European High Command has decreed that soldiers who hit 49 deaths are to be kept permanently in the game. The 49ers is a regiment of Last Chancers, doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

Young Hearts

by Nick Sweet

Right after the outbreak of the First World War, Michael falls in love with Phoebe after dancing with her at the college ball. What he doesn’t know is that Phoebe is already in love with another man, James.

After enlisting in the army, James proposes to Phoebe. A twist of fate brings both suitors together, as they end up fighting in Flanders and finally with the Royal Welch Fusiliers on the Somme, side by side.

With the war raging around them, they both fight for survival; to return back home to their loved ones.

They Gathered As Unto Strife: A Dramatization of the Civil War Battle At Wilson’s Creek

by Jeffrey Tenney

The second battle of the Civil War was fought in the remote southwest corner of Missouri in August 1861, at a place called Wilson’s Creek. Few have ever heard of this battle, yet it bore the ominous markings of all the battles, hardships, and terrible losses that would follow in the East. They Gathered As Unto Strife is a poetic dramatization of that battle.

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