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Abraham’s Arrival: A Collection of Amish Romance

by Hannah Weathers


The Amish aren’t known for arranging marriages but that doesn’t stop Rebecca’s parents from setting her up with Jacob, an eligible bachelor in the neighboring county. He was a childhood friend that Rebecca has only vague memories of but she goes along with their plan…But the tall Amish man who drives the buggy to take her to Jacob is who catches her eye. His name is Abraham and the two soon forge a friendship as they make their way across the state lines.

Take This Heart: A Collection of Amish Romance

by Erica Fanning

An anthology of Amish Love Stories
A young Amish woman’s father is the bishop in the community and he is preparing to shun her love interest. The young man defies the bishop and wants to leave the Amish community on his own accord. Will she follow his lead or risk being shunned by her father forever?
Jessa Troyer was devastated. Her father was the bishop of their small community and today he had made the hardest decision of his life.
“No,” her father, Lee Troyer, said sternly. “I have made my decision and it’s final.”
Jessa didn’t care that her Papa had made a hard decision, because it wasn’t his future that was going to be affected; it was hers. Jessa stormed out of the house, knowing that any further argument would be foolish. She made the short trek to the barn not far away, which is where she would go to think and verbally process any troubles she might have with her horse.
I can’t believe Papa! She thought to herself. He always talks of including more technology to help the farmers make a living, but when someone he doesn’t like brings something newâ?¦

Sarah thinks that the Amish lifestyle isn’t for her. She loves her family and friends but she feels as if she doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t bite her tongue, hates to do common chores and thinks children are snotty little brats. What she does like to do is push the envelope, whether it be riding a horse too fast or shirking her duties at the farm. But when she meets the serious minded John, she begins to rethink her attitude. Will she change her ways for the sake of a romance?
Samuel is an Amish man who does everything by the book. He is “perfect” in the eyes of his community but is drawn to the bad girl of the town, Willa. She ran away from home as a teenager in order to escape from abuse, landing in jail for a crime that she doesn’t want to discuss. But now Willa is back in town and makes a play for the man she has always loved but was too afraid to say so. Samuel starts to return her interest but Willa soon finds his sister blocking her way, trying to protect her brother from her “bad influence.” Can Willa overcome the secrets of her past and win the heart of the man she has longed for all these years?
Delilah is a Amish young woman who has sworn off men because she doesn’t want to go through the same heartbreak her mother and sister are going through. But when a handsome Englischer comes into town she is immediately drawn to his kind nature and handsome face…Things get worse for both her mother and sister so she dutifully tries to avoid the newcomer. But the more she learns about him, the more she realizes she may have to rethink her philosophy. Will Delilah give romance a chance?
Sadie is an Amish young woman standing on the edge of the lake brooding, fingering an engagement ring she accepted from a man she doesn’t love.

Englischer Mark is trying to escape a blind-date gone very wrong when he encounters Sadie at the water’s edge.

They begin to talk about their lives and sparks fly…but how can they wriggle out of their respective situations and keep everyone’s dignity intact?
Lovina’s parents have died a year earlier in a freak buggy accident. The Amish community to which she belongs helps her out but she and her brother begin to work outside the town to make ends meet. Jebidiah, a young man who courted her years earlier returns to the community after he supposed left for good. Now he’s returned out of the blue, wanting to help her out and hopefully win her back…but Lovina has changed…She wants to find out about the world outside her community and he wants to her to stay so they can start a family together. Which road will she choose?

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