Free literary fiction Kindle books for 22 Sep 18

Crooked Grow the Trees

by Carmel Hanes

In a detention center filled with likeable boys who do unlikable things, coworkers battle over how to reshape twisted lives. In this world, where each day might bring an explosion, Sophia appears to be a calm, skilled presence amid the chaos.

But looks can be deceiving.

While heartbreaking events and decisions injure those she strives to support, Sophia faces her own demons when a family death brings long-buried secrets bubbling to the surface, unraveling what Sophia believed about herself and her family.

In the resulting turbulence, Sophia finds not all prison walls are visible, and sometimes one must break before healing.

Who will succumb? Who will survive? Who will be forever changed?

Realistic and believable characters, delicious prose, and a mesmerizing plot will keep you turning pages. You’ll be talking about the ending for days.

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