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Reiki Healing: An Essential Guide to the Self Healing Technique of Reiki – ( Reiki Therapy | Reiki Treatment | Reiki Attunement | Reike )

by Taj Khanna

If you’re interested in learning all about the self-healing technique of Reiki, then this book is for you!

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Reiki is a Taoist meditation technique geared towards helping people understand the fundamental nature of reality that everything in the universe is made up of energy. When harmony and balance is achieved, the natural flow of energy allows us to enjoy fundamental health and well-being. However, a combination of bad habits and poor life choices will leave us out of sync with this energy, thus causing stress and illness. By manipulating this universal life energy, reiki can actually heal our bodies by helping us return to our natural state of harmony and balance. In this book, I have included a list of health issues that reiki is known for treating. Furthermore, you will learn the twelve placements of reiki, and how to actually use reiki therapy to heal yourself. And if you choose to receive treatment from a reiki practitioner instead, I have included information as to what you can expect from a typical Usui reiki session. You will also learn about the different reiki symbols that are used during sessions. And in case you’re interested in becoming a reiki practitioner yourself, I have dedicated the last chapter to relevant information and links regarding practicing reiki. So if you’re ready to give reiki a try, then let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Can Reiki Treat?
  • What to Know Before Undergoing Reiki Treatment
  • How to Treat Yourself with Reiki
  • The Twelve Reiki Placements
  • What to Expect from a Reiki Session
  • A Typical Usui Reiki Session
  • Understanding the Reiki Symbols
  • How to Become a Reiki Practitioner
  • Much, much more!

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The Preparatory Manual of Black Powder and Pyrotechnics version 4.0 Volume 1: Methods of forming pyrotechnic compositions I

by Jared Ledgard

The Preparatory Manual of Black Powder and Pyrotechnics version 4.0 is newly revised and upgraded. The book has been broken down into 2 volumes to accommodate the reader, and save them money. Volume 1 includes: Chapter 1: Pyrotechnic compositions, including: 1a. Introduction to pyrotechnics; 2b; What makes pyrotechnic compositions what they are? 3a. The nature of reducing agents verse oxidizing agents; 4a. Deflagration and the process of combustion; 5a. Non-oxidizing pyrotechnics, and their nature; 6a. Methods of forming pyrotechnic compositions; and 7a. How to use this manual. Chapter 2. Black Powder. 3. Modified Black powder. Chapter 4. High Performance Rocket Propellants, including: Section 1: Ammonium Perchlorate Rocket Propellants; Section 2: Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN) Rocket Propellants; Section 3: Ammonium Nitrate Containing rocket propellants; and Section 4: Miscellaneous containing. Chapter 5. Non-Black Powder Gun Propellants, including: Section 1: Ammonium Nitrate Containing; Section 2: Nitrocellulose containing; and Section 3: Miscellaneous gun propellants. Chapter 6. General pyrotechnic compositions I, including: Section 1: Bullet Tracer compositions; Section 2: Match-head compositions; Section 3: Smoke generating compositions; and Section 4: Pyrotechnic igniter (starter) and “primer” compositions. References.

Healthcare Leadership: A perspective from the shop floor: Demand, Capacity, Lean Thinking, Quality Improvements and Savings for Medical, Nursing, Clinical Leaders and Hospital Managers

by Dr Adhiraj Joglekar

Are you a CCG Lead or Commissioner? Are you a Service Manager of a Community Mental Health Team, CAMHS, an out-patient Service or similar? Are you a Nurse or Medical Leader at forefront of quality improvements in service delivery in healthcare settings? Have you grappled with increasing workloads and implementing Lean Thinking in your clinical service or hospital?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, this short book will offer great value.

The focus is not on the theory of leadership and change management, rather on the day to day challenges countenanced by leaders at the frontline of delivering services. A solution focussed approach has been held in exemplifying inefficiencies whilst at the same time finding creative ways forward.

The musings stem from real-life settings and considers key constructs such as – demand and capacity in health settings, reference costs, hub-n-spoke versus point to point service delivery models, reducing waste, duplicating operational success and potential pros and cons of collaborations between NHS and private care provisions.

Vision or visionary leadership is futile without excellent operational success and duplication of same. It is hoped that this short read helps frontline leaders in healthcare settings and offers practical pointers on matters relating to delivering cost-effective services irrespective of settings and ones training background/s.

About the Author: Dr Joglekar is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist working in the UK. Having led a Trust Award winning Adolescent Mental Health Provision for nearly a decade, he has more recently been part of a county-wide eating disorders provision for young people under age of 18 that operates a hub-n-spoke model. This book is an effort to share a different perspective acquired over time while working with young people and their families and delivering services where waiting times have been well within nationally mandated limits.

Also from this author – Understanding Anorexia: What the high school curriculum can teach us?: The essential first step to prevention and recovery –

Your Hormones in Harmony: A Smart Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Energy, Focus, and Vitality

by Melodie Billiot

Are you a woman with severe, long-term, or frustrating health problems?

Are you exhausted, depressed, anxious, or unable to sleep? Do you feel hormone crazy and overwhelmed? Do you have digestive disturbances, joint pain, headaches, hair loss and weight gain? Do you wonder how you got here? One day you woke up in a complete mess, but can’t for the life of you figure out how it happened?

It’s not your fault, but you CAN fix it. In this book you’ll discover:
-What hormones are and how they control your body
-Stress: How your body can and should deal with it
-The true story of healthyâ??and unhealthyâ??contraception
-A proactive approach to breast health
-How to get your life backâ??with energy and vitality for all the stages of your life as a woman.

Your Hormones in Harmony is written by a woman and a doctor who has lived through her own exhaustion and illness, and discovered the answers to her own health. As a result, she has helped thousands of women just like you to regain their health.

Dr. Billiot has practiced as a holistic doctor for 25 years, specializing in woman’s health problems. She has helped thousands of women to recover their health and balance their hormones using clinical nutrition and specialized acupressure techniques. Most of her patients come to her in frustration, having had no success with medical solutions to their problems. Dr. Billiot specializes in these “impossible” cases, having discovered that the body can often heal itself when medical technology fails.

In her book, Dr. Billiot chronicles her decades of experience solving difficult hormone problems that often do not have conventional medical solutions and she gives you the answers she has found from practical, clinical experience. There are only a handful of doctors who work in the area of helping women with severe hormone problems without drugs, only by working with the body’s healing abilities… and who actually get results and help these women’s problems resolve. Dr. Billiot is one of these, and she has much to teach you as a result!

There are numerous case studies in the book, written by the women who lived through them. You will very likely find yourself described in one or more of these stories, and may find hope and instruction in the actions and attitude you could adopt to finally resolve your problems and get your life back.

Purchase this book right now, read it over the next day or two, and start changing your future today.

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