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How To Pay Wholesale For College 2018-2019: Financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA, CSS Profile and other secrets that ANY family can use to slash college costs by 49.1%…

by Andy Lockwood

3rd, updated (with more lame financial aid jokes) edition of the best selling book on financial aid and scholarship tips for “Forgotten Middle Class” families who think, “No way can we qualify for anything!”

Readers of How To Pay Wholesale For College 2018-2019 will discover a treasure trove of college-cost busting tips and tactics, some of which may not deemed “politically correct, including:

>>>How to negotiate with a college after a stingy offer even if you do not possess compromising photos of the dean

>>>The inconvenient truth about the 529 College Savings Plan

>>>The counter-intuitive reason why an expensive, high “sticker price” private college can actually cost less than a “cheaper” public university

>>>4.5 legal and ethical loopholes in the financial aid formulas that could save you thousands

>>>WARNING: Did your accountant or “Financial Guy” tell you where to save for college? He may have SABOTAGED your eligibility!

>>>Special “loopholes” and “landmines” for business owners

>>>Unique strategies and considerations for divorced and separated


#TeamGIBill: What They Haven’t Told YOU

by Lonyae Ransome

Leaders of all kinds, fear not the development of an educated Soldier. Inside are tips, bonuses, and an extensive did you know section to help you MAXIMIZE you benefits. Untold facts from one veteran to another. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you the first of many books that will expose the hidden benefits kept secret. You cannot keep your eyes on the stars if your feet remain on the ground. You invested $1,200 into this Bill so capitalize on the gains because they are sure to produce a larger ROI! Return on your Investment. From BAH to Book Stipends, to relocation allowances yes you read that right, you are entitled to more money if you move. Finally, the kicker which is further discussed, Soldiers that means more bang for your buck. From one great leader to another. Self-Educate King and Queens.

Money Moves: The Law School Application Process

by Amber Porter

If you are applying to law school or even just curious, this book is for you! Use your law degree to become a powerful corporate lawyer or FBI Special Agent, either way this information will help you compete for a spot at a top law school. The author teaches how to navigate the law school application process and also gives tips on how set yourself up for success in law school. The author explains the basics for people deciding whether to pursue law school. Additionally, the author goes into detail about what you will encounter on the Law School Admission Test, in the classroom, and on the bar examination for those who are already involved in the application process.

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