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The Joy of Obstacles: Celebrating the Silver Lining in Difficult Days

by Kathryn Johnson

The Joy of Obstacles takes you on a journey of discovery, deeper understanding, gratitude, and fulfillment. As you move through the pages, you walk alongside Kathryn from birth to present day as she shares with you her personal story.

This book is for you if you want to

  • feel motivated and inspired
  • experience greater joy in your life
  • face challenges with curiosity and a positive outlook
  • move through changes in your life more easily
  • find deeper meaning in life’s challenges

This book is NOT for you if you want

  • a step-by-step method on how to succeed
  • to read stories of how easy life can be
  • to avoid obstacles

She gives you an honest look at her challenges and victories, and what she has learned from them. Each chapter concludes with an opportunity for you to “Celebrate the Silver Lining” in your life. These simple exercises help you to quickly assess your current perspective on obstacles. They then help you shift to find a deeper meaning in challenges and lead you to find greater joy in your life.

The Joy of Obstacles leaves the reader feeling uplifted and empowered. It guides you through life’s challenges with a deep sense of connection and purpose. The reader is guided to unlock the pearl inside every oyster and then use the pearls to shine more brightly.

Kathryn has learned to see the joy in obstacles from a very early age. She was born with cerebral palsy. She sees this circumstance as a gift and a vehicle for profound understanding of what each experience has to offer. She is inspired to share her message so that each of us can live with great joy in our life and pass on our unique wisdom to help others

Read an Excerpt:

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”
Marianne Williamson

There are very few guarantees in life. One thing is for sure. Everyone will, at some point, encounter obstacles or challenges. Another thing that is true of practically everyone is they want to be successful. It has been found that the number one factor of success is attitude. Positive people tend to be much more successful under the same circumstances than those with a poor attitude. It has also been found that happiness is desired more than success.

Furthermore, you will undoubtedly experience times when despite your best efforts you do not reach your goal. Often when you have many obstacles in your life, you are likely to breed more obstacles. Then how do you go through life and be happy when obstacles are a given and you have no guarantee of success? This book will teach you how.

I was born with a physical disability called cerebral palsy. I don’t have good days and bad days. It is simply part of my body. Thankfully, my general health is excellent and there is nothing painful or degenerative about my circumstance. It is simply something I must deal with every day. All day.

Since day one, cerebral palsy has affected my mobility, my experience, and my relationships. Most significantly, however, it has impacted my perspective of life and the world in which we live. What some may view as an unfortunate circumstance, I have come to believe is my greatest gift.

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A Vast Glowing Empty Page:: The Life and Work of Jack Kerouac

by Paul Maher Jr.

A Vast Glowing Empty Page: The Life and Work of Jack Kerouac takes the reader from Kerouac’s early years in Lowell, Massachusetts through his last years in St. Petersburg, Florida. Read of the hapless young man searching for his voice as a writer as he struggles through the pitfalls of school, family conflicts, poverty, World War II, fame and the growing social unrest of the 1960s. Using archival material such as journals, notebooks, diaries and letters as well as Kerouac’s published books, this extensive biographical portrait brings into focus the internal and external forces that created Jack Kerouac’s poetry and prose. – Kindle edition. (print edition – 856 pages)

The Murder of Jessica Lang: A Collection of True Crime

by Nicole Mims

An anthology of True Crime tales focusing on teenage girls who commit the most brutal acts. This series is headlined by the Murder of Jessica Lang.
Jessica Lang was a bright and vivacious fifteen-year old girl who just recently began dating Roller Rink DJ Myk Bloom. But her new romance comes with a thorn in the form of a jealous ex-girlfriend named Kelly Fuller. While her friends brush off Kelly’s angry obsession with Jessica as something that will pass with time, Kelly has a rage underneath the surface that no one sees. Humiliated after seeing Myk with Jessica at the roller rink, Kelly plots a brutal revenge that left the most hardened policeman with a crime scene he would never forget.

A Soulmates Twin Flame: It’s not just another love story

by Sarah J Provost

This is the real life and extremely personal story of Sarah and Jerry. Two people that unknowingly journeyed together down a road unheard of by many. Their adventure in life and love will leave you breathless. Sarah and Jerry just happened to cross paths one day. They started as friends, then roommates, and then lovers. You will become immersed into what most can only imagine. What they create is astonishing. Share in every moment with them. You will feel every emotion that they feel. The good, bad, intimate and every other moment in between. Sarah and Jerry knew what they discovered was unlike anything else. The unbreakable bond, the fire, the passion. Every detail of their lives was meant to shared, so that’s what they did. Their life together will take you on a roller coaster ride like nothing else.
*Jerry enjoyed using the word F***. His language was not edited in the conversations.*

Riding on the Coattails of Genius: Two Decades Aboard Dellâ??s Pioneer Ship

by John Campbell

Beyond the many cool stories that go hand in hand with two decades working for a genius like Michael Dell, this book has two very specific themes:

“How to think outside the box at a large company” should excite anyone living under a quota system, who wants to bring home consistently larger paychecks and have a more fulfilling career!

“How to more creatively and profitably, do more millions with Dell” shares wisdom from John’s years spent working with many of Dell’s largest Partners!

When John Campbell was hired in 1996, Dell was already a hyper-efficient technology upstart. By the time he left in 2017, Michael’s little Texas-based catalog computer company had grown from 5,000 to 138,000 employees and evolved into one of the largest technology providers on the planet!

Part of Michael Dell’s genius has always been his knack for changing the game. John quickly learned that riding the front of that wave of change was the right place to be at Dell.

He joined the first sales team exploring the profitability of the Internet.

As it became an Internet Revolution, he joined an elite design team supporting Dell’s new Server and Storage product lines.

When Michael decided it was time for Dell Direct to open a Partner Division, John jumped right in and was a part of that division’s phenomenal growth over the next dozen years.

“An extraordinary journey, enabled by a legendary genius!”

Angels Landing: A memoir

by Christina Sadler

‘Angels Landing’ is a book spanning three continents that tells the story of how Miss Sadler had her left arm torn off in a car accident deep in the Australian Outback, was found bleeding to death on the side of a dirt-track road (100 miles south of Darwin) by some Aborigines…..and goes on to impart the ‘warts and all’ account of her road to recovery that ended up with her becoming Britain’s first one-armed woman pilot.
Sales have so far proved to be astonishing. People have said that they have laughed and cried their way through the book and have finished feeling inspired to ‘conquer the world’.

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