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Boxing Domination: A 21-Day Program to Psych-Out, Confuse, Frustrate, and Beat Your Opponent in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

by Sammy Franco

Boxing Domination: A 21-Day Program to Psych-Out, Confuse, Frustrate, and Beat Your Opponent in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts is a unique boxing training program made for fighters who want to dominate and ultimately beat their opponents in the ring. In fact, when used correctly, this one-of-a-kind boxing program will produce excellent results in as little as 21 days.

Boxing Domination is different from any other boxing training book. Actually, the “unconventional” boxing techniques, tactics and strategies featured in this book are seldom seen or discussed in boxing circles. Nevertheless, these unorthodox techniques will allow you to psych-out and quickly dominate your opponents in boxing, mixed martial arts, and kick boxing. Best of all, this domination program works seamlessly with any boxing routine or combat sports workout regimen.

With lots of detailed photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, Boxing Domination has beginner, intermediate and advanced training programs that will dramatically enhance and expand your fighting repertoire.This innovative boxing program is based on best-selling author, Sammy Franco’s 30+ years of research, training and teaching the combat arts. He’s taught this unique development system to his top students, and he’s confident they will help you become a superior fighter.

Whether you’re an elite fighter or just a beginner, Boxing Domination will take your fighting skills to the next level and beyond!

Survival Skills: Lessons How To Hunt With A Slingshot

by Mary Strickland

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Survival Skills: Lessons How To Hunt With A Slingshot

Slingshots are considered as an essential survivalist weapon these days. From self-defense to hunting, it has plenty of applications of its own. Lightweight and highly effective, slingshots are easy to carry and can end up saving your life during a disaster. If you wish to make the most out of this amazing tool, then you have come to the right place.

Download this guide right away and learn how to hunt with a slingshot in no time. This might surprise you, but a slingshot can be used just like a bow and arrow, making it a highly useful tool for every survivalist. If you have never used a slingshot, then don’t worry. In this well-researched and highly comprehensive guide, we have covered all the basics regarding slingshot and its application.

We know getting familiar with a new tool can be a little overwhelming at times. To make things easier for you, we have provided stepwise instructions that will teach you how to use slingshots for hunting. Additionally, we have covered basics related to its major components, grip styles, and various other techniques that can help you sharpen your hunting skills. Some of the topics that are included in the guide are as follows:

  • Components of a slingshot
  • Uses of a slingshot
  • Types of slingshot
  • Things to look for while buying a slingshot
  • How to take a perfect shot?
  • Practicing with a slingshot
  • Using slingshots for hunting
  • Safety constraints
  • How to make your own slingshot, and more

Don’t wait anymore and master the art of using slingshots as a hunting weapon right away!

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RV LIVING: Simple RV Guide made Easy for Beginners

by Amancio Moreno


This book is for Beginners investigating the RV way of life and searching for RVing guide to help make progress less demanding. You will discover the necessary things you need to know before hitting the road. By reading this book, you will find out some essential Tips that will save you tons of time and money. For me, I love living in the moment and making decision based on what feels good for me and all this comes with the desire to travel, adventure and change location anytime since I live in a mobile home

Other fantastic information you will learn from this book include

  • Types of RV that you can buy
  • Selecting and Buying your RV
  • Checklist for pre owned RV
  • Essential parts accessories
  • Winterizing and De-winterizing your RV
  • How to maintain your RV
  • Security of your RV
  • RV parking
  • The exclusive license of RV
  • And much more..

It is brimming with information that will be helpful when you start your trip.

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Glad RV Travels!!!

The Killdeer Book

by Gary Shelly

Finding a Killdeer nest on hatching day and then following the little ones as they grew up was a real treat. These little shore birds are fun to watch as fuzz turns to feathers and feathers turn to flight. For six weeks we followed the family as they moved around an area the size of a football field often going down twice and sometimes three times a day to take pictures if we could find them. The book is set up to be viewed as a picture book with pop-up text boxes written with the younger reader in mind while remaining appealing to adults.

Ultimate FemDom: BallBusting Beauties

by Ken Phillips

These eight women kick, knee and slap men in the balls. The guys have a pillow-protective device but it doesn’t stop the full Amazon-Impact! Four women advance to the next round and then a winner is crowned. Her the women talk about their ballbusting background and their thoughts on nailing guys where it counts. Seeing pictures of these incredible beauties will make you realize just how beautiful and tough women can be. The men also share their thoughts on the kicks, knees and slaps that come their way. If you like beautiful, strong women and have an interesting in ballbusting, this book is for YOU! This is the best $3.09 you can possibly spend! Take a look at my other books, all which include amazing pictures and sexy, sexy material! See why these have become some of the best-selling, most arousing books on Kindle!

44 Batidos Proteicos Caseros para Fisicoculturistas: Incremente el Desarrollo Muscular sin Pastillas, Suplementos de Creatina o Esteroides Anabólicos (Spanish Edition)

by Joseph Correa (Nutricionista Deportivo Certificado)

44 Batidos Proteicos Caseros para Fisicoculturistas le ayudará a incrementar la cantidad de proteína que consume diariamente para obtener mayor masa muscular. Estas comidas le ayudaran a incrementar músculo de forma organizada, mediante el agregado de grandes porciones saludables de proteína a su dieta. Estar demasiado otazaado para comer bien puede, a veces, convertirse en un problema, y es por esto que este libro le ahorrará tiempo y ayudará a nutrir su cuerpo para alcanzar los objetivos que quiera. Asegúrese de saber qué está comiendo al cocinarlo usted mismo o teniendo a alguien que lo haga por usted.

Este libro le ayudará a:
-Ganar músculo naturalmente rápido.
-Mejorar la retazaeración muscular
-Tener más energía
-Acelerar su metabolismo naturalmente para crear más músculo
-Mejorar su sistema digestivo

Joseph Correa es un nutricionista deportivo certificado y atleta profesional.

Potentes Comidas Reductoras de Grasa en Preparación para un Triatlón: ¡Recetas de comidas reductoras de grasa para lucir más delgado antes de la competición! (Spanish Edition)

by Joseph Correa (Nutricionista Deportivo Certificado)

Potentes Comidas Reductoras de Grasa en Preparación para un Triatlón le ayudará a perder peso de manera natural y eficiente. Saber qué y cuándo comer hará toda la diferencia en el mundo.

Si usted no ha tenido éxito en el pasado con la pérdida de esa cantidad de grasa no deseada, ahora es su oportunidad de hacer ese cambio. Lea este libro y empiece a vivir la vida que se merece. El calendario y las recetas de comidas son fáciles de seguir y entender.

Estar demasiado ocupado para comer bien, a veces, puede convertirse en un problema y es por eso que este libro le va a ahorrar tiempo y ayudar a nutrir su cuerpo para lograr las metas que quiera.

Este libro lo ayudará a:
-Perder peso rápido al comer comidas deliciosas para prepararse mejor para un Triatlón.
-Tener más energía.
-Acelerar su metabolismo naturalmente para adelgazar
-Mejorar su sistema digestivo

Joseph Correa es un nutricionista deportivo certificado y un atleta profesional.

© 2015 Correa Media Group

95 Recetas de Comidas y Licuados para Fisicoculturistas para Mejorar el Crecimiento Muscular: Menos Trabajo y Resultados Más Rápidos (Spanish Edition)

by Joseph Correa (Nutricionista de Deportes Certificado)

95 Recetas de Comidas y Licuados para Fisicoculturistas para Mejorar el Crecimiento Muscular lo ayudará a aumentar la cantidad de proteína que consume por día para ayudar a aumentar la masa muscular. Estas comidas lo ayudarán a aumentar el músculo de una manera organizada mediante la adición de grandes porciones de proteínas saludables a su dieta. Estar demasiado ocupado para comer bien, a veces, puede convertirse en un problema y es por eso que este libro le va a ahorrar tiempo y ayudar a nutrir su cuerpo para lograr las metas que quiera. Asegúrese de saber lo que está comiendo al preparar su alimento usted mismo o tener a alguien que lo prepare para usted.

Este libro lo ayudará a:
-Generar músculos rápido
-Tener más energía
-Acelerar su metabolismo naturalmente para generar más musculatura
-Mejorar su sistema digestivo

Joseph Correa es un nutricionista deportivo certificado y un atleta profesional.

© 2015 Correa Media Group

Das ultimative Bodybuilding-Trainingsprogramm: Steiger deine Muskelmasse in 30 Tagen oder weniger ohne Anabolika, Steroide, Kreatine oder Pillen (German Edition)

by Joseph Correa (Profi-Sportler und Trainer)

Diese Buch richtet sich an Bodybuilder, die ihr Muskelwachstum beschleunigen möchten. Dazu brauchen sie einen soliden Trainingsplan, den sie entsprechend durch eine ausgewogene Ernährung ergänzen müssen.

In diesem Buch findest du einen Trainingsplan und einen Kalender. Es stehen sowohl ein NORMALES als auch ein INTENSIVES TRAININGSPROGRAMM für dich bereit, nur für den Fall, dass dich der normale Kalender nicht ausreichend fordert. Achte darauf auch die vorgeschlagenen Rezepte auszuprobieren. Mit diesen wirst du maximale Ergebnisse im Muskelwachstum erzielen. Iss gesund und trainiere hart, dann wirst du sehr schnell erste Resultate sehen. Die richtige Nährwertmenge liefern dir in diesem Trainingsprogramm Frühstücks-, Mittagessen-, Abendessen- und Dessert-Rezepte. Zusätzliches Muskelwachstum bescheren dir auch die Shake-Rezepte.

Bodybuilder, die diesem Trainingsplan folgen, werden das Folgende bemerken:
-Beschleunigtes Muskelwachstum
-Verbesserte Stärke, Mobilität und Muskelreaktion
-Eine bessere Kapazität um längere Zeit trainieren zu können
-Schnelleres Wachstum von leichter Muskelmasse
-Langsamere Ermüdungserscheinungen der Muskeln
-Schnellere Erholungszeiten nach einem Wettbewerb oder Training

Erschaffe den ultimativen Schwimmer: Entdecke die Geheimnisse und Tricks, die von den besten Profi-Schwimmern und ihren Trainern angewandt werden um deine Kondition und Ernahrung (German Edition)

by Joseph Correa (Profi-Sportler und Trainer)

Erschaffe den ultimativen Schwimmer

Um dein wahres Potential zu entfalten, musst du in deiner physischen und mentalen Bestform sein. Um das zu erreichen, musst du einen Plan erstellen, der dir dabei hilft, deine Stärke, Mobilität, Ernährung und mentale Stärke zu verbessern. Dieses Buch hilft dir dabei. Die richtige Ernährung und Training sind nur zwei der Puzzleteile, aber du brauchst noch ein drittes Teil, um das Puzzle zu vervollständigen. Das dritte Teil ist die mentale Stärke und diese kann durch Meditations- und Visualisierungstechniken erlangt werden, die die in diesem Buch näher gebracht werden.

Das Buch liefert dir:

– Einen Kalender für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene
– Dynamische Aufwärmübungen
– Ã?bungen für Höchstleistungen
– Aktive Entspannungsübungen
– Einen Ernährungskalender zum Muskelaufbau
– Einen Ernährungskalender zur Fettverbrennung
– Rezepte zum Muskelaufbau
– Rezepte zur Fettverbrennung
– Fortgeschrittene Atemtechniken zur Leistungssteigerung
– Meditationstechniken
– Visualisierungstechniken
– Visualisierungseinheiten zur Leistungssteigerung

Körperliche Kondition und Stärketraining, eine ausgewogene Ernährung und fortgeschrittene Meditations- bzw. Visualisierungstechniken sind die drei Schlüssel um optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Viele Sportler vergessen eine oder zwei dieser fundamentalen Zutaten, aber wenn du eine Entscheidung triffst, die dies verändert, wirst du das Potential haben, einen neues â??ULTIMATIVES” Du zu erschaffen.

Sportler, die diesen Trainingsplan befolgen, werden:

-Muskelwachstum fördern
-Ihr Stresslevel senken
-Stärke, Mobilität und Reaktion verbessern
-Eine verbesserte Fähigkeit besitzen, sich längere Zeit auf etwas zu fokussieren
-Schneller und ausdauernder sein
-Müdigkeitserscheinungen der Muskeln verringern
-Sich schneller nach einem Wettbewerb oder dem Training erholen
-Ihre Flexibilität steigern
-Ihre Nervosität besser ablegen
-Ihren Atem besser kontrollieren
-Unter Druck ihre Gefühle besser bändigen

121 Recetas Completas de Batidos Y Comidas Para Ganar Peso, y Volverse Más Grande y Fuerte: Recetas de Comidas Y Batidos Que Le Ayudarán A Ganar Peso Más Rápidamente (Spanish Edition)

by Joe Correa CSN

121 Recetas Completas de Batidos Y Comidas Para Ganar Peso, y Volverse Más Grande y Fuerte: Recetas de Comidas Y Batidos Que Le Ayudarán A Ganar Peso Más Rápidamente
Por Joe Correa CSN

Subir de peso y ganar musculo no es tan fácil como muchas personas piensan. Hay que trabajar tan duro comiendo como entrenando para seguir exitosos. Al combinar comidas con batidos usted lograra su meta de subir de peso dentro de poco tiempo.
Ser demasiado flaco es tan malo para su salud como el sobrepeso. Algunos estudios muestran que estar por debajo de peso se asocia con un riesgo aumentado en 140% de una muerte temprana en hombres, y 100% en mujeres. A diferencia del peso bajo, la obesidad se asocia con un incremento de 50% en el mismo riesgo. Si compara estos números, entenderá fácilmente que tener peso bajo no es algo para tomarse a la ligera.
Es importante escoger ingredientes de alta calidad. Las grasas saludables, como los ácidos grasos Omega 3, pueden ser encontradas en pescados como el salmón, el aceite de pescado, aceitunas, aceite de oliva, semillas de chía, nueces y espinaca. Una porción de salmón salvaje, por ejemplo, es probablemente la mejor manera de obtener grasas buenas y ganar peso controlado. La carne magra, pescado, aves de corral, legumbres y frutos secos deberían ser su opción número 1 de proteínas. Coma al menos 3 porciones de estas comidas por día. Respecto a los carbohidratos, debería escoger frutas, vegetales y granos enteros. Esta fórmula ha sido probada en no solo darle un peso ideal, sino mejorar su salud general de forma sorprendente y saludable.
Otro factor importante es el ejercicio. El ejercicio moderado semanal con nutrientes apropiados será más que suficiente para incrementar el tejido muscular y darle el peso que quiere.
Aproveche esta colección de recetas de batidos y comidas altas en calorías que le ayudaran a subir de peso rápidamente al disfrutar comidas deliciosas y saludables.

IT Planning for the Kentucky Derby

by Martin Harris

Big sporting events like the Kentucky Derby generate huge volumes of bets putting enormous pressure on bookmakers IT systems. This book is a guide for IT professionals, working for bookmakers, describing what they can do to improve and protect their IT infrastructure and prevent failures on Kentucky Derby Day. The book goes through every stage from initial planning to post-event analysis, reviewing the customer journey and different customer channels. This book is easy to follow and will hopefully provide ideas your IT department could employ, to help manage the huge volume of bets coming your way.

All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklist NORTH CENTRAL INDIA: DUCKS, GEESE AND SWANS to BUNTINGS (All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklists Book 3)

by Charles R Stubbs

A key challenge facing birders when visiting an unfamiliar part of the world is working out which species they have a chance of connecting with during their visit. Regional field guides, of course, are indispensable, but they have a number of shortcomings:
– they are published and updated infrequently, meaning they cannot provide the latest information about species, regional distribution etc
– they are generally inclusive, meaning they describe every bird species that has been recorded in the region, leaving the reader to sift through the vagrants, casuals and irruptive species that visiting birders are a lot less likely to encounter

To save birdwatchers the trouble of trawling through online information to supplement the details in their regional field guides, the Interactive Checklist series of Companion Guides provides a set of checklists of regularly occurring species for local areas. The first two titles in this series are:

All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklist SOUTH-WEST INDIA
This eBook – All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklist NORTH CENTRAL INDIA

Other eBooks cover all the recognized species in the IOC bird list, divided into 12 parts. The first two available books in the All the World’s Birds PART-BY-PART series are:

PART ONE: Ostriches to Anhingas, Darters
PART TWO: New World Vultures to Auks

A third series of Companion Guides looks at WORLD REGIONs, giving more detailed information about the regular occurrence of species in each region. A fourth â??Focus on’ series of Companion Guides looks in detail at geographical regions of the world, examining which birds are regularly present in various parts of each region. The first two titles cover Indian Subcontinent.

To see all currently available Companion Guide titles, search for ATWB in Amazon Books.

Throughout the series of Companion Guides, of which this current guide forms a part, the English names and scientific names of birds are derived from The IOC World Bird List, an open access resource maintained by the International Ornithological Congress (IOC). At the time of publication of this guide the IOC bird list is hosted on a dedicated World Bird Names website, which provides access to the list in various different formats.

The IOC bird list is updated semiannually. The version of the IOC bird list that is used in the current version of this guide is Version 8.2, published July 2018.

Gill, F & D Donsker (Eds). 2018. IOC World Bird List (v 8.2). doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.8.2.

This Interactive Checklist eBook has a number of important features, including:
– A listing of all the bird species that are regularly present in NORTH CENTRAL INDIA
– An indication of where within the Indian Subcontinent region each bird family and species can be found in its native state
– Spotlighted species that have a restricted range within Indian Subcontinent, or a restricted worldwide range

The key feature of all eBooks in the Companion Guide series is the way you can quickly and simply access relevant, up to date online information about every featured bird species. If your reading device is connected to the internet, a single click will take you to a search results page for a species, from where you can continue to search for additional information to whatever level of detail you desire.

Within this Companion Guide you will find the following sections:
CHECKLIST – a list of all birds that are recognized as species in the IOC bird list and which are regularly present in north central India
TAXONOMIC LIST – taxonomic details of these birds, showing each species’ order, family, genus and scientific name
SPOTLIGHTED BIRDS – country, local and regional endemics, plus selected specialty birds that have a restricted range within Indian Subcontinent
QUICK REFERENCE – follow the links to find birds based on their common English names

Happy armchair birding!

Weight Training: One Page, One Dollar

by Arthur Jones

This condensed guide gives direction for those interested in weight training to choose an effective program and get started on the path to greater fitness.

Gone in a Hoofbeat: A Canyon Creek Mystery

by Grace Alouani


Scott Hennelly seems to have it all – his girlfriend Brie, a great career as an equestrian coach, a top show jumping horse, and a sought-after trainer who went to the Olympics with the last national equestrian team.

Then everything changes. Scott’s mom, Catherine, mysteriously disappears. Local police detectives work to determine if Catherine’s disappearance is linked to her interest in witchcraft or if her husband knows anything about her whereabouts.

Soon after, malicious incidents begin to happen at Winchelsea Stables and questions swirl as to who’s committing these offences and why. And to make a difficult situation worse, Scott is injured, forcing him to reevaluate his future in the horse world. But he gets more than he bargains for when his relationship with his father takes a turn just before Catherine is located.


Start reading Grace Alouani’s first book in the exciting new Canyon Creek Mystery series to find out!

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